My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 351

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Chen Ze has met many customers. Frankly speaking, Chen Ze has seen all kinds of customers, such as Ash Elf, such as the gods of Cthulhu mythology, Undead, big detective, bad guys and so on.

Chen Ze has seen even ghosts like Kayako, and he also had a cordial “communication” with Kayako.

However, Chen Ze hasn’t seen a guest like the boy in front of him. He is the soul. Chen Ze confirms this. After all, normal people are impossible to come over to eat.

But this guest is like an ordinary person, which is very abnormal.

This guest will be shy, shy, and will keep a distance from Professor Moriarty, even if Betty pours him a glass of lemonade, he will say thank you, and then drink it.

“Manager, what do you think this guest is?” Betty walked into the kitchen with some confusion. She really couldn’t figure out the identity of this guest.

“Soul, I just checked.” Chen Ze was kneading the dough. This customer should be a Chinese because he said he wanted to eat Dandan Noodles.

“Huh? But I feel like he is an ordinary child, just like Andrew and Elena.” Betty gave the boy sitting in the dining room strangely.

Chen Ze nodded, he also thinks that this soul is not like Kayako, it seems that there is no hostility to the living.

And he doesn’t seem to know his specific situation yet. At least Chen Ze noticed that the guest didn’t care about the blood dripping from his head on the table, and seemed to be invisible.

“Anyway, no matter what the customer is, as long as he doesn’t make trouble. By the way, Betty, you take these buns out. Professor Moriarty ordered them.” Chen Ze took down the steamer and steamed it inside. The buns were put on the plate.

“Sir…” Moran glanced at the boy from time to time. In his eyes, this boy should be ten 67, anyway, not too old.

“Moran, don’t pay too much attention to the surface of things. Standing next to the ocean of knowledge, every shell will make me feel more ignorant.” Moriarty shook the head, he hadn’t seen this kind of thing yet, and if not Seeing it with his own eyes, he might think this is a blind trick, or some trick.

“Please take 2 people slowly.” Betty walked out, and put 4 Crab Meat Tangbao in front of Moriarty.

“Thank you, beautiful lady.” Moriarty picked up the fork, which is the eating habit of English people.

“No no no, sir, this bun needs to be held by hand. Using chopsticks will affect its eating effect.” The boy quickly stopped Moriarty.

“Is that so? Thank you.” Moriarty turned his head to thank him, and then saw the boy’s eyes bleeding non-stop.

Moriarty could hear Moran swallowing, apparently watching this dead soul directly, which made him feel a little psychological pressure.

“Just take the liberty to ask, what’s your name?” Moriarty was a little curious. Does this guy know his status?

“Hello, my name is Wu Haifeng, and I am a Grade 3 student.” Wu Haifeng smiled.

“Your English is great, Wu.” Moriarty praised nodded.

Chen Ze raised his brows. The name is indeed Chinese.

“I have studied very hard, and I don’t know how to show up on the street. I’m planning to go home later and endorse.” Wu Haifeng smiled shyly, I can see that he is trying hard to adapt to communicate with foreigners. .

“Oh? Are you sure you are going home to study later? Wouldn’t your parents worry about seeing it?” Moriarty is even more strange, what strange family is that?

“It won’t be strange… but my father… didn’t and so on.” Wu Haifeng shook the head, then glanced at Moriarty and the buns on the plate.

“Sir, the soup dumplings must be eaten as soon as possible.” Wu Haifeng kindly reminded him.

“Thank you.” Moriarty picked up the bun and took a bite slowly.

Then suddenly I felt a rush of heat rushing into my mouth, and the rich fragrance came in, and the delicious fillings and meat taste were particularly good.

Moreover, the dough of Chen Ze is relatively thin and the filling is relatively large, which makes this Crab Meat Tangbao especially delicious.

“Hu~ I have eaten a lot of delicacies, but the mysterious food from the East is still so addictive to me.” Moriarty exhaled contentedly. He likes the taste of this thing very much, it can be said that he likes it very much.

“Sir, you are right, this delicacy can indeed give me a feeling of relaxation.” Faithful thug immediately added, and he did think this thing called Crab Meat Tangbao was very delicious.

Chen Ze made an ordinary Dandan Noodles in a short while, and asked Betty to give it to Wu Haifeng.

“Thank you.” Wu Haifeng was very polite, then picked up the chopsticks, picked up Dandan Noodles very skillfully, and started to eat.

“Dong dong dong.” The knock on the door came again.

The atmosphere in the restaurant solidified again, Moriarty still calmly ate the soup dumpling in his hand, while Moran looked towards the door nervously.

Immediately afterwards, the door was pushed open and two guests walked in from outside.

A tall and thin man dressed in white, with an official hat on his head, on which it says make money at first sight.

And another man in black, he also has an official hat with the words Peace under Heaven.

Chen Ze was stunned. With this look of the two guests…and the special dress of one black one white, Chen Ze suddenly thought of a long-standing mythical character in the Great Land of China.

“Hello, shopkeeper, I’m here to bring this soul to the underworld.” Bai Wuchang Xie Bian moved towards Chen Ze cupped the hands, and then looked towards Wu Haifeng who was eating Dandan Noodles.

“Wu Haifeng, follow us to the underworld.” Black Impermanence Fan Wujiu walked over and stood behind Wu Haifeng.

Wu Haifeng is still eating noodles as if he hadn’t heard.

“Why do you make this posture, you choose whether you live or die.” Fan Wujiu pressed Wu Haifeng’s shoulders.

“Sir…” Moran became even more confused, and today’s experience made this always cold-blooded man shudder.

“…” Moriarty waved his hand, motioned to shut his mouth, and looked at Black and White Impermanence intently.

Tears dripped continuously, dripping onto Dandan Noodles, Wu Haifeng was crying, his body also exuded a black breath.

“I…I don’t want to die!” Wu Haifeng raised his head, his face full of regret.

“Life and death are up to you. From the moment you jump down, there is no turning back.” Xie Bian also walked over.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for you to enter this place, why would Yama send me to wait?” Fan Wujiu coldly snorted.

Chen Ze shook the head, the blame has to be Ox Head and Horse Face.

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