My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 350

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Chen Ze stretched out. He didn’t mean that he didn’t want to buy coffee beans and a coffee machine to grind by himself. Chen Ze had this idea before, until Chen Ze tried it himself.

I realized that it is not easy to grind coffee manually. You have to learn how to choose coffee first, but you have to master the method and technique of grinding and how to configure the coffee concentration.

Not to mention learning to make Blue Mountain coffee, cappuccino and other varieties, so Chen Ze finally chose to give up, but chose to entertain guests with instant coffee such as Nescafe.

As for those who don’t want to drink instant coffee in the future, Chen Ze will consider whether to buy coffee beans and coffee machines.

Chen Ze frowns, he suddenly remembered that when he was inquiring about various methods of making coffee, he had seen a kind of coffee called hand brewed coffee. At that time, Chen Ze was dirty.

“Ah…I miss that young and ignorant time, then 2b is still a pencil, and a chrysanthemum is still a flower…” Chen Ze shook the head, and his pure self was gone forever.

Chen Ze concentrated on processing the dough. After all, he was almost awake.

“This coffee tastes very unique, but I still prefer the coffee beans from the southeast part of Tamilnad, India. The small coffee beans ground there taste great.” Professor Moriarty drank with a smile A sip of coffee in the cup, talking to Moran.

Betty stood by and listened silently, India? Is it the A3 that is often mentioned in the post bar?

What kind of curry taste, what Indian magic skills, but it seems that I have never heard of coffee beans.

“Sir, your knowledge is really impressive.” Moran delivered a flattery in time.

“Haha, Moran, as long as you read more books and experience more things, you can always learn a lot, and ah…” Moriarty glanced at this magical restaurant with a smile.

“Knowledge is really fascinating.” Moriarty sighed, and his main energy now is on this restaurant.

The magic door, the magic waiter, the magic Oriental Chef, Moriarty likes it very much, he wants to explore this magical place.

“Boom…” a dull voice.

Chen Ze not at all heard that he was still making steamed buns in the kitchen, and he could steam them when the time comes. When the time comes, he would harvest delicious crab roe dumplings.

“En?” Moran looked back, was it an illusion?

“Someone is knocking on the door.” Moriarty glanced at the door, and he was pretty sure he heard it.

“Huh?” Betty was a little confused, but went to open the door and took a look.

“No one…” The door was empty, there was nothing, Betty felt a little have one’s hair stand on end.

Isn’t this a supernatural event?

Betty quickly closed the door.

“Boom…” The strange knock on the door came again, and Betty swallowed. She just heard that sound seemed to be coming from under the door, as if someone was knocking on the door below.

Betty slammed the door open, and then the door was empty again, with nothing.

“Betty, don’t try anymore. The door you open will only lead to your own world.” Chen Ze walked out, and Crab Meat Tangbao was already steaming.

Own world? Moriarty caught the point at once. He looked at the wooden door, and it didn’t look like he could cross the other world.


Thinking of the wooden door of the Whitechapel, Moriarty felt that this should also be the truth.

“What should I do, Manager, it’s scary.” Betty shivered a little, she looked at the wooden door in horror.

“Aren’t you Succubus? Why would you still be afraid of ghosts?” Chen Ze didn’t care. Even Kayako’s little elder sister was neutralized by him. Who else would Chen Ze fear?

“Who said Succubus can’t be afraid of ghosts, you are discrimination!” Betty furiously, then stood aside.

Succubus? This restaurant is really getting more and more interesting.

Moriarty took another sip of coffee, and he observed Betty with interest, the pair of wings and tail.

“Yes, yes, you are afraid of ghosts, but just wait for it to come in. If you can’t twist the door, you won’t be able to enter my restaurant.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, no matter what kind of guests, you have to come in by yourself, Chen Ze didn’t Ways to help them open the door.

“Kuo…Kuowai…” Betty covered her mouth tremblingly.

“Speaking of people.” Chen Ze emptied his eyes and looked at Betty. How did this guy speak Japanese with the help of Arcane Wisdom?

“Boom…” The knock on the door came out again, and this time, there was an even stranger sound.

It’s like something is holding a wooden door, and then there is the intermittent sound of water droplets.

“Quah…” The doorknob manually moved, and then the door was slowly pushed open.

Chen Ze looked out the door strangely, not at all, and he didn’t feel anything coming in.

“On the floor, sir.” Moriarty gestured to Chen Ze, holding the cup.

Chen Ze lowered his head, and then saw a man lying on the floor.

“Huh? Guest, are you okay?” Chen Ze was a little puzzled. Isn’t this a drunk drunkard?

But Chen Ze immediately realized that this man was not an alcoholic, because he had slowly stood up, with a very strange posture, like a marionette.

Chen Ze calmly looked at the boy in front of him and raised his head. His left head was missing half, and there was a big blood hole in his head. Chen Ze could even see his head.

No matter how you look at it, it is a dead person. After all, the injury of a living person can be sent directly to the funeral home.

“Hey, is this another Kayako-like guest?” Chen Ze sighed, and then planned to use the magic array to destroy the ghost directly.

“Is this… a restaurant?” The boy was dripping blood on his face, and the blood dripped on the floor, but he did speak.

“…Yes, do you want something to eat?” Chen Ze was silent for a while. Although the floor was soiled, he was a little uncomfortable, but this is a guest after all, so Chen Ze still chose to receive him.

“Um…I want to eat Egg Fried Rice.” The boy was nodded, and then dragged his right leg with his calf bone exposed to find a place to sit down.

Then he turned his head to look at Moriarty and Moran, nodded cautiously.

“First… sir…” Moran was a little panicked. He was Moriarty’s number one thug. He has killed many people, but like this kind of dead person, he can walk and eat. He is true. Haven’t seen it.

“Don’t to make a fuss about nothing, there are demons, why can’t there be ghosts?” Moriarty looked at the ghost, the hole in the other’s head, it looked very interesting.

“Manager, this is a big brainstorm, right?” Betty approached and Chen Ze glanced at her.

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