My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 346

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“I don’t think so.” Chen Ze shook the head and refused Betty’s request. He was impossible to let Betty use Wine of Anguish to get Momonga drunk.

Let alone whether Wine of Anguish can be drunk with an undying creatures, even if it can be drunk, Chen Ze will not agree.

Chen Ze doesn’t want to make his guests drunk and unable to pay the bill, it is a very troublesome thing.

10000 When the time comes Momonga is drunk and cannot go back, how does Chen Ze charge for the meal? There is also a problem where the guests sleep. Chen Ze does not run a hotel.

“Okay~” Betty pouted and went out. She was pushing an online game just now. She was about to finish the copy, but Momonga interrupted.

“My Onyxia!!!” Betty’s heart kept wailing, she almost saw Onyxia’s rein just now, she almost went off the internet, and the ghost knew how explosive Betty’s mood would be.

Although considering that he is a waiter and the customer is not wrong, Betty is still uncomfortable.

“Mr. Manager, have another skewers!” Momonga let himself go in the restaurant again, which made Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched. He remembers that the degree of Thunderbolt Ale is not very high…

Looking at Momonga, Chen Ze shook the head, but he still prepared a yakitori for Momonga with some garlic mixed in it.

Japanese chicken skewers can be regarded as a relatively national skewers, which are basically available in most izakayas.

“Chicken skewers, haven’t eaten it in a long time…” Momonga took a bite contentedly, and this garlic, Momonga would add it to Ramen before.

“Mr. Momonga, how many drinks have you had?” Chen Ze looked at Momonga with a red face and asked a little strangely.

Although Momonga is now a human face, it still looks a little weird.

“It’s a dozen or so, I don’t remember…” Momonga burped, and at this moment Chen Ze saw not Highest Paragon, but an ordinary customer.

“Yo, Mr. Manager, is there a cheap one that recommends Cuisine today?” The door was pushed open, and a bald head emerged from inside.

“Teacher, is this to celebrate your becoming a Class B hero?” The funding warrior Genos followed.

“Wow, bald!” Momonga looked at Saitama in surprise.

“Hey! Who are you bald, bastard!” Saitama was immediately annoyed. Although his strength has become super strong, his lack of hair is also an annoyance for him.

Immediately afterwards, Momonga seemed to be drinking too much, and accidentally exposed his skull.

“Teacher! Is it Stranger?” Genos raised his hand sharply, and he saw Momonga’s head.

He didn’t think he would be wrong, so the guy in front of him was a Stranger.

“Stranger dare to come to Mr. Manager’s restaurant?” Saitama was immediately upset. He looked at Momonga seriously. This restaurant is a delicious and cost-effective restaurant!

And Mr. Manager seems to be his own friend, so Saitama is even more impossible to let Stranger cause trouble here.

“Don’t worry, Saitama, Genos, this one is also a guest.” Chen Ze hurriedly prevented the funding warrior from continuing to burn funding.

He is afraid that Saitama is a serious series. Although his restaurant is very good and the defensive ability of Magic Array is also Peak, Chen Ze does not plan to test it often.

10000 If there is a problem with the heavenly demon array, the result is unstoppable. Isn’t that unpleasant for yourself?

“Guest? Hello, are you drinking Beer? And skewers?” Saitama naturally heard Chen Ze’s words, so he leaned in.

Then Saitama immediately saw the skewers placed in front of Momonga, exuding a good smell of meat.

“Huh? Are you too? Would you like to have a copy?” It was obvious that Momonga had released herself again.

“Okay, Genos, let’s eat with this funny guy.” Saitama smiled and sat down with Genos.

After a while, Chen Ze watched Momonga and Saitama drinking Beer with a black line.

“Eh eh eh! Saitama-san, didn’t expect your drinking capacity is so good, hahahahaha~” Momonga smiled like a fool.

Chen Ze didn’t remember how much Beer he drank, which made Chen Ze even more certain that he could not sell Wine of Anguish to Momonga, otherwise Momonga would have poured it out of a cup.

“That’s~ my… hiccup… the amount of alcohol is not bad~ Genos, would you like a drink too?” Saitama looked at his discipline and raised the glass in his hand.

“Teacher, I don’t drink alcohol.” Genos shook the head. He is a mechanical transformation man, and he will not get drunk even if he drinks.

Moreover, he feels that drinking alcohol has no meaning, it will only make the brain affected by alcohol, and it is also harmful to the body.

“Hey, you are so boring. Drinking is an important step on the road to becoming a hero!” Obviously, Saitama started to talk nonsense.

Although it is a relaxation step, Saitama feels that what he said is not wrong.

“Is this…Is this?” Genos always felt that he was cheated, but such a powerful Teacher…

So Genos also picked up the wine glass.

The next scene reminded Chen Ze of a consumer order previously seen on the Internet.

A plate of peanuts and a plate of snacks, followed by beer one by one, and Beer drank more than 700 yuan.

“Betty, how much did they drink?” Chen Ze didn’t count, so I still have to ask Betty about this.

“Manager, it’s already a bucket.” Betty stood aside.

“Betty ~ another beer!” Momonga waved his Beer cup again.

“Okay.” Betty passed again.

In the end, Momonga, Saitama and Genos drank almost a bucket and a half of Thunderbolt Ale before they stopped.

“Shop…Manager, this is the meal fee!” Ainz Ooal Gown gave Chen Ze a spoon, which made Chen Ze a little confused.

“Hiccup… this is… uh… it can make you… reduce the time it takes to make the soup…” Momonga explained it, and then was sent out by Betty.

“Mr. Manager, do you think these are enough?” Genos was not drunk as expected, he took a large pile of yen from his arms and put it on the table.

“Well, it’s okay.” Chen Ze nodded, it seems that there is one more thing in his cabinet.

After sending away the a little drunk Saitama and the completely okay Genos, Chen Ze just relaxed.

“It feels like the smell of wine in the restaurant just now.” Chen Ze waved his hand, and then the smell that lingered on the tip of his nose dispersed.

“Manager, I feel drunk by the smell.” Betty pinched her eyebrows, and she felt drunk by the smell.

“You calm down.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, why didn’t he smell drunk?

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