My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 352

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“Can you let me finish this bowl of noodles?” Wu Haifeng looked at Fan Wujiu pleadingly. He knew he could not escape, but he still wanted to finish the bowl of noodles.

“No, the time for you to go to the underworld has come, and the soul cannot stay in the world for a long time.” Fan Wujiu shook his head decisively, without any chance of easing.

“Please!” Wu Haifeng looked towards Xie Bian, who also shook the head.

“Let him finish it, after all, wasting food is also a shameful thing.” Chen Ze unable to bear interrupted, although he didn’t really want to interfere with Black and White Impermanence.

“…” Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu looked at each other.

“Since the store said so, let you finish this bowl of noodles.” Xie Bi’an shook the head, and then sat with Fan Wujiu next to Wu Haifeng.

“Two guests, may I have something to order?” Betty walked over and poured a glass of lemonade for Black and White Impermanence.

“This…” Xie Bi’an hesitated a bit. It stands to reason that they can’t eat the food of the world. They need incense to absorb the gas of the food.

But this shop doesn’t look like a place to provide incense, but he can indeed see Wu Haifeng eating noodles.

“Let’s have a copy, anything will do.” Xie Bian nodded, he always felt that this magical place could provide something different from the world of cuisine.

Betty compared scissor hands to the kitchen, making Chen Ze a little bit didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

This Succubus, seeing Black and White Impermanence, dare to solicit business in the past. It can also be said that it is doing better on the road of waiters.

Chen Ze hesitated for a while, but decided to make 2 Red Braised Pork rice for Black and White Impermanence. After all, this is China Cuisine, and I want to come more in line with their taste.

“Black and white…Impermanence?” Moriarty wrote down this title. Although he could not understand the words of Black and White Impermanence, he could understand the words of Chen Ze and Betty.

Moriarty intends to go back and ask someone to ask what the identity of Black and White Impermanence is.

Wu Haifeng lowered his head and ate Dandan Noodles in small bites. He can finish Dandan Noodles in less than ten minutes, but he has eaten them for ten or five minutes.

Chew slowly, this is what grandma told him, but before, he didn’t chew slowly and swallowed, wishing to finish eating quickly and relax.

After all, his rest time is limited, and the pressure of study is so great that he can only relax for a while after a meal.

But even so, the relaxing time was so short that he would never forget it. After eating, he was sitting on the sofa looking at his mobile phone, and then he was thrown on his head by a bowl.

It hurts, it’s a bowl for eating, but it’s the heart that hurts even more. Wu Haifeng didn’t expect it. His father would scold so badly because he looked at his mobile phone after a meal.

Obviously this is my only rest time… Do I have to devote all my time to studying?

Wu Haifeng lowered his head, continuous insults in his ears, broken bowls on the ground, and white rice, making him feel more and more angry and impulsive.

In the end, he chose to open the window and ended it all.

But when it fell, he regretted it, very regretful. Next to his ear was mother’s heart-wrenching cry. His body was very painful, especially painful, and it was painful to the point of disintegration.

He wants to go back, wants to turn back time, wants to eat Regret Medicine.

He wanted to go back to that home. Although the father was strict or even excessive, the mother loved him and was gentle. If he were gone, he couldn’t imagine how his mother would be hit.

Seeing mother crying hoarse and exhausted, she couldn’t shed any tears, she could only sit next to her body and wailing, Wu Haifeng regretted it.

But after all, there is no turning back.

The big tears of Wu Haifeng fell on the noodles. This is the noodles mother would make for him every morning when she woke up early, with a lot of meat added, although it was not delicious.

Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu sat aside, eating the Red Braised Pork made for them by Chen Ze. Regarding the crying Wu Haifeng, their hearts did not fluctuate.

Chen Ze also stood silently in the kitchen. Someone once said that in the hospital, you can see 100 states of life. In fact, every healthy person should be grateful for himself without worries and don’t need to experience such pain.

Chen Ze still remembers one thing his aunt 5 told him. A girl was in a car accident and fell into a coma. She was in a snorkel to maintain her life for treatment. However, the family was unwilling to bear the huge cost of surgery and had no choice but to extubate the tube.

But the girl seemed to notice it, she bit her breathing tube tightly and didn’t want to leave like this.

But in the end, there is still no way. The hospital cannot provide free assistance to every patient.

At the age of 20s, the best time, but closed my eyes forever.

How many tragedies have Black and White Impermanence seen in the hospital?

Chen Ze didn’t dare to think about it, but felt that he was still a soft-hearted person, unable to ignore and hear.

Whether it’s Betty, Andrew, or Jeanne, Chen Ze is willing to help as much as possible.

“After eating, you should go on the road too.” Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu stood up and pulled Wu Haifeng up.

Then Xie Bian took out a gold ingot from his arms and placed it on the table.

“Shopkeeper, this is the money for the three of us.”

Chen Ze picked up the gold ingot. It was a bit cold, but it was indeed a gold ingot, and it did not suddenly become a paper ingot.

“It seems that Black and White Impermanence is not so unkind.” Chen Ze sighed, and put the gold ingots into the cabinet.

“Manager, this is our meal expense.” Moriarty also stood up. He already impatiently wanted to check what Black and White Impermanence was.

Then Moran put up a wooden box with a bottle of red wine inside.

“Although it’s not expensive red wine, this thing is my favorite.” Moriarty left this sentence and left in a hurry.

Chen Ze picked up the red wine with a weird face. He really didn’t expect Moriarty to leave a bottle of red wine.

“Hu, Manager, there are so many guests today.” Betty put the dishes in.

“It’s good if it’s too much. No one will worry me.” Chen Ze put the red wine into the kitchen. He planned to keep this thing and taste it with Laura.

Red wine, Chen Ze thinks Laura would like it. After all, this color is still great, and it is in line with Laura’s aesthetic.

But next moment, the wind bell rang again, which also verified Betty’s words.

“Eh? Where is this?” A voice that sounded a little childish.

Chen Ze took a look at the probe and found five children, one of whom was wearing blue clothes and a pair of rimless glasses.

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