My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 348

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“Have you heard? Recently, 300 li west of Abyss City, a new city appeared!” A mysterious black dwarf said to his companion.

“Of course I heard! I also heard that the new city is called Dreams City.” The companion raised the glass in disdain, drank Ale in one sip, and wiped the foam from his beard.

“Then you certainly don’t know, what’s in that magical city.” The black dwarf didn’t care about his companion’s disdain, but hehe smiled.

“Oh? What?” The companion was aroused. He had only heard of the name of Dream City, but he really didn’t know what was in it.

“My wine glass is empty.” The black dwarf smiled triumphantly and put the empty wine glass aside.

“You damn bastard, one day you will become that group of greedy goblins!” The foul-mouthed companion bought him a cup of Ale, of course the most common Ale.

“Hu~” The black dwarf exhaled comfortably, and then put down the half-drinking glass.

“Dreams City, there is a magical rule in it, that is, there are no nobles, and all food is free!” The black dwarf said what he knew.

“There is no noble? The big Lords of the Dark Council will agree? And the food is free? How is this possible, you know I have to drink ten cups of Ale a day!” The companion looked at the black dwarf in surprise and provided food for free. It’s too scary.

“What is impossible? My neighbor’s long-distance relative Qi Family’s son’s friend’s aunt, then went to the city. It is said that there is a good wine and bread you can eat with an open belly!” The black dwarf said very much. Excited, the saliva sprayed on the face of his companion.

“Moreover, even petty monsters or goblins can get equal status. As long as they work hard, they can eat their stomachs.”

“And there are no slaves yet, don’t worry about the slave hunting team, all the slave traders will be hung up when they enter, and hang to the city gate!”

“Have you heard that Hope City intends to kill all the nobles and then free all the slaves!”

“It’s true, a little friend of mine, he was captured as a slave, and then he ran to Hope City and was free!”

Facts have proved that rumors are generally more outrageous than the overwhelming majority think, and the spread is even more bizarre.

Such rumors quickly swept the entire Negative Plane, which also made many aristocrats of Negative Plane panic.

“Speaker, is Hope City real?” The fat-eared nobles gathered to the Dark Council.

“Resolutely request the council to use eternal taboo magic and raze that damn city to the ground!” This is a pig demon, his stomach is 7 times as big as Stan.

“This is undoubtedly shaking the authority of our nobles. There can be no such thing at the beginning! Whoever touches will die!”

Looking at the nobles arguing in front of him, Stan approved other documents indifferently.

Rather than talking to these guys with power in their heads, Stan felt that he might as well study how to increase the power of magic.

“Speaker, what do you think?” Finally a power idiot brought the fire to Stan.

Stan didn’t seem to hear, still looking down at the papers on the desk.

“President Stan! Please protect our rights!” Another noble also joined.

Other nobles also began to echo these former enemies, but now, in the face of a common threat, they are standing together again, not knowing what they thought they were the best friends of Life and Death Together.

“This is the decision of the parliament, and it has been approved by me.” Stan still spoke. This is one of his rare speeches with that many words.

“But I don’t think that will work!”

“My slaves all want to go to the city where it is said that as long as they work, there is food!”

“Yes, these humble slaves still want to be humans? Slaves will always be slaves!”

The speaker’s room was noisy again, like a swarm of flies flying around in his ears, which annoyed Stan.

“Strongly request the council to attack Xi…” The pig demon grandfather with a fat brain was suddenly blown up by a pitch-black hand, leaving only his bloated heart still beating.

All the nobles looked at Stan who lifts the head in horror, the soul fire in the other’s eyes was burning silently.

At this moment, all the nobles remembered that they had just been dazzled by anger and anxiety, and forgot something.

The one in front of him has the title of cold-blooded immortal master. Even more how is still one of the two strongest players in Negative Plane. If you want to pinch them to death, it will not be more troublesome than pinching a Phegeman.

“Rules are rules. If you don’t follow them, you will die.” Stan looked at these guys coldly, then continued to look down and approve the documents.

Hope City is the place where the self-seal exists. The top of the Dark Council is not a fool, and will annoy that one because of a city.

Besides, Negative Plane has always respected strength. When will weak people who are not strong enough have the right to make noise here?

Of course, if it’s Laura, Stan will listen to the other person’s opinion very seriously. After all, Laura’s boyfriend is the Manager, and the one with Radiant Church seems to be very happy to help the Manager.

And even if you don’t talk about these relationships, with the Parfait and Undead in the Chen Ze store, Stan won’t have any opinion on Chen Ze.

This is my friend, and these alone are enough.

“Parfait…” The soul fire in Stan’s eyes flickered, and he wanted to eat that sweet delicacy again.

And Chen Ze didn’t know that the book he originally gave Hastur out of nasty interest has already set off a huge storm in the foreign world.

Even if understood, Chen Ze would not care too much, after all, he was originally planning to start a new concept in the foreign world.

“Laura, please help me get MSG.” Chen Ze put on his clothes and put on Toque again. He was going to make Laura a breakfast.

“MSG? Which is MSG?” Laura hurriedly panicked, and Chen Ze harvested a bottle of red paprika.

“It’s not this, white, dear.” Chen Ze was a little helpless, Laura was living with him, so Laura planned to help Chen Ze, but it was obvious that Laura was not familiar with Earth’s seasonings.

“Oh, this?” Then Laura passed a bottle of white seasoning to Chen Ze.

Chen Ze took a look and found it was Yanba.

It seems that Laura wants to help Chen Ze in the kitchen and it will take some time.

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