My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 353

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Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he deeply doubted whether he was out of luck today, after all, he had just sent away the two Black and White Impermanence, and now there is another guy with the title of Death God.

“This is a restaurant, do the kids want something to eat?” Betty obviously doesn’t know the identity of the five children in front of her, but this does not prevent her from going up to entertain the guests.

“Huh? Elder sister, your clothes are so beautiful!” It was Ayumi who was talking, a little girl who left a strange figure.

It can also be said that she is the only elementary school girl in the juvenile detective troupe, and when she grows up, Ayumi is also very beautiful. If there is no Ai, she should be able to become the face of the juvenile detective troupe.

However, Chen Ze’s biggest impression of Ayumi is still concentrated on Ayumi’s figure, which can be said to be completely different from the traditional figure.

This screenshot was specially made by the technology, and the figure was made with afterimages on the face, but it also gave people an inexplicable sense of joy, and once contracted Chen Ze’s laughter.

“Thank you~ what do you want to eat?” Betty was very helpful, smiling from ear to ear.

Immediately afterwards, the five young guests of the Junior Detective Group went to the table and looked at the menu curiously.

“What are you looking at?” Ai looked at Conan, his companion seemed to have discovered something interesting.

“Um… the wings behind this waiter don’t look like fake.” Conan looked at Betty thoughtfully, the wings looked real in every way.

“There should be no institution or organization that can research such things.” Ai took a sip of lemonade calmly, with a cold taste.

“Maybe I’m worrying too much. After all, a guy like Kidd also has a vivid makeup ability.” Conan shook the head, and then began to look at the menu.

And Chen Ze was standing in the kitchen wiping the cups. He just heard the conversation between Conan and Ai. After all, he is the owner of the restaurant. As long as he thinks about it, he can hear the smallest voice.

“Wow, Unadon! I want a portion of Unadon!” This voice knew that it was George Kojima’s voice, and Unadon was also the other’s favorite thing.

Chen Ze opened the refrigerator silently, took out an eel from it, and started processing.

“Then I want a curry, Ai, what do you want?” Ayumi’s voice.

“I want a curry too.” Ai remained as calm as ever.

“That…then I want to be like classmate Ai!” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, this one knows that it is Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, I used to like Ayumi, and later I like Ai.

“Where is Conan?” Ayumi’s voice rang again.

“I just want a curry, hehe.” If Chen Ze didn’t know, he would really treat Conan as a normal child.

“Manager, 4 curries and one Unadon!” Betty reported the menu.

“Good.” Chen Ze nodded, these 5 Cuisine is really not a difficult thing.

Although Unadon needed Kabayaki, it was a bit time-consuming to make, but Chen Ze stood confidently and easily handled it.

So Chen Ze intends to take this opportunity to change his clothes on the 2nd floor.

It’s just that you can’t go through the aisle of the restaurant. Conan will definitely see it that way, so you can’t achieve your goal.

“Fortunately, there is a small ladder here.” Chen Ze glanced at the boiling soup pot and immediately climbed up.

After a while, Chen Ze changed his clothes and took some other things down.

“Although this is not very good, but… why do I find it interesting?” Chen Ze took the mirror and looked at himself, nodded satisfied.

5 cooked Cuisine, Chen Ze made it very fast, and it was done in a short while.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze called Betty in, and then sat in a chair, waiting patiently.

“Several little guests, wait a long time, this is your Cuisine.” Betty put Unadon in front of George, and then according to Chen Ze’s request, they put 4 portions of curry separately for Conan and Ayumi.

“Wow! This Unadon is so delicious!” George Kojima couldn’t wait to fill his mouth with Unadon. Compared to his usual Unadon, this Unadon tasted better.

“The curry is also delicious, not spicy!” Ayumi and Mitsuhiko looked at each other with joy. This is sweet curry.

“En? Is yours sweet?” Conan took a bite of the curry, which was spicy, more in line with the taste of his high school student.

“Yes, isn’t Conan’s?” Ayumi lifts the head and looked at Conan.

“Haha… of course mine is, how could it not be?” Conan laughed and changed the subject immediately.

“Mine is the same as yours.” Ai took a bite of curry silently, also with spiciness.

“It’s weird…” Conan touched the chin thought. It stands to reason that when five children get together in the restaurant, they should not be separated for different tastes.

Even more how coincidentally, both Ayumi and Mitsuhiko’s are sweet, while their own and Ai’s are medium spicy.

Coupled with the attitude of the waiter when he put the Cuisine before, this made Conan a little doubt whether this restaurant was hiding any secrets.

With the sound of “Da Da…” Conan raised his head, and instantly eyes shrank, he saw a man in a black suit walking out of the kitchen, and in the dining room, the opponent was wearing a black hat on his head.

“Gong…Conan…” Ai’s voice was trembling, too. Which restaurant would wear it like this?

“Calm down…” Conan watched the black clothed man who came over warily. Will this person be part of the organization? Or do they dress like this in their restaurants?

The man got closer and closer, and then he stood beside Conan.

Conan swallowed, and the air at this brief moment became so heavy that there seemed to be an invisible pressure on his body.

“Uncle, don’t you wear it like this?” Conan lifts the head, his face is the childishness of a pupil.

The man lowered his head and smiled beside him and said, “It’s hot, but I have to go to work, so you can eat first.”

Hearing these words, Conan was obviously sighed in relief, and Ai also relaxed a lot.

But just when Conan was about to say something more and so on, the man leaned in his ear and said “Hello, Shinichi Kudo.”

Immediately afterwards, when the man was in Conan’s daze, he came to Ai’s side again, and he reached his ear and said, “Hello, Miyano Shiho.”

“Ai? What’s wrong with you?” Ayumi heard the sound of chopsticks falling to the ground, lifting the head, and saw the faces of Conan and Ai, white as paper.

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