My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 359

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Destiny looked at the white bread on the plate. It was a bit strange. He didn’t quite understand why Fremiya and Reinhardt would recommend this restaurant so much.

There is even a sense of cultivation deviation. At least Destiny feels that way.

And Destiny is considered to have eaten a lot of Cuisine, even the precious Cuisine of the nobles, he has eaten a lot, but it feels like that.

“Are you sure this is delicious?” Destiny was a little awkward, he still didn’t think this thing would taste better.

It looks like white bread.

“It must be delicious.” Fremiya didn’t have any doubts, she really hadn’t eaten any bad cuisine here at Chen Ze.

Destiny struggled, but still picked up a bun and took a bite slowly.

Destiny’s taste is very good. The first bite he can eat is soft and waxy, but it also has a little grain aroma.

Then at the next moment, Destiny felt that he had bitten something, and a thick soup and meat filling got into his mouth, stimulating his taste buds.

The full gravy and the deliciousness of hard to describe made Destiny close his eyes involuntarily. After eating this bun, he felt like he was thrown into the sea of ​​gourmet food, and the more he bite, the more fragrant he was.

The first bite is full of gravy, the second bite is thick and can’t melt, and the third bite is crispy. The hot soup and chewy filling make this bun The taste is stronger.

Moreover, these flavors did not conflict, and Destiny immediately felt an ecstatic feeling. If he didn’t know that he didn’t have any Illusion Technique magic, he thought he had been cursed.

“It’s delicious.” Fremiya licked her lips. For someone like her, even 100-degree water can be drunk as a cold drink, even more how is this kind of soup.

“Well, Manager’s cooking skills are still so exciting.” Reinhardt also squinted his eyes, where he can relax and enjoy the food.

“I probably know why you admire this restaurant so much.” Destiny picked up another steamed bun and took a bite of happiness.

“Hehe, now I know why I brought you here, right?” Fremiya looked complacent. This restaurant himself was the first to come.

“Manager, what did you add to it? Goubuli Steamed Bun is delicious, but not to this level, right?” Betty a face of doubt, she has eaten Chen Ze’s bun.

“This is the new version that you haven’t eaten.” Chen Ze began to introduce in a unique Mandarin.

“A more complete Goubuli Steamed Bun.” Chen Ze was very proud. Although this recipe was given by the system, at least Chen Ze had studied it for a while.

And if it weren’t for the reluctant Goubuli Steamed Bun, the system wouldn’t admit it, so from a certain perspective, this is indeed its own credit.

“I thought Manager you added computer accessories.” Betty looked bored and let Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched.

Computer accessories…this one is definitely super cannon!

“Do you want to eat one?” Chen Ze gave Fremiya ten or eight of them, and two remained.

“Huh? Is it okay?” Betty’s eyes were bright.

“Of course.” Chen Ze nodded, he only feeds Betty anyway.

“Waaaaaa! What kind of Divine Immortal delicacies!” Looking at Betty who yelled, Chen Ze curled his lips in disdain. This is not Perfect level.

If it is Perfect level, are you afraid that you will eat it to death?

“Mr. Manager, check out.” Fremiya licked her lips contentedly. She liked this bun very much, but it was a bit small and not enough to eat.

“Although it’s delicious, it’s just too little.” Destiny looked at the empty plate in front of him with a little regret. He regretted how he ate so fast, obviously he hadn’t tasted it yet.

“Manager’s food here is just these, it’s always not enough, but that’s okay, restraining yourself is originally the path of cultivation.” Reinhardt’s expression was much calmer.

“Fremiya, what are you going to use to checkout this time?” Chen Ze walked out with a smile, and went to the checkout link of the attractive spectacle again.

“I’m already ready for this.” Fremiya proudly took a small object out of her arms.

“This is?” Chen Ze was a little curious. This thing looked like a ping pong ball, and he didn’t know it was used for and so on.

“This is milt, it’s a kind of deep-sea fish.” Fremiya explained seriously, but Chen Ze still doesn’t understand what milt is.

“Actually, it is a kind of deep-sea fish roe, but a deep-sea fish of that kind may only have ten. So many roe should be collected a lot.” Destiny glanced at it and immediately recognized it.

“Thank you, Fremiya.” Chen Ze put it away with satisfaction. This thing should still work. Although he is not good at making Caviar, he should be able to make Western food.

And Chen Ze suddenly remembered that there is such a French Cuisine, the taste is also very good, but the source of the ingredients is more cruel.

But Chen Ze still intends to buy it and try it. After all, it is a food that can conquer a large number of people. As a Chef, you will regret it if you don’t try it.

It seems that you can buy it on Taobao later. After all, there is no such thing in the supermarket. Chen Ze looked at the fish roe in the bottle and fell into deep thought.

“Manager? What are you thinking?” Betty waved his hand in front of Chen Ze, waking Chen Ze from his thoughts.

“Huh? Fremiya and the others?” Chen Ze shook his head, and the dining room was empty.

“Fremiya Young Lady has gone back, Manager, what are you thinking?” Betty became more curious. She rarely saw Chen Ze in a daze like this.

“I’m thinking about tomorrow’s Cuisine.” Chen Ze laughed, then turned on the phone, searched for the ingredient, and then bought it.

This kind of food should be delivered as quickly as possible.

“What is it?” Betty shook his tail.

“Foie gras, to be precise, French foie gras.” Chen Ze glanced at Betty.

Isn’t it like Betty’s food and drink like those specialized geese?

But Betty is voluntary, and all he eats is delicious food, but the geese that are raised are filled out, filling out the fatty liver alive…

But even so, there are still many people who are willing to eat French foie gras because its taste is so delicious that people can’t give up.

“Huh?” Betty was stunned. Why did you feel that Manager’s eyes were so pitiful for a moment?

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