My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 361

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“That one is very happy recently. He has been working on his Hope City. Many people went to the Dark Council to complain. Hahaha, you didn’t see Stan’s head. It feels bigger.” Laura smiled and slapped his thigh. The corners of Chen Ze’s mouth twitched and twitched.

“No wonder I haven’t seen Stan much recently, I thought he was too busy.” Chen Ze laughed reluctantly.

“How come, Stan has been entangled by those guys recently, although he killed a few, but that many fat-eared nobles can’t be killed.” Laura was patting his thigh again.

“Um…Laura, don’t pat my thigh.” Chen Ze was a little speechless, he was wondering if his girlfriend did it on purpose, and he even patted his thigh.

Chen Ze felt that his thighs were about to be swollen, and Laura still had a lot of strength.

“Hmph, then who do you think made me go back to deal with the mess of those races every day.” Laura snorted.

Chen Ze laughed embarrassingly. He knew that he was at a loss. Originally, Hastur’s focus was on idol development games, but now he has started to engage in SimCity. Among them, the books sent by Chen Ze have contributed a lot.

However, Laura did not continue to pat Chen Ze’s thigh. She put her hand on Chen Ze’s leg and pressed it. Then Chen Ze felt the swelling and pain on her leg disappeared.

“Really, pay attention next time. I wanted to be with you for a while…” Laura put her head on Chen Ze’s shoulder, which made Chen Ze’s heartbeat go up all at once.

Just as Chen Ze wondered if his heartbeat would explode if this continued, the wind bell rang, which also made Laura raised his head.

“Then I’ll go upstairs and wait for you.” Laura walked up to the second floor, blushing before going up and kissed Chen Ze on the cheek.

“Hehe, Manager~I didn’t see anything~” Betty covered her face and smirked, but immediately went out.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, dear guest~” Betty’s voice came out.

“Cos, your restaurant is really interesting, do you have any dishes?” A male voice, a very strange voice, Chen Ze has not heard.

“Sir, please look at the menu.” Betty passed the menu.

Chen Ze didn’t look outside. He was kneading the dough, ready to make some Goubuli Steamed Bun and put it out.

“How much is the price? Can WeChat Alipay?” The man’s voice came in again, which made Chen Ze stunned.

WeChat Alipay?

“Sorry, sir, we can’t use WeChat Alipay here.” Betty shook the head, which relieved Chen Ze a lot. It seems that this Succubus likes to go online, but he still does some business.

“Now I can use Alipay to buy food! But it’s all the pretending old fart. I really have some cash. Give me this Braised Chicken Stew rice bowl.” The man’s voice sounded very different from Chen Ze Comfortable, especially when the other party says old fart, there is a feeling of gnashing teeth.

“Manager, a Braised Chicken Stew with Rice!” Betty shouted to the restaurant.

Chen Ze nodded, and then began to deal with this Braised Chicken Stew.

“Eh, what kind of garbage restaurant do you have? Don’t even have internet? How about wifi? How much wifi?” The man shouted again.

“Sorry, sir, our restaurant doesn’t have wifi.” Betty smiled and tried to maintain inner peace.

“What kind of garbage restaurant is it? I bought a watch last year. Is it a primitive man?” Listening to the man’s words, Chen Ze calmly cut the chicken open.

“Sir, if you squirt manure again, I will have to ask you to get out.” Chen Ze said, he really couldn’t bear it.

“Eh, what’s your attitude, I want to complain to you, you are raised by xx, ***!” The man became even more arrogant, his saliva almost sprayed on Chen Ze’s face.

Chen Ze looked at the phone and found that there is indeed no signal. It is fine if there is no signal.

“What’s the look in your eyes? You are like my old fart who pretends to be paralyzed. Are you believing or not I will smoke you too?” The man yelled again, but Chen Ze was stunned by his words.

“You…” Chen Ze was about to throw this person out with the magic array, and saw Laura walking down from the second floor.

“My dear, let me come.” Laura gave Chen Ze a smile, and then stared at the man who was still insulting with a cold face.

“Yo? You little girl has a long skin…” The man noticed Laura coming down from the second floor.

But at the next moment, he stopped, and he looked at Laura blankly.

“Tsk, what a scum.” Laura shook the head. She just read the man’s memory and saw some not-so-good pictures.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze frowns looked at Laura.

“This person has an old father who is paralyzed in bed. He is unwilling to take care of him. Then he beats his father with his shoes and keeps scolding.” Laura briefly said the content.

Chen Ze looked at the man in silence. Although he would occasionally hear such news, he encountered one next to him. That was another matter.

Although it is true that there is a saying that there is no filial son in bed for a long time, Chen Ze still feels that this approach is despised.

“Laura, is there any curse and so on?” Chen Ze frowns looked at the man in front of him, oh no, looked at this beast.

“Yes, but it may be weakened by their world.” Laura nodded, a little regretful.

The world is very repulsive to the power of the other world, and with her strength, it is impossible to ignore the law.

Chen Ze was a little melancholy, did he just watch this beast go out without incident?

“Then, if you modify the memory, will it be weakened?” Chen Ze is a little curious. If the curse is continuous, then it should be better to modify the one-time thing like memory.

“I’m not quite clear either, but you can try.” Laura hesitated for a while, but still nodded.

“By the way, Laura, I have another daring attempt…” Chen Ze smiled and took Laura aside, and then talked about his thoughts.

Laura nodded with a smile, then raised his hand and started casting…

“I…Where am I…” The man pressed his head and got up in pain.

He remembers that he was still in the Courtyard before… What was he doing? By the way, take care of your father!

“Father! Father!” The man rushed into the hospital and found the paralyzed father.

Father looked at him in horror, and moved his body hard, but not at all, he took care of him.

When I got home in the evening, the man was hugging his wife to do some exercise after dinner, and suddenly he noticed a tingling pain below…

“What will be the impact of cutting his soul here?”

“Probably it hurts when you stand up?”

“how long?”

“Ten years, but it may be cut to 5 years.”

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