My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 988

Chapter 988 True Immortal Puppet

“Retreat~” Wang Xiangchi said to the squad command.

The members of the squad reluctantly retreated to the secret Transmission Formation.

Just as he was about to teleport, he was suddenly locked by a silent force.

The space is also invisible and the Transmission Formation fails.

A huge face appeared above the crowd, watching them playfully.

“Muyuan Clan, Canggi Golden Immortal, low battle strength rating.” Grape’s voice sounded appropriately.

“Human Race’s small insect, I hope your performance below will make me happy,” said the huge Muyuan face in the sky.

At this moment, several auras lit up around the hidden Transmission Formation.

Teams of Muyuan clan troops were teleported over and surrounded the squad members.

The huge face in the sky seems to have entered the state of eating melons and watching a play.

“This is the Immortal-level army of the Muyuan Clan. If the Squad carries it hard, you will be destroyed after one hour.” Grape said.

“How long will it last if I summon Ancestor Master’s Avatar?” Han Feiyu suddenly asked curiously.

“After one hour, the Muyuan clan will provoke a Golden Immortal level battle, and the master’s Avatar will be affected by several battles.”

“trifling Golden Immortal level battles. Aftermath, what can’t you do with Ancestor Master’s Avatar?” Han Feiyu asked in confusion.

“So the Golden Immortal of the Muyuan clan directly broke the rules and shot at the master Avatar, and you will also be subtly swept away by the aftermath of the battle.”

“So now is the best time. The choice is to use the disposable fairy weapon in your hand to escape.” Grape said.

“I know~”

Just when the immortal army of the Muyuan clan was about to attack the square, Han Feiyu showed a blue Spirit Bead in his hand.

At this time, a special space force guarded the members of the squad.

Han Feiyu looked up at the huge face in the sky, smiled a little, and then crushed the Spirit Bead in his hand.

In a courtyard behind the Human Race camp, an aura lit up and more than 30 squad members were safely teleported back.

“This time, it’s really embarrassing. I didn’t talk about it for nothing, and I also wasted an escape from the richest man.” Ten thousand soldiers said unwillingly.

“It’s worth the money to buy a lesson.” Han Feiyu laughed and said he didn’t care.

At this moment, Wang Xiangchi’s communication Magical Artifact sounded.

โ€œMartial Uncle, Chufan and I are here to join you~โ€

Xu Lingtaiโ€™s voice came from the communicator.

The members of the squad looked at each other. Currently in the sect, Xu Lingtai’s battle strength has always been a mystery. Since the Dao Companion, he has lived a secluded life.

However, according to the Disciples in the sect, he may be only one line weaker than his father Xu Gang Peak Master.

“Master, I feel that Lingtai and Chufan are coming. We can form a small Legion, otherwise it will be a waste of my two brothers’ battle strength.” Han Feiyu suggested.

“A small Legion needs at least 1,000 people. It’s a bit inappropriate to recruit people from outside.” Jian Wuji touched the chin.

“Then can we borrow 1000 True Immortal puppets from sect, which can also make up a team of small Legions, when the time comes we can take on more battlefield missions, when the time The spoรญls of war that comes are all ours.” Ten thousand soldiers said.

“Grape, can I borrow 1,000 True Immortal level battle strength puppets from sect.” Wang Xiangchi asked.

“Yes, the rental fee is 5 million immortal jade for three years. When returning a puppet, 100,000 immortal jade needs to be compensated.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“Lease 2,000 first.” Han Feiyu said beside him.

โ€œThe production of sect is limited and only 1,000 are currently available,โ€ Grape said.

“Okay then~”

At this time, Xu Lingtai and Li Chufan were hanging out in a giant city on the front line.

“didn’t expect the Human Race frontline battle is so fierce.” Li Chufan said, just from the news he heard along the way, the defense lines of several nearby giant cities are fighting almost every day, and All are battles over a million level.

“Lingtai big brother, this time you can show off your skills~” Li Chufan said excitedly beside him.

Xu Lingtai casually observed the expressions of the pedestrians on the street. In fact, he was not interested in fighting.

“I have already contacted Martial Uncle Wang, and when the time comes we will join his squad.” Xu Lingtai said.

“Yes, there is the richest man in the square, and the logistics must be guaranteed.” Li Chufan said with a smile.

At this moment, the two received an address at the same time, which is Wang Xiangchi’s base camp in this giant city.

“Let’s go, Senior Brother Wang is calling us~” Xu Lingtai said.

In a courtyard in the giant city, there are 1100 True Immortal level puppets lined up neatly in the courtyard.

Thousands of soldiers excitedly shuttled back and forth in the puppet team, touching this from time to time and that from time to time.

“Grape is really powerful this time, and the equipped puppets include almost all types.”

“Melee puppets, assault puppets, immortal art puppets, array puppets, there are even 50 A space logistics puppet specially designed to deal with spoรญls of war.”

Looking at these puppets, thousands of soldiers couldn’t hide their love.

His ultimate goal on the True Immortal Stage is to have this number of puppets.

“If Senior Brother Qian likes it, how about I send you a team.” Han Feiyu said with a smile next to him.

“I’ve accepted the richest man’s heart. I’m satisfied if I can drink soup by your side. Don’t mention the gift.” Wan Bing said, although he was very moved, But I also clearly know that I can’t afford this kind of favor.

“Okay~” Han Feiyu said with a pity, he was very at ease with the character of the senior and junior brothers in the sect, and was happy to support the senior and junior brothers.

But unfortunately, since he had the idea of helping senior and junior brothers with krypton gold, there has been no successful case.

There is a light curtain in front of Wang Xiangchi, and in the light curtain are various Legion tasks, he is screening.

“Grape, help me filter out the suitable tasks for us to receive.” Wang Xiangchi said, he has an Avatar, the source of grapes, on his body, which is very convenient to deal with this kind of thing.

The light curtain began to change, and only three tasks remained.

“Defending the medium-sized fairy ore spiritual vein task, this exclusion is too monotonous.”

“The wartime rescue task, this requirement is relatively high, and also requires military merit great hall fairy-level Legion Certification, it looks a little troublesome~”

“Destroy the Muyuan family’s ultra-long-range teleportation giant tree, if there is no Golden Immortal guardian, who would be brainless to take this kind of task.”

Wang Xiangchi finally The wartime rescue mission was chosen, that is, the fire brigade in the event of a large-scale battle, where there is a need to go there.

“Meet Martial Uncle Wang.” The voices of Xu Lingtai and Li Chufan sounded.

Wang Xiangchi raised his head and looked towards these two juniors, showing a kind smile.

These two people are all grown up by him, because they are the children of his Eldest Senior Brother, not to mention the other one.

“Welcome to the team, I’ll take you to eat and drink in the future.” Wang Xiangchi said with a smile.

(End of this chapter)

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