My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 998

Chapter 998 is not bad for this soft meal.

Three years later, Xu Fan’s eyes slowly opened.

Time Acceleration has lasted for 13,000 years. During these 13,000 years, Xu Fan has been comprehend the 3,000 Ways of Dao, and now all of them have been cultivated to the quasi-immortal limit.

“It’s considered a grand slam among quasi-immortals, but it’s boring in Time Acceleration, and can only enter a state of no emptiness and no thoughts.” Xu Fan said and slowly got up from the Time Acceleration world.

One step out and back to my small courtyard.

The sun is just right, Xu Fan is basking on the reclining chair.

“Master, now all the fallen Disciples have been resurrected, and they have all joined the Whiteboard Chamber of Commerce.”

“Under the control of the Disciple of Lineage, the Whiteboard Chamber of Commerce has monopolized the surrounding areas. Immortal domain accounts for 30% of the low-end market.”

“It is estimated that in more than 380 years, the immortal jade earned by each Disciple will be restored to the state of pinnacle before its fall.” Grape Report said.

“This chamber of commerce is not bad, by the way, what is my good disciple and grandson doing now~” Xu Fan said in a nod.

“Han Feiyu is currently working hard to cultivate the tree of all things, and wants to cultivate the tree of all things to the level of immortals.” Grape reported.

“To cultivate the tree of all things to the level of immortals requires a huge amount of immortal jade.” Xu Fan said.

“Han Feiyu has invested at least 1.2 billion immortal jade into it, but it can only make the tree of all things flourish, and there is not much change.”

” According to observation and prediction, Han Feiyu still needs to invest more than 90 billion immortal jade for a long time to make the tree of all things grow to the level of immortal.” Grape said.

“Tell my good disciple and grandson about this news, and let him take his time in a planned way. He has a plan in his heart.” Xu Fan ordered casually.

“Follow your orders~”

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly felt that there was a strange life aura within the sect.

After a final search, I found it on a side boat on the huge lake outside the sect.

A woman in a pale-yellow dress is standing gently behind Wang Yulun.

“Grape, didn’t you find this one?” Xu Fan asked.

At this time, Grape suddenly started making Tzzzzzzz sounds like a jammer.

“Master, Grape’s big brother is restrained by a power higher than him.” Tizi’s voice sounded.

“Have you noticed the woman on the Wang Yulun Peak Master’s lonely boat?” Xu Fan asked again.

There was another Tzzzzzz sound, and the raisins got stuck.

“Yeah, he’s a big guy who can’t afford to offend.” Seeing this scene, Xu Fan understood what happened.

Take a step out and come to the lake not far from the lonely boat.

Xu Fan walked on the lake, looked towards the woman behind Wang Yulun and said, “I dare you to ask who is the senior and what is the relationship with my good brother.”

The woman Gently looked back, looked towards Xu Fan.

“You are Yulun’s Brother Xu, for so many years, many thanks to take care of Yulun.” The woman in a light yellow dress said softly, her eyebrows full of Wang Yulun’s silhouette .

“You don’t have to guess my identity anymore. I’m the Crown Princess of the Great Zhou Xian Dynasty. The purpose of coming here is just to see Yulun.”

When it comes to the word Yulun , There is a strange emotion in the look of the Crown Princess of Da Zhou Xianchao.

“Meet the Princess of the Immortal Dynasty.” Xu Fan saluted slightly.

In his eyes, this is an extremely sturdy thigh. Although only a good brother can actually touch it, but with the help of the good brother’s afterglow, it can be regarded as hugging the thigh.

“This piece of fairyland is not under my control of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and it is still inconvenient to intervene in some things.”

“You may have to trouble you to take care of Yulun in the future.” The woman said softly.

“It’s natural. Yulun and I have come up from the lower realm. We have come from wind and rain. We are already closer than our relatives.” Xu Fan said firmly.

At this moment, the woman seemed to be blocked, the illusory shadow around her body began to flicker, and then she disappeared on the lonely boat.

At this time, Wang Yulun didn’t seem to notice the conversation between the two, and was still fishing with all his heart.

“Is she gone?” Wang Yulun said after a long time.

β€œGo away, I thought she could hide from your perception.” Xu Fan laughed.

“It’s true that I’m hiding it. It’s only when you talk in a vague way that I can judge that the second child is coming.” Wang Yulun said deeply sighed.

“Since you know he’s coming, why don’t you greet him?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“In order to eat that soft meal, I signed a lot of unequal contracts, including not being allowed to speak to any soulmate in my previous life other than him and his sister, only before his sister returns. Time.

Xu Fan suddenly felt a little sad after listening to it. My sister-in-law restricted her brother-in-law to such a degree that she couldn’t even say a word with her previous life.

β€œBetween the two of you What were you talking about. “Wang Yulun asked suddenly curiously.

“Let me take good care of you or something. “Xu Fan said.

“When she was standing behind me, some memories of her previous life suddenly surfaced. “

“didn’t expect that after the death of my previous life, that pair of strong brothers and sisters can reach this step, it’s not in vain for me…” Wang Yulun’s tone was somewhat relieved.

“What happened…” Xu Fan suddenly started gossiping.

“It’s okay~”

“Is Brother Xu still short of immortal jade? After eating, it’s not bad. “Wang Yulun suddenly raised his head and said.

“It’s lacking, but it won’t make you eat soft rice. “

“I appreciate your kindness. “Xu Fan said nodded with a smile.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded.

“Did the Crown Princess from Da Zhou come over just now?” “The illusory shadow of a woman appeared on the lonely boat.

“I didn’t speak to her. said Wang Yulun, who was fishing.

“I know, I’m here to sign another contract for you. “

“10 billion immortal jade, from now on you can only be with my sister and Dao Companion of your life.” “

“As for the others, how about I cut off the cause and effect for you. “The woman’s illusory shadow said suddenly with interest.

“Not much. Wang Yulun shook his head and said.

“Do you agree, I will give you 10 billion immortal jade to your brother, most likely it will run into your hands. “

“As long as your good brother nods you, the 10 billion immortal jade belongs to you.” “The woman suddenly looked towards Xu Fan and said.

“Senior, I don’t feel very well, I can’t let my good brother give up the whole forest for me.” “Xu Fan said without being humble or arrogant.

“Then you missed an opportunity to make a fortune. “The woman gave Xu Fan a pity and said, and then the silhouette disappeared between Heaven and Earth.

“Your wife and sister are quite competent, and you always think of her sister. “Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Ai, I don’t know why, but I feel that once her sister comes back, my free days will come to an end. “Wang Yulun said, putting away the fishing rod and sighed.

“It’s about the same as me. As soon as her sister comes back, the two of us will be separated for a while. “Xu Fan laughed.

I don’t know why, after coming to the fairyland, the fate of a good brother is getting stronger and stronger. No status first chapter~

(end of this chapter)

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