My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 345

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“Alohomora!” Harribo Terr proudly showed off his invention to his friends.

“So?” Tesla rolled his eyes. He really had an urge to kill this guy, and then took his soul out and divided it into seven parts.

“Look, the Alohomora unlocker I studied, and this is now a modified version!” Harribo waved the stick in his hand, and then a light flew from the tip of the stick, melting a lock on the Tesla table A ball of alloy.

“You mean, you idiot spent more than 10000 Gold Coins, so you upgraded your broken thing to a level that can integrate gold?” Tesla tightly squeezed the beaker in his hand. He really wanted to become what he was. Form, and then teach this guy to be a man.

“Ah ha ha, how come, my friend! You know that time is money, so I also studied another powerful invention!” Harribo keenly detected the emotional abnormality of his friend, in order to prevent him from being really angry. His friend Heping, he still decided to show his true ability.

Tesla didn’t speak, but looked at him with a suspicious expression while holding a magic crystal in his hand.

Harribo swallowed. Isn’t this a nuclear weapon developed by his friend? And it’s the kind strengthened by power, if it really explodes in such a small laboratory…

Harribo shuddered. He didn’t think he would like that feeling.

Immediately afterwards, Tesla watched Harribo take out a green stick, which made him corner of the mouth twitched. Did this fool just get on with the stick?

Alohomora is a wooden stick. This invention of the impossible to make head or tail of is also a wooden stick. Should I use a wooden stick to string together these two things?

“Huh? No, one thing is missing…” Harribo turned around, bending over to search for something.

Tesla stroked his chin, and thought that the idea was pretty good, and then Tesla focused on his old friend’s ass.

From this point of view… Harribo’s butt curve seems to be suitable for stringing sticks…

Harribo decided inexplicably that his butt was cold, turned around subconsciously, and then saw Tesla touching the chin, and his sight…

“What is this?” Looking at Harribo who was wary, Tesla changed the subject calmly.

“…This is something I invented. I named it Avada Kedavra.” Harribo looked strange. Did this guy just look at his buttocks?

“Avada…..Kedavra? What is the name of “unable to make head or tail of”, and what’s the use?” Tesla became even more confused. This old friend of his own is really a waste of firewood when naming it. Degree.

“I’ll show you an experiment.” When mentioning his invention, Harribo’s expression was different, and he was excited.

“Avada Kedavra!” With these words, a ray of green light was shot out in front of the wooden stick, and then the pigeon selected as the experiment was completely gone.

No bones were left, the whole pig was annihilated in the air like this, not even ashes left.

“This thing can help you complete everything from planning to ashes in one go. It can be said to be a must-have for home travel.” Harribo is very proud. This is a carefully invented thing.

Tesla touched his chin. Although in theory he doesn’t have a President’s beard, but the Avatar, which has been suppressed into an ordinary person, still grows a beard, and it feels a little bit prickly to the touch.

“The power feel can be further optimized. Did you use the powerful magic amplification array and micro-engraving technology? And then the blood of the Black Dragon attached?” Tesla immediately judged what his friend did.

“Yes, and I also used the blood of the ancient Black Dragon. This thing is not easy to get.” When it comes to academics, Harribo didn’t care about being stared at by an old friend.

“I have a very bold idea. Should we come to my room tonight? We will talk all night long.” Tesla remembered a thing the body had seen in Hastur. He felt that this thing is based on alchemy and engineering. , Can also be made.

“Huh?” Harribo looked at the hand on his head, and then recalled the tight look in Tesla’s previous eyes, and suddenly panicked.

In other words…Humans like Tesla are really handsome guys, and they are also valued by Radiant Church. How do they look like a highly eligible bachelor? Why are they still single now?

And that many engineering masters, why do you always choose yourself as your partner in the laboratory?

Harribo originally thought that this was because he was the first to cooperate with Tesla, although it was also because of the generous payment of the goods.

but now……

Harribo swallowed, trying his best to control his voice so that it doesn’t sound that trembling.

“Um… Tesla, what the hell did you do tonight?” Harribo waited for the sentence.

“About the question of creating people.” Tesla answered the question indifferently.

Made people? Made people? ! Harribo feels like a goblin who has hidden the Gold Coin for a lifetime and was stolen.

“Tesla… you have to know that from a biological point of view, males and males cannot create humans.” Harribo tried hard to get his old friends to change their minds. This idea was too dangerous.

“Why not? As long as we start from the perspectives of engineering and alchemy, this problem can be solved easily.” Tesla’s eyes were full of excitement, and he didn’t hear what his old friend meant.

Alchemy? engineering? Great God of Knowledge, what has this human being done? is it possible that he has invented something that allows males and males to create humans?

For a moment, Harribo began to think seriously, if he really couldn’t resist, then who gave birth to the child?

So how is the title determined?

What is the child born out like?

Is it okay to have a big belly? Or let Tesla have a big belly? It feels that human big belly is better for babies, right?

Tesla was stunned. Although he was suppressed into a mortal, his body would still pay attention to it from time to time.

And just now, the ontology suddenly passed a piece of thought to himself, which seemed to be the inner thoughts of his old friend…

“Harribo…Have you tried the power of your invention on goblins?” Tesla turned his head and didn’t see what he did, but the stick appeared in his hand.

“No, it’s too dangerous.” Harribo answered the question subconsciously, and then blushed inexplicably.

Tesla looked at Harribo blushing, and felt a string in his heart suddenly break.

You blush a bubble teapot!

“Avada Kedavra!”

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