My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 363

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With the black line on Chen Ze, he even felt that there was a problem with the way he opened the door today?

“Oh Kawai Kodo.” Chen Ze, as a person who often mixes with small broken stations, must know this. After all, Huiye Eldest Miss wants me to confess this show, which can be described as a hit Hegemony Fan.

Among them, Chen Ze is also quite familiar with this Japanese, which is often found in the fantasy of Bai Yin Yuxing.

“Betty taught you?” Chen Ze glanced at Betty. This stupid Succubus was humming a song while wiping the table.

“Huh? My dear is so smart~” Laura made a cute face.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, needless to say, this grimace is probably taught to Laura by Betty, but Laura makes a grimace, which is also very cute.

“Laura, you come and try my steamed bun.” Chen Ze laughed, then took out the steamed Goubuli Steamed Bun and handed it to Laura.

“Ok… it’s delicious!” Laura took it, took a bite, and exclaimed.

Chen Ze looked at Laura laughed, and then lowered his head to continue to study his cooking skills. He wanted to reproduce the Magical Mapo Tofu of Perfect level made last time.

Then Chen Ze delved into it until 8 o’clock, and there were no guests coming in, even Hastur and Nyarlathotep did not come, which made Chen Ze a little strange.

“Manager~I’ll go back~” Betty’s tail flutters like an electric fan, and Betty is very excited every time she leaves work.

“Okay.” Chen Ze nodded, feeling a little depressed.

“Hey, Manager, Laura-sama went back only because of something.” Betty looked at Chen Ze and couldn’t help but say.

Chen Ze waved his hand. This can be regarded as digging a hole and burying himself. Chen Ze didn’t really think that when he was thinking about whether to try to hit 3 base tonight, Laura unexpectedly went back because something happened. Up.

“It’s not your Hope City yet. That one’s Hope City now makes many races have opinions.” Laura looked at Chen Ze with false eyes, with an unhappy face.

Just now, her Philosopher’s Stone was bright, and this Philosopher’s Stone was bright only because of Hope City.

In this way, Chen Ze sent Laura and Betty away and stayed in the restaurant alone.

“Oh, let’s get off work, put on a lock by the way, and go out to have some barbecue later.” Chen Ze stretched, always doing something to divert attention when in a bad mood.

And what Chen Ze likes most is eating, especially when watching movies or novels, what to eat to make him more happy.

Chen Ze extend the hand, ready to hang the lock. But next moment, the door was pushed open.

“Ha, a living person? Where is this place?” A robust man walked in from the door, his arm muscles are like Chen Ze’s legs, and he is wearing a strange armor.

“Um…Hello guests, welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, do you need anything?” Although he hesitated for a while, Chen Ze quickly decided to continue serving guests.

“Restaurant? Is it a place like a cat’s kitchen?” Chen Ze raised his brows and didn’t see that this big brother is still a cat lover.

Chen Ze knows that places like cat cat cafes have recently become popular in cities, and they are known for publicly sucking cats, giving people who want to raise cats but cannot raise them for various reasons have a spiritual home.

Chen Ze just didn’t expect this robust man, who seemed to be able to make him kneel on the ground begging him not to die with a punch. He was also a crowd of cats.

“Sorry, sir, our restaurant is an ordinary restaurant, there are no cats.” Chen Ze shook the head, this customer would not care even if Chen Ze left, after all, he planned to go out to eat.

“Ordinary restaurant…Alright, give me some meat, I just want to eat meat, the purer the meat, the better!” Robust man walked in, found a chair and sat down.

But at the next moment, Chen Ze noticed a problem that had been ignored before, that is, the clothes and the big sword on the back, why are they so familiar?

However, Chen Ze walked into the kitchen first, suppressed his doubts, and poured a glass of lemonade for the robust man, and then began to prepare the cuisine requested by the robust man.

“Make a sauce beef, anyway, there are so many Beer Beef.” Chen Ze opened the refrigerator and took a look, and took out the Beer Beef inside.

The sauced beef Chen Ze has experience in making, so this time Chen Ze was prepared very quickly, and then served out.

“Guest, and Thunderbolt Ale, would you like to have a drink?” Chen Ze glanced at the big sword on his back.

Really familiar…

“Ha ha ha ha! There is wine? That’s very good. Bring me a big glass!” Robust man laughed, his voice very loud.

“Okay.” Chen Ze returned to the kitchen and poured a cup of Ale for the robust man, then brought it out.

“Thank you! Although the cuisine you have here does not have the magical effect of cat rice, I am still very satisfied!” Robust man is gnawing beef, one bite is a big bite.

Cat rice…

“Well, I take the liberty to ask, are you a hunter?” Chen Ze hesitated for a while before asking.

“Eh? Don’t you know that I am a hunter?” Robust man patted his armor with a strange look.

“I didn’t recognize it at first.” After hearing the other party’s question, Chen Ze could finally confirm that this product came from monster hunter world.

And look at his great sword, it should be the electric dragon great sword, then the opponent should be a hunter from the monster hunter x series or xx series.

Monster Hunter, known as monster torture by most of the new and handicapped parties, is a very popular console game. Although there are works like Monster Hunter ol, there are also masterpieces like Monster Hunter World.

But I have to say that this is a very good work, whether it is from the ecology inside, to the setting of the monster, to the more realistic combat operations, it is remarkable.

And Chen Ze still remembers his first impression of the monster hunter, or 2G, and then started playing xx, the electric dragon set is a good-looking armor.

But what attracts Chen Ze most now is the cat rice inside and the magical ingredients.

According to Chen Ze, the monster hunter’s cat meal is actually a kind of cuisine, but the cat meal often has some special attributes attached.

For example, increasing the maximum value of life and endurance can also increase the attribute resistance, and add some attributes suitable for hunting.

Originally, Chen Ze never thought about this, but now that there is a monster hunter standing in front of him, then the cat meal is not out of reach…

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