My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 994

Chapter 994 The Gate of Destiny

Han Feiyu, who escaped the catastrophe, directly passed the Long Range Transmission Array back to the Golden City.

This is then passed directly back to the Implicit Spirit Sect.

In the source world, a Small World specially created by grapes is specially used to store the branch of the long river of time.

Han Feiyu’s silhouette appears in this Small World.

He looked up and saw the densely packed light spot in the long river of time.

“Grapes, what are these blips?” Han Feiyu asked.

“This is the long branch of the sect. Each light point in the branch represents a fallen Disciple of the sect.” Grape said, and then marked each light point with the corresponding name.

Han Feiyu saw many well-known senior and junior brothers, as well as Sect Elder.

Zhan Ling, Xu Gang, Xiong Li, Xiang Yun, Zhang Xueling…

A silhouette slowly condenses in this world.

“Master Ancestor, what immortal jade do you need to revive these senior and junior brothers.” Han Feiyu asked.

“As long as there are enough immortal jades, they can be resurrected. According to the statistics of grapes, it takes 5.1 billion immortal jades to revive them all. At present, there are only more than 30 million immortal jades in the sect.”

“Currently sect doesn’t have so many immortal jade, so Master Ancestor wants to borrow it from you.”

“This is what sect owes you.” Xu Fan said.

“No problem, but Master Ancestor has to give me three years.” Han Feiyu without the slightest hesitation said nodded, before he came, he wanted to help sect revive the fallen senior and junior brothers.

“Okay.” Xu Fan said with a nod.

“Master Ancestor, I want to know which Great Firmament sage of the Muyuan clan took the shot. In the future, the disciples and grandchildren have the ability to seek revenge.” Han Feiyu said, for him, 5 billion immortal jade is a small matter , revenge is a big deal.

“The Canglei Sage of the Muyuan Clan.”

This is the Canglei Sage, who has entered the second page of Xu Fan’s small book.

“The disciple and grandson will definitely avenge the senior and junior brothers in the future.” Han Feiyu said firmly.

Then, pieces of standard immortal crystals were taken out from the space ring, and each piece was worth 10 million immortal jade.

Xu Fan counted a total of 30 pieces.

“Master Ancestor, this is 300 million immortal jade, you should revive some of the senior and junior brothers first.” Han Feiyu said.

Xu Fan nods, and the 300 million immortal jade that he controls at will has invested in the long river of time.

Suddenly, the branch of the long river lit up with brilliant brilliance, and

a small multicolored vortex appeared, which began to attract the surrounding light spots for resurrection.

Seeing this scene, the two fell into silence for a while.

“Master Ancestor, you must be very aware of the Supreme Treasure on my body.” After a while of silence, Han Feiyu said.

“It’s good to keep the most important opportunity that concerns me buried in the deepest part of my heart.” Xu Fan said, preventing the foolish grandson from continuing.

“Master Ancestor, I’ve always been in charge of sect, but I find that for every little bit I give to sect, I get a corresponding reward.”

“This makes me feel that sect is a bit outsider. , my master has life-saving grace for me, and you have the grace to teach me.”

“Senior and junior brothers from the sect are close friends and have always taken good care of me, like a family. “

“So I don’t mind sharing my opportunity with sect.” Han Feiyu said sincerely, he really wanted to use that jasper bottle gourd to help the hidden Spirit Sect rise in the fairy world.

He felt that the hidden Spirit Sect had all the conditions to become the overlord of the fairy world, the only thing missing was some immortal jade, spirit ore and time.

And all he can provide is endless spirit ore and immortal jade. With his support, sect will be able to become the overlord of the fairy world within tens of thousands of years.

Xu Fan was relieved to hear Han Feiyu’s heartfelt words.

“I know what you want to express, but you have to understand that everything in this world has its order.”

Xu Fan waved his hand gently, a huge The gate of destiny appeared in front of the two of them.

“Sometimes I don’t understand, but if you experience it, you will know my painstaking efforts.” Xu Fan said, gently pushing Han Feiyu’s back towards the gate of destiny .

Han Feiyu nods after hearing Xu Fan’s words, and then steps into the gate of destiny.

He saw another world at the gate of destiny, in which he lent the jasper bottle gourd to sect.

Then the entire sect entered into a state of rapid development. Since there was no shortage of immortal jade and immortal ore, Yin Spirit Sect frantically used its immortal jade and immortal ore advantages to develop its own strength.

A variety of fairy ware production lines in the underground space of the sect.

There are also one after another True Immortal and even Golden Immortal level puppet production lines that have been put into Small Worlds made by grapes one after another.

So far, Han Feiyu didn’t find anything wrong, everything was as he imagined.

Although the hidden Spirit Sect strength of that world is developing rapidly, it is very low-key in the fairy world.

But that’s what caught the attention of the Great Influence Peak race in the fairy world.

Until one day, 10 Human Race Great Firmament came to the Spirit Sect without warning.

“Xuanhuang Supreme Treasure, those who have the ability to live in it, hand it over, your entire sect can be saved from death.” said the Human Race Great Firmament saint.

Hearing this sentence, Han Feiyu, as a bystander, suddenly felt a sense of fortune intertwined, as if this scene really existed in his destiny.

At this time, Xu Fan from Golden Immortal came out of the cultivation base in person, and he suppressed the 10 Human Race Great Firmament saints with his hands raised.

“There are those who are capable, I don’t know if I can.” Xu Fan in that world looked up towards the sky and said.

This scene made Han Feiyu’s blood boil, and then 100,000 Golden Immortal puppets flew out of the Spirit Sect.

The Heaven and Earth formation is formed, which directly isolates Heavenly Dao Will from the fairy world.

Han Feiyu originally thought that when Master Ancestor could keep the jasper bottle gourd, there were three more existences above the Great Firmament in Human Race.

“Xuanhuang Supreme Treasure, you don’t deserve to own it now, hand over it to preserve the sect, don’t try to destroy the sect.”

Three indescribable forces pressed on the Yinling Island’s Above the Heaven and Earth array.

The supreme force began little by little to dismantle the Heaven and Earth formation, and Heavenly Dao Will of the celestial world also invaded.

“Faced with this scene, what will you choose.” Xu Fan’s voice sounded in Han Feiyu’s ear.

β€œI will hand it over~” Han Feiyu said after a moment of silence.

But just then, the change happened again.

The sect he knew well had three beauties, and each of them had the same breath as the Great Firmament of Human Race.

β€œYou dare to oppress the sect where my Husband is located. If you are not the same as the Human Race lineage, you will be suppressed in a place outside the bounds.” A stunning beauty coldly said.

An old man with white hair and three thousand zhang appeared in the sky, looking towards the three beauties unemotional.

“You know, it’s not that we are going to snatch this Xuanhuang Supreme Treasure.” Three thousand zhang white haired old man said calmly.

“So what, you Quasi-Saints who rely on Immortal Realm to advance, what can you do to us? If you really want to annoy me, why not reshape this Immortal Realm.”

“This is my future…” Han Feiyu was a little crazy seeing this scene.

(End of this chapter)

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