My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 349

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“Laura, how do you feel about the taste of this noodle?” Chen Ze was a little nervous, this is what he specially made for Laura early.

“It’s delicious.” Laura lifts the head, looking at Chen Ze with a smile, then lowered his head and continued to eat the noodles in the bowl.

Chen Ze is relaxed. After all, he doesn’t have much experience in making this lome. Although it tastes barely enough, Chen Ze is not quite clear. Laura likes it or not.

“Hu Lulu~” Laura sucked the noodles, her cheeks bulging.

And Chen Ze suddenly remembered something. Today is June, which means it’s almost time to prepare something to pack Zongzi, and then get glutinous rice.

“Dragon Boat Festival…” Chen Ze picked up his chopsticks and caught a little noodles, and ate.

speaking of which, my younger sister has also returned from Japan and is now in school, but I heard that because the first in-class exam after returning to school did not perform well, I was forced to stay in school until the end of the semester. Before they can get out of school.

Regarding this, Chen Ze taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, who made this younger sister so happy in Japan, told her to review on WeChat in the evening, but it was just verbal perfunctory.

Whether it is studying or working, it is not that simple.

“Manager~I’m coming~” Betty rushed in full of energy, and then smelled the fragrance in the air.

“Wow, did Manager make it early today?” Betty immediately rushed into the kitchen, and then saw Laura sitting next to Chen Ze eating noodles.

Suddenly Betty’s expression froze, and she took a step back in horror “Pull…Laura -sama…”

Laura glanced at her, and there was the sauce of Lomian in the corner of her mouth, which looked very cute.

But Betty shuddered subconsciously, feeling that she might be finished.

But Laura didn’t do anything, just nodded, and then continued to lower her head to eat the Lomian cooked for her by Chen Ze.

“You go up and take a shower and change your clothes.” Chen Ze looked at Betty who was standing cramped by the kitchen door, and waved his hand without knowing whether to cry or laugh, which made Betty relaxed.

“Is Betty everyday all like this?” Laura asked suddenly.

“Huh?” Chen Ze was a little stunned, what is this?

“Hmph…” Laura put the bowl down, then lifted her finger, and then a stream of water appeared out of thin air, washing the dishes and chopsticks of Chen Ze and Laura.

Magic is really convenient.

I have to say that although Laura does not have any innate talent in cooking, it would be very quick if Laura was used to wash the dishes.

It’s just that although Chen Ze is not very high in EQ, he understands that it is impossible to ask Laura to stay in the restaurant to wash the dishes. In any case, Laura will not be angry, but stepping on her feet is certain.

And when Laura stepped on Chen Ze’s foot…

Chen Ze shook the head fiercely, what the hell is that? Why do I have such a moment, I miss the feeling of being trampled on?

“I’m going to Negative Plane to take care of something, dear, come back tonight.” Laura pouted, her toes slowly twisting against the floor.

“Okay, pay attention to safety.” Chen Ze licked his lips. Maybe he should change his opinion?

“…” Laura didn’t speak, nor looked up, just twisting her foot like this, but Chen Ze seemed to find her face a little red, and she didn’t know if it was because of the hot weather.

Do you want to install an air conditioner?

There was a single thought in Chen Ze, but installing air conditioners should not violate the contract Chen Ze signed at the time, but Riyue City rarely needs air conditioners that’s all.

“Laura, you are not good to your toes like this. What should I do if 10000 is flattened?” Chen Ze was a little worried. He heard that some people who often twist their toes against the floor like this, and their toes have changed irreversibly.

“!!!” Laura lifts the head angrily, rushing over and giving Chen Ze a foot.

“Hmph!” Then Laura walked out, leaving Chen Ze holding her feet in pain and joy.

“Hi…what am I talking about?” Chen Ze was confused, could it be that the way of caring was wrong?

Next time, do you want to try the rules of the network love holy sister?

“Tsk tsk, Manager…” Betty didn’t know when she had changed her clothes, and looked at Chen Ze with a strange expression.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze squeezed his foot, his toes hurt.

“Don’t you think Laura-sama is sorry?” Betty looked at Chen Ze, Manager, the wood with a heartbreak, and didn’t know how to steal Laura-sama’s heart.

“Oh!” Chen Ze slammed the palm of his hand.

Betty looked at Chen Ze in surprise. Could it be that Chen Ze finally got the hang of it?

“Sure enough, you should install an air conditioner!” Chen Ze felt that Laura must be sorry to say that she was too hot.

It is reasonable, well-founded and convincing.

Betty took a few deep breaths, she wanted to be quiet.

“Is there breakfast?” The door was pushed open, and James Moriarty and Moran walked in together.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant~Dear guest~” Betty greeted him again with a smile.

“Mr. Moriarty? For breakfast, I recommend Thin Crust Stuffed Bun, Crab Meat Tangbao and Moo Milk with bread.” Chen Ze took a surprised look at Moriarty. The guest Chen Ze was certainly impressed.

“Crab yellow…soup bun? This is Oriental mysterious Cuisine, right? Could you give Moran and me a copy.” Moriarty’s pronunciation is a bit strange, but with the help of Arcane Wisdom, Chen Ze can also understand it.

“Okay, please wait, it may take some time.” Chen Ze nodded, wanting to make Crab Meat Tangbao, he needs to start kneading the dough now.

“It’s okay, I believe that Manager’s food is worth the wait.” Moriarty was nodded with style, and then sat down.

“Sir, this is your coffee.” Betty took out today’s special drink.

“Thank you, beautiful lady.” Moriarty took it over with a smile.

Chen Ze stood in the kitchen and glanced at Moriarty, a little surprised.

Such a graceful English gentleman does not look like a big man behind the scenes of plotting countless criminal plans.

It’s just that in Canon of Sherlock Holmes, the identical name and identical subordinate Moran made Chen Ze still convinced that the opponent is the rival of Sherlock Holmes.

Moran didn’t speak, he just drank coffee in silence, and then frowned.

There is sugar in this coffee, but he doesn’t like sugar very much, but the taste is barely acceptable.

Of course, Chen Ze would not tell Moran that this cup of coffee is nothing more than a five-pack of instant coffee.

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