My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 347

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“Do you want potato chips?” Chen Ze sat on the sofa, then passed a bag of potato chips.

“Okay.” Laura took the potato chips, then took a slice from it and ate it slowly while staring at the TV screen in front of her.

Above is the theater version of the famous Detective Conan.

As the longest Edogawa Conan in elementary school in the world, Chen Ze still mourns him. After all, living in such a world, every day, even every day all will be smashed with a stick, which can be said to be very miserable.

And this kind of life will continue, Shinichi Kudo has also changed from Holmes in the Heisei period to Holmes in the Reiwa period.

Chen Ze looked at Laura a little strangely. His girlfriend had been here for a while, and she went straight to the second floor without saying a word. Chen Ze deeply reviewed whether he did something wrong.

But looking at Laura doesn’t seem to be a problem, so Chen Ze still can’t figure it out.

But in order to take care of Laura, Chen Ze still locked it up and asked Betty to go back early, which could be regarded as closing the business early.

Although when Laura came, the time had already pointed to 7 pm, but for a restaurant, it was also an earlier closing time.

“I feel that this person is the murderer.” After watching an episode of the theatrical version of Laura, she pointed to one of the three photos that looked the most sinister.

“I think it might be this.” Chen Ze pointed to the loyal and honest looking man in the middle. Generally screenwriters like to use some reversals.

For example, some who look like big beauties may actually be a female gangster behind them, and one who looks like a middle-aged fat aunt is actually an amazingly beautiful female star.

And Conan is still a fantasy world with battle strength, on the one hand it is a set realistic world.

But the performance of some experts is not like people at all. Let’s not talk about how Kaito Kidd uses such a vivid Camouflage Technique. His sliding wing alone is very unscientific.

In addition, it is called the battle strength ceiling in the Conan world—Kingkoku Zhen. It is also very unreasonable for an ordinary person to interrupt a solid stone pillar without using other props.

Therefore, Conan’s world is generally called the Ke Xue world, which is used to tease those completely unrealistic characters and military force values.

However, Chen Ze still insisted on that sentence. In cartoons, the more real ones are usually levers. Therefore, when Chen Ze sees Jingji really facing the Kaito Kidd, he will also be enthusiastic about some barrage.

“My business is almost handled.” Laura said suddenly, completely out of Chen Ze’s expectation.

“Huh?” Chen Ze looked at Laura dumbfounded, a little confused about the situation.

“It’s…” Laura shrank her legs, holding her legs in two hands, her head lowering and lowering.

Against the background of black, the light from the TV screen shines on Laura, making her look more lovely.

“That’s… I can… can live for a long time… live… live with you…” If Chen Ze didn’t listen to it very carefully, he might not be able to hear it for a while.

“Huh?” Chen Ze blinked a little dazedly, saying that…

Looking at Laura blushing, Chen Ze felt his heartbeat was fast.

“So… can you live with me for a while?” Chen Ze couldn’t help licking his lips after saying this, he was a little nervous.

“…” Laura didn’t speak, but Chen Ze saw her head shake very slightly.

This probably means nodding in agreement?

“Then…then I’ll go and prepare the floor!” Chen Ze stood up in a panic, so that he had the same hands and feet.

But before Chen Ze left, he felt that his clothes were being grabbed. Then, when he lowered his head, he found that Laura was holding his clothes gently.

“No… don’t you… sleep with me…” With a softer voice, Chen Ze almost didn’t hear what Laura was saying.

For a moment, Chen Ze felt that he had lost consciousness. He didn’t know how he answered. He answered? Or is there no answer?

In short, when Chen Ze found his sanity again, he was sitting beside Laura, his hands and feet stiff like a puppet.

And Laura still lowered her head, her long hair covered her face, so that Chen Ze could not see her expression.

But there is one thing Chen Ze is very sure about, that is, Laura did let herself sleep with her.

After watching Conan give the answer on TV, and then used a football to show the terrifying of Ke Xue world again, Chen Ze finally waited until the end.

“Then… shall we sleep?” Chen Ze tremblingly asked this sentence.

Laura didn’t speak, still hugging herself like that.

Chen Ze nervously walked into the toilet, washed again, and secretly took out his pajamas and pajamas from the bedroom. After tangling for a long time, he took another pair of his lucky colored underwear.

“Well, a man must be prepared to face any situation.” Chen Ze looked at himself in the mirror, silently nodded, and cheered himself up.

Back in the bedroom, it was dark inside, the TV was turned off, and only the light outside the window provided a little brightness to the dark room.

Chen Ze saw Laura lying on his side on the bed. He slowly climbed up, and then covered himself with a quilt.

The moment Chen Ze lay down, he saw Laura trembling, and then Chen Ze smelled a faint fragrance in the quilt.

“Good night…Laura.” Chen Ze whispered, then closed his eyes and got ready to sleep.

Unexpectedly, Chen Ze felt something warm on his chest.

Chen Ze opened his eyes, Laura had already turned his head, put his head against his chest, and gently held his pajamas with both hands.

“…” Chen Ze didn’t hear a very soft voice.

“Huh?” Chen Ze asked.

“Hug… hug me…” Laura’s trembling voice sounded particularly pleasant.

Chen Ze stiffened all over, then raised his hand and gently hugged Laura.

It’s warm, soft, and Laura pressed his head on Chen Ze’s arm.

“Good night… honey…” Laura said softly.

This night, Chen Ze almost suffered from insomnia. He has been thinking about whether he is a beast or is it better than a beast?

Finally Chen Ze fell asleep while thinking.

In the morning of 2nd day, Chen Ze looked at his numb hands and was a bit speechless. It seemed that his hands still couldn’t bear the weight of Laura’s head all night.

“Hiss…to die to die…”

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