My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 354

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At this moment, Conan had a lot of thoughts. He was even thinking that this black clothed organization understood himself, so why didn’t he just kill it?

And why didn’t you see the gin? What went wrong that caused his true identity to be seen through?

“Conan is so strange, isn’t the curry delicious?” George curiously caught Conan’s curry and put it in his mouth.

“George! Don’t!” Conan stopped George immediately, and at this moment he suddenly figured it out.

Why only my curry and Ai’s curry are spicy? That’s because I and Ai have been targeted by the organization, so I deliberately gave them spicy curry.

So in terms of the style of the black clothed organization, it is estimated that Ai and himself are inevitable, so there may be other toxins in this curry.

“Uh!” George Kojima pinched his throat in pain, kicking his legs constantly.

“George? George!” Mitsuhiko and Ayumi pushed George anxiously, while Conan lowered his head and turned on the anesthesia watch. This was the only chance to come back.

“You bastard!” Looking at the poisoned George, Conan turned his head angrily, aimed at the black clothed man, and immediately activated the needle on the watch.

Are you going to hit it? Conan is a little excited, if he can really hit, then there may be a turning point.

A curtain of light appeared straight up, blocking the anesthesia needle, and the needle fell to the ground, as if Conan’s heart had fallen to the ground.

“Conan!” Ayumi said, but Conan didn’t intend to look back, or dared not to look back.

Because of your own reasons, did you kill the people around you after all?

“Conan!” said a little angry.

“Conan, why are you eating spicy curry!” George’s voice, this is not surprising, George has already…


Conan turned his head in surprise, and then saw George drinking water, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko looked at themselves with anger.

Ai looked at all this with a weird expression. For a moment, she thought she was going to die, and she knew very well how to organize the treatment of traitors.

“Haha, how does the curry taste?” Chen Ze smiled and took off his hat, untied the black suit, revealing the Chef suit inside.

“Huh?” For the first time, Conan felt that his mind was a little insufficient. He thought he was going to die. After all, his true identity was understood by the organization.

“Uncle, your Cuisine is so delicious!” George patted his stomach with a satisfied expression on his face. This Unadon is really delicious.

“Yeah, but why is Conan’s spicy food?” Ayumi and Mitsuhiko were also nodded, but Ayumi still asked suspiciously.

“I’m a Chef. It’s not normal to know what customers like to eat.” Chen Ze laughed proudly, then took off his black suit jacket and hung it on his hand.

“But…” Conan looked at Chen Ze strangely, but he had just heard that Chen Ze broke his and Ai’s true identities.

“Don’t you eat your own curry first?” Chen Ze interrupted Conan.

This is the price of impulse. Chen Ze was on a whim and cosed a black clothed organization, but now he has to face the problem of how to deal with the aftermath.

Can’t you say that you are actually a defected employee of the winery? Code 2 Pot head?

Isn’t this a bullshit, even more how, in front of the former staff of Miyano Shiho, an authentic winery, Chen Ze doesn’t think he can disguise his identity.

Although the other party does not seem to know the specific situation, a lie means that more lies are needed to make up.

While Chen Ze was struggling in the kitchen about how to deal with the aftermath, Conan and Ai also finished their curry with weird faces.

“Checked out?” Chen Ze walked out and looked towards these little guests.

“Yes, uncle, how much is the total?” George said first.

“Sorry, I don’t charge yen here, but if you can, you can use Conan’s watch to pay the bill.” Chen Ze looked at Conan with a smile.

Since Conan and the others came in, Chen Ze was thinking about what to use for meals.

First of all, the detective team badge, this is not considered, Chen Ze does not need it, and besides being able to play cos, it is of little significance.

And shoes… Although these shoes are also black technology, the first Chen Ze can’t wear them, and the second is because they don’t want to wear other people’s shoes. Even more how to let Conan go back barefoot is not good.

As for the football belt or tracking glasses, Chen Ze is not very interested, it is better to get an anesthesia watch, which is a bit commemorative.

After all, how many anesthesia needles were shot by Conan, Maori Ko5, so that he couldn’t pass the security check later, but he was alive and well. It can be said to be a black technology.

“Watch? Why does uncle want Conan’s watch?” Mitsuhiko asked curiously.

“Because I am not an ordinary restaurant here, you will know that my restaurant door will disappear when you go out, so a watch is more suitable than useless paper.” Chen Ze finally decided to tell the truth.

“Huh?” George immediately ran out curiously, and then closed the door.

After a while, George did not come back, nor did the detective badge respond.

“This is my watch, but can I ask a question?” Conan handed the watch to Chen Ze. He felt that Chen Ze had no need to lie.

“Loved it, please keep me, save you.” Chen Ze took the watch and looked at it with joy.

“…” Ai almost laughed at the impossible to bear.

Conan looked at Chen Ze with a black line, what a strange reply.

“If you have any questions, please ask again.” Chen Ze glanced at Ayumi and them, and Conan suddenly understood what Chen Ze meant.

“I don’t think I will come again.” Conan looked at Chen Ze with false eyes. He even felt afraid that it was not his father and mother who would tease him again.

But considering Betty’s chest… it shouldn’t be Mother.

“???” Betty suddenly felt hurt.

“No, you will come.” Chen Ze is very confident. He feels that Conan impossible will miss this opportunity, and the curiosity and doubts in his heart will bring Conan over.

even more how ……

Looking at the juvenile detective team preparing to leave, Chen Ze added another sentence.

“By the way, James Moriarty, Professor Moriarty, is also a frequent visitor to me.” Chen Ze shamelessly put the professor who had only been here twice into the ranks of old guests.

Conan paused, looked back at Chen Ze, and then walked out with some of the Junior Detectives.

“Wow! The wooden door really disappeared!” Conan touched the wall in front of him. If he wasn’t sure he was not poisoned, he would think he had eaten something hallucinogenic.

“You will go.” Ai put his hands on his back and looked at the wall in front of him.


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