My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 360

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Herman Figlein is an Ash Elf. To be precise, it is a male Ash Elf. This is a very critical piece of information.

After all, in the Ash Elf family of the maternal system, males are generally of low status. Professionals can obtain a certain social status, while ordinary male Ash Elf can only be regarded as slaves.

Originally, Herman Figlein still had a lot of names among them, but because he was a male, his name was reduced to two, representing his humble identity.

“You can… You can definitely, Herman Figlein!” Herman took a deep breath and cheered himself up. After all, what he was going to do next was related to life safety.

Herman watched all around vigilantly, and then ran to the majestic city ahead quickly. He wanted to run in to gain freedom and dignity.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to give all the money he had saved for 30 years to the smugglers and asked them to take himself out of the main city of Ash Elf.

But these guys are only responsible for bringing him out, 10 li out of the main city, he has to go by himself, but he is happy.

After walking for a full 2 ​​weeks and eating a lot of turf, he finally saw the city in front of him, a place called Hope City by many intelligent creatures.

“Brother, did you also go to that city?” An unfamiliar voice suddenly heard behind him, and Herman subconsciously picked up the dagger in his hand, and looked back at the guy behind him vigilantly.

A jackal, a strong jackal.

“Don’t be nervous, if I want to do something, you are already dead.” The Jackal laughed, waved his empty hand, and signaled that he had no evil intention.

“I’m going to that city, why are you following me?” Herman did not relax his vigilance, the jackal man could tear his body easily.

“I want to go to that city too. I became a slave in the tribal battle. I heard that only Hope City can accommodate all intelligent creatures and will not treat you as a slave.” The jackal licked his lips and took his own. The chest was exposed, with a slave mark on it.

“Hu, then I think our goal is the same, by the way, what’s your name?” Seeing the slave mark, Herman’s mood relaxed a lot, but he still held the dagger.

“My name is Hogg, Hogg the Jackal.” Hogg grinned, showing his fangs.

Herman laughed, having a strong companion on the road is also a good choice.

“Herman, it’s strange that there are no slave merchants in ambush near this city.” Herman soon regretted it. This jackal man was nothing but talk, and he talked a lot. He could change his words and talk continuously for a minute. You said.

“Herman, why do you talk so little? Could it be that you got your tongue cut by those gray women?” Hogg was still chattering.

“I just don’t like to talk very much, I feel like mine… that vicious woman is right behind me.” Herman turned his head and glanced, and his back was empty, but he always felt that the master of the stealth profession was right there. Behind him, laughing at him.

Then when he was about to walk into the city symbolizing new life hopefully, he cut his throat from behind.

“No, I swear to the orc god, I don’t at all smell something else.” Hogg waved his hand and didn’t care.

The facts seemed to prove Hogg’s words, until Herman and the others walked into the city, there was no existence to hunt them down.

“New here? Come, register your name, and then report your occupation.” There was a Balrog standing at the door. It was strange, it was obvious that such existences were strong.

Herman couldn’t figure it out, but he walked over, picked up the pen, and hesitated for a while, looking a little embarrassed.

“Why? Can’t write?” Balrog saw Herman’s embarrassment.

“Um… I’m sorry…” Herman lowered his head in shame.

“It’s okay, you just say your name and career.” Balrog picked up his pen and looked like he was going to write it for him.

“Herman Figlein, occupation…slaves…” Herman lowered his head in shame, and he said sorry about his occupation.

“Hogg the Jackal, occupation is a slave.” Hogg followed behind him and reported a name, very refreshing, without any hesitation.

“Ruben, take the two of them to the Moyue House, then arrange work and talk about the rules of Hope City.” Balrog waved his hand, and then a little evil demon walked over.

“Hey, man, come with me.” The little evil demon took Herman and the others in, and there were energetic intelligent creatures along the way.

“Like you illiterate, you need to rest and live in the big room, which is the dormitory, and then you can go to work.” The little evil demon explained in detail. It seems that he is not the first time. Explanation.

“Brother, what’s the job content?” Hogg asked curiously.

“Don’t worry, it’s just farming, and then take care of those livestock, and build a house and so on, depending on your physique, you should build a house.” The little evil demon glanced at Hogg, and then looked towards Herman.

“As for you, you should take care of the livestock. The working hours are from 9:4 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, and then you have to go to school for 1 hours.” The little evil devil’s words are simple, but Herman feels a little bit confused.

Work is easy to understand, but is school doing and so on? And how to solve the problem of eating?

But Herman didn’t dare to ask, he was afraid he would offend this little monster.

“What about eating? I don’t have any money anymore.” Hogg dug out the belt on his stomach, there was no money in it.

“Don’t worry, today’s is free. I will start working tomorrow. How much I work and how much food I get in exchange is absolutely sufficient.” The little evil demon explained a few more words.

“Also, there are no slaves in the city, but you can’t be lazy. You can get paid as much as you work. You can’t work overtime. Your big house is here.” The little evil demon stopped, and in front of a three-story house, the doorway Hanging a flower card, that is the magic moon flower.

Then the little monster gave Herman and Hogg a key, and then left.

Hogg opened the door with the key indifferently, and saw several Ox Head Man and several Ash Elf men.

“Fuck off! Today I must kill these Ox Head Man, I am a pure love warrior!” An Ash Elf waved his sword violently.

And there are a few goat head monsters beside them, they are sitting on the bed playing cards.

“3 Take one, do you want?”

“I saw you out of 1000.”

Herman blinked, how does it feel that this style of painting is not right…

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