My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 356

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Chen Ze touch the chin, he just bought something on the Internet, taking advantage of what event day is just today.

“I think these activities are meant to pit my little money!” Hastur’s voice came from the phone on the table.

Chen Ze is watching his live broadcast.

Hastur, wearing a casual outfit, puffed up his face and pouted, making Chen Ze feel a little stomachache.

You are an indescribable god, why are you so proficient in being cute?

But watching the full screen of Ah Wei is dead, and there is a small TV, Chen Ze can only sighed then said, he feels that the money he makes from selling skewers is not as much as Hastur’s cute.

“I’m already desperate for this cute world!” Chen Ze stretched out, not feeling that the most important reason is that he is lazy.

After all, if Chen Ze is willing to deliver food every day, the money he makes is also considerable.

“Manager, what shall we eat later?” Betty rubbed her stomach and went into the kitchen. She felt hungry.

Especially when there were that many customers before, they ordered that many delicacies, which made Betty feel that his stomach was screaming constantly.

“Eat buns.” Chen Ze glanced at her, just as he was ready to try Goubuli Steamed Bun.

Regarding Goubuli Steamed Bun, Chen Ze already has an idea, which is to use glutinous rice paper as a material for wrapping aspic.

It was just that Chen Ze gave up after thinking about it for a while. After all, ordinary glutinous rice paper is not good at heat resistance or water permeability.

So if you want to use Goubuli Steamed Bun, you need more professional glutinous rice paper, so Chen Ze bought some medical grade glutinous rice paper on the Internet, but I don’t know if it will be suitable for use.

“But I feel like I have come to a misunderstanding…” Chen Ze frowns, the era when Goubuli Steamed Bun appeared, but there was no medical grade glutinous rice paper.

“Exotic seafood is not as good as Goubuli Steamed Bun…” Chen Ze recalled Goubuli Steamed Bun’s comment.

“I suddenly had a bold idea.” Chen Ze hit the palm of his hand, and he suddenly remembered that maybe he could use this method to make Goubuli Steamed Bun.

“Betty, take a look at the store, I’ll go shopping.” Chen Ze took the phone and rushed out immediately, leaving Betty looking blankly at Chen Ze’s back.

Chen Ze directly took a taxi to the seafood market near his home. Although Riyue City is an inland city, buying seafood is not a hassle.

After a while, Chen Ze bought what he wanted, and then took a taxi back to the restaurant.

Opening the door, not at all guests, Chen Ze breathed a sigh of relief, and then hurried to the kitchen.

“Although the inner membrane of the sea cucumber is not large, it shouldn’t be a problem to wrap the meat jelly.” Chen Ze took the kitchen knife and quickly processed the seafood at hand.

Yes, Chen Ze intends to make Goubuli Steamed Bun membrane with a delicious ingredient like sea cucumber.

In the past, the sea cucumber membrane was not eaten by others. Later studies found that the nutritional value of the inner membrane was also high, and the inner membrane was included in the diet.

“I feel that if one day, experts find that eating a lot of mosquitoes can cure baldness, many people will eat them?” Chen Ze laughed, and then threw the cut sea cucumbers aside.

The inner membrane of sea cucumber Chen Ze can be used to make Goubuli Steamed Bun, and the sea cucumber Chen Ze intends to make a Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion.

Looking at the Goubuli Steamed Bun being put on the steamer, Chen Ze clapped his hands with satisfaction.

“Mr. Manager!” the crisp girl voice.

“Jeanne, sit and wait for a while.” Betty took the woven flowers in Jeanne’s hand and began to place them on each table in turn.

As soon as Chen Ze heard Jeanne’s name, he immediately started to make noodles. After all, he had to make Pizza.

But before eating Pizza, maybe I can have lunch with Jeanne.

Chen Ze put the Pizza into the oven with his hands and feet quickly, and then started the Cuisine Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion.

The method of making Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion is relatively simple, but the taste is very good. Although Chen Ze is the first time he has used it, he has a wealth of Chef experience, so he quickly put a relatively good Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion Take it out.

“Elder Sister Betty! Those damn pirates have increased their taxes recently!” Jeanne grumbled, grabbing Betty’s hand.

“Hey, are all the nobles in your place like this? I met a good man before, who was said to kill these unscrupulous nobles.” Betty remembered the noble killer he had heard before—Destiny.

“It would be nice to have such a good person. The atmosphere in the village is not so good these days.” Jeanne was a little disappointed, and there was much less laughter in the village.

“Hmm… I think that aristocratic killer must be a cold-hearted person who can hang those badass aristocrats expressionlessly…” Looking at Jeanne who was fantasizing, Chen Ze almost laughed.

“Cough cough…Jeanne, Betty, have dinner.” Chen Ze brought out Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion and Beer Beef.

“Cough cough…Halo Young Lady, tonight…There is a circus show, do you want to go with it?” Destiny dressed in a formal suit, looking cramped at the girl who was sitting on a chair dozing off.

“Huh? You invited us to a circus show?” Halo gave Destiny a strange look.

“Yes…” Destiny swallowed, his heartbeat was fast at this moment.

“No.” The expected answer.

“But…” Destiny also planned to fight for it.

“This is the 108th time you have invited us. What are you going to do?” Halo took out a magic crystal and pressed it on it.

“I…” Destiny opened his mouth, but couldn’t finish the next thing anyway.

“So you rolled back dingy?” Fremiya sat calmly and poured a cup of Ale for his teammates.

“Oh… I really don’t know what Halo is thinking.” Destiny looked sad.

“Tsk tsk, I dare to call Halo directly here, why do you only dare to call the other person Halo Young Lady in the shop?” Fremiya Ruthless teased his teammates.

“This…this is different!” Destiny blushed, defending himself.

“It’s boring, Reinhardt will be back later, do you want to go to the last restaurant together?” Fremiya stretched out, she kind of missed the food in Chen Ze restaurant.

“Forget it, I’m not going.” Destiny shook the head.

“Haha, Destiny definitely didn’t go because he was kicked out by the Manager last time and couldn’t make a living.” Reinhardt smiled heartily and opened the door and walked in.

“You!” Destiny unable to bear rolled the eyes, what the hell is that teammate, Jie Duanjie is so cruel?

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