My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 364

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Greenwich looked at Chen Ze with a weird look. The expression of the manager just now almost made him pull out the big sword for a three-stage slash.

“…What’s wrong?” Greenwich asked cautiously. He heard that under the pressure of those monsters, some men often become more unique.

“Ah, guest, it’s okay, please use it slowly.” Chen Ze shook the head, and then returned to his kitchen. He had to wait for the guest to finish eating before trying to get cat rice.

Of course, if Chen Ze were to know what Greenwich was thinking about just now, Chen Ze would definitely not have such a good temper.

But Chen Ze didn’t know, so he can still get along with each other now.

The hunter’s appetite was obviously a bit exaggerated. Chen Ze sat in the kitchen for a while, and Greenwich ate up the sauced beef and ordered 2 more portions.

“Haha, don’t say anything else, shopkeeper, your meat here is really delicious!” Greenwich picked up the Ale cup, drank half of it in one sip, and wiped the foam beside his mouth comfortably.

“This is the characteristic of our store, and I also like to continue working hard on the road of Chef.” Chen Ze did not change his expression and set himself up a studious personality.

“It’s strange that you don’t want to be a hunter, but this is normal. Hunters need innate talent!” Greenwich drank another drink and ate a piece of Beer Beef by the way.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, innate talent? Chen Ze feels that he has an innate talent for playing games. After all, he can defeat Yan Mantis of xx and unblock other monsters.

However, Chen Ze looked at the opponent’s body and understood that this is not a game world, so becoming a hunter may really require additional innate talent.

In the end, Greenwich ate 4 kg of Chen Ze beef and drank 5 cups of Thunderbolt Ale, which was satisfied.

“Manager, check out, how many points?” Greenwich stroked his stomach with satisfaction.

Although the Cuisine in this restaurant does not have any special effects, the taste is indeed very good, which makes him very satisfied who usually eats barbecue.

“Sorry sir, this shop does not support payment in local currency. You can use ingredients or knowledge to pay.” Chen Ze smiled and looked at Greenwich. It depends on whether you can get cat rice.

If the other party doesn’t approve it, or never come again next time, Chen Ze is not sure if he can get the kind of cat meal with special effects.

“En? Doesn’t support points…but I didn’t bring the ingredients and so on…” Greenwich was a bit worried. I thought this restaurant is like a cat restaurant, and you can use Longliyuan points. Coming.

“It’s okay if you have a cat meal recipe if you are a guest.” Chen Ze revealed his true purpose.

“Cat rice? I don’t know how to make that thing. I need to ask Cat Chef, but I can give you this, and I take it with me.” Greenwich shook the head, and took out a bottle of green from my arms Liquid.

“This is the recovery medicine G, which can help you recover from a serious injury.” Greenwich put the recovery medicine G on the table.

Chen Ze is a bit entangled. To be honest, in the monster hunter world, there are only ingredients and cat rice, which are more attractive to the current Chen Ze, but the reply medicine Gand so on, Chen Ze really does not need it.

After all, there is Laura, Chen Ze can recover from his injury at any time, even more how even if it is a serious illness, Chen Ze also has scp-500 to use, so it is really not necessary.

“Well, guest, I am a Chef. I really don’t need these things. If you want, can you bring me a cat Chef next time? I want to learn the recipe.” Chen Ze still shook his head and refused. The allure of this thing is really not great.

“Cat Chef? You can try it, but I don’t have much confidence to bring it over. Longliyuan still attaches great importance to it.” Greenwich hesitated.

“In exchange, I can tell you some information about monsters.” Chen Ze threw out Wang Bo.

“Intelligence? Do you have information about monsters?” Greenwich stood up fiercely. Intelligence is very important. Knowing information about monsters in advance can help many hunters get injured.

“Most of them are still there.” Chen Ze nodded, in order to promote monster hunters, Chen Ze checked a lot of information.

“So…” Greenwich paced, then raised his head.

“Then do you know a legendary monster, we call it the black eclipse dragon, it is said that…” Greenwich asked the question.

“Black Eclipse Dragon, ancient dragon species, but you can use traps, and the most important thing about this thing is its scales, which will make other monsters fight each other and prevent the hunter’s self-healing ability.” Chen Ze was happy, Black Eclipse Dragon , Chen Ze must know.

After all, it is the cover monster of the 4th generation, and it is still very important.

“…The weakness is the Fire Attribute, the head is the weakness, poison and paralysis can work.” Chen Ze briefly explained his information about the Black Erosion Dragon, which Greenwich recorded very seriously.

“Ok…thank you, if this information is true, then I have the confidence to bring a cat Chef and ingredients to come to you.” Greenwich put out a long breath, if not for the person in front of me , He really didn’t know that the Black Erosion Dragon would turn into another each and everyone body.

After leaving Greenwich, Chen Ze closed the door and locked it.

“Really, I want to play Monster Hunter again inexplicably.” Chen Ze yawned and walked up to the second floor.

After a simple hunt for a round or two, Chen Ze chose to turn off the lights to sleep. After all, tomorrow is a new day, and the most important thing is that tomorrow may be busy.

“I remember… Yukihira Soma is about to end his stay, and Conan will probably come to my restaurant too.” Chen Ze was lying on the bed, feeling that he could still smell the scent of Laura.

“Go to sleep, go to sleep, tomorrow is very busy…” Chen Ze slowly fell asleep.

In the morning of 2nd day, Chen Ze woke up very early. He turned on his phone and found that it was 6 in the morning.

After a simple wash, Chen Ze went down to open the door and lock it, and at the same time returned to the kitchen to start some preparations.

“Yo, I got up very early today.” Yukihira Soma yawned and opened the door, looking a little tired.

“Of course, don’t all restaurants have to get up early to make preparations.” Chen Ze laughed at Yukihira Soma and improved his cooking skills.

Then Chen Ze started to make Unadon under the guidance of Yukihira Soma, and at the same time worked hard to correct his mistakes.

“Your sword skills are very advanced.” Yukihira Soma sat aside and took a bite of the Goubuli Steamed Bun that Chen Ze brought over.

“Hey, it tastes really good!”

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