My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 362

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Chen Ze touched his chin, and it will be the Dragon Boat Festival in a while, a new festival, and it is still a festival to eat Zongzi.

“Manager, it seems there are no more guests.” Betty yawned. Since the rude guest left, no other guests have come in.

“Wait a little longer, the door can be closed before there are no guests at 8 o’clock in the evening.” Chen Ze glanced at his phone, time was passing by.

Then Chen Ze continued to read the recipes, this is his hobby, or the hobby that he only had after inheriting the restaurant.

After all, as a Chef, you have to make Cuisine anyway, and if you want to further improve your cooking skills, there are a total of 2 ways.

The first one is to strive for perfection, to achieve the ultimate in a Cuisine, the grasp of the ingredients and the taste is the ultimate, that is the ultimate.

The representative of this aspect is naturally a group of so-and-so cuisine masters, or the god of sushi and so on in the second.

Second is naturally to learn from others’ strengths, learn the cuisine of overwhelming majority, and then obtain the essence among them, so as to improve their cooking skills and achieve Full Mastery.

The overwhelming majority Chef chose this path, including Liu Maoxing or Yukihira Soma.

After all, Chen Ze opened a restaurant. It is still more difficult to achieve the ultimate in a Cuisine. After all, Impossible only provides one dish to the guests.

So Chen Ze chose the second path. For this reason, Chen Ze needs to study more cuisine.

“Tsk tsk, Russian deserves to be Russian, the dumplings will be broken by them.” Chen Ze watched the news and couldn’t help hooking the head.

Dumplings are recognized by most people, and even in Japan, Russia, or the United States, there are dumpling hobbyists.

But when it comes to the operation of eating dumplings, Chinese has to say a word of service to Russians.

From the very beginning of roasting dumplings, Russian dumplings have taken a strange route.

Meat dumplings have a lot of meat, which can be said to be a boon for people who eat meat stars, but Russians also have strawberry dumplings…

The ghost knows how the two things, strawberries and dumplings, match together. Chen Ze finds it strange even thinking about it.

And strawberry dumplings also contain the Russian characteristics, that is, it is sweet and makes people want to die in one bite.

“My dear, what are you looking at?” Laura leaned her head curiously and looked at the phone in Chen Ze’s hand.

“Dark Cuisine… right?” Chen Ze hesitated for a while. Although strawberry dumplings may seem normal in Russian, Chen Ze really accepts it.

Strawberry dumplings are simply a heresy in the dumpling world, and Chen Ze will never admit that they are dumplings.

“?!!!” Betty sat down abruptly, she felt her sleepiness disappeared in an instant, and then she immediately began to work hard.

Thinking of Chen Ze’s book and the dark Cuisine that Chen Ze just said, Betty felt like he was going to die.

Chen Ze glanced at Betty strangely, what happened to this guy, suddenly so diligent.

“Has Naruto come recently?” Laura sat aside and read the book, but the book she read was quite unique.

“Well…have been here for a while, but he’s fine.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, but Chen Ze is still very confident about the safety of Naruto’s life.

Naruto is Jinchuriki, and Konoha is currently the most suitable Jinchuriki to seal the 9 tails. Unless Naruto rebels against the village, Sandaime will protect Naruto.

Even more how, and the Teacher Laura is here, Sandaime is a generation of Ninjao, how can you not see the influence of magic on the Ninja world?

“That’s fine, it is important to lay a solid foundation, and although a genius is a genius, but can’t grow up, then it is not a genius.” Laura opened the “Dictionary” on the next page and continued to watch with keen interest pleasure .

“Laura, why do you want to read this?” Chen Ze was a little speechless, he didn’t quite understand why there are so many books, and Laura just wanted to read the thick terrifying Dictionary.

“Because I’m learning your language here.” Laura gave Chen Ze a white look, and then continued to look down at the Dictionary in her hand intently.

Chen Ze shivered, thinking that he might not be able to say Laura in the future, Chen Ze felt that he might be a fake Chinese.

“Re-study what Yukihira Soma taught me.” Chen Ze shook the head, forcing himself to divert his attention.

At the same time, Chen Ze was thinking about what Fremiya gave him the fish roe that should be used, although it feels that it is a good choice to eat it directly.

“It’s better to be a Simmer-fried Fish Roe, try a little water first.” Chen Ze took out the bottle, scooped a tenth of the roe with a spoon, and was a little worried.

After all, this fish roe is too small, how big can a ping pong ball be?

Chen Ze hesitated for a while, then divided one out with a spoon, threw it into his mouth and tasted it.

One bite, there is a burst of “bom”, followed by the taste of fish roe, but it is more delicious, and there is a feeling of broth.

“But one is still too small, just try to make Sushi.” Chen Ze took out the rice.

The method of making sushi is relatively simple. Take the steamed rice out of a bowl, then pour in the special sushi vinegar, and stir evenly with chopsticks.

Then use a special mold to make the rice into a small cylindrical shape, then wrap a circle of seaweed on the outside, smear a little mustard on the top of the rice, and finally put a little fish roe to complete it.

Chen Ze waited for a while, but still did not receive the system’s experience prompt. It seems that Sushi not at all is considered as a Cuisine that can provide experience.

Chen Ze picked up a Sushi, put it in his mouth, and bit it down.

First, the taste of seaweed, then the taste of rice, and then the special taste of spiciness and fish roe.

Chen Ze was stunned. The taste of this fish roe was more delicious than he imagined, just like eating the sea, the taste of seafood assaults the senses.

“Um… it tastes great, dear cooking is getting better and better.” Laura closed her eyes contentedly.

“Huh?” Chen Ze was stunned, why didn’t he feel that Laura was coming.

“Sorry~ Seeing how delicious your food is, my dear, I took a piece of Unable to Bear.” Laura folded her hands together and stuck out her tongue cutely.

Chen Ze covered his heart silently, God, is this too cute?

Laura looked at Chen Ze’s appearance, and was satisfied with her work hard, cute and great Accomplishment!

It seems that Betty is a good spy, whether it’s cuteness or something, what are you going to say at this time?

“Oh Kawaii Kodo~”

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