My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 366

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“Manager, what did you do?” Betty cry out in surprise, which made Chen Ze, who was studying cooking, react.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze walked out strangely. Isn’t there just a guest in the restaurant? It’s the detective Shinichi Kudo.

But at the next moment, Chen Ze saw it, and Conan was lying on the ground in pain, clutching his chest.

“What’s the matter with you?” Chen Ze hurried over and helped Conan up.

But then, Chen Ze saw that Conan’s body began to grow longer and heavier, his hands stretched continuously, and his stature became taller.

In this way, Conan became Shinichi Kudo again under the watchful eyes of Chen Ze and Betty.

It’s just a bit embarrassing that the clothes when I was a child were obviously too small, so that Shinichi Kudo, who became bigger, burst his clothes.

“Betty, go to the 2nd floor and get my set of clothes.” Chen Ze was a little speechless, why can’t you use the Hulk underwear brand clothes, how big it will not be bad.

After a while, Betty took off a set of Chen Ze’s clothes, and then Chen Ze covered Shinichi Kudo’s body. As for how to wear it, Shinichi Kudo woke up.

“Manager, what’s going on?” Betty looked at Shinichi Kudo and then Chen Ze.

“It’s okay, it’s just a bit of excitement after eating.” Chen Ze didn’t know how to explain it.

“Huh? Is this?” Betty was stunned, but thinking of all kinds of strange guests, he accepted the explanation.

“I am…” Shinichi Kudo sat up, holding his head in pain, he remembered that he was eating in that strange restaurant just now.

“I took a sip of something like Moo Milk… and then I…” People wake up from a coma, and it takes a while to think about what happened before.

“By the way! I remember it!” Shinichi Kudo sat up abruptly. The drink just now definitely has a problem!

“Sir, please put on your clothes first.” Betty was a little speechless, but still reminded Shinichi Kudo.

“Sir? Clothes?” Kudo looked at his body and instantly realized what had happened.

“I… I changed back?” Shinichi Kudo looked surprised, he actually changed back to Shinichi Kudo.

“This guest, this time may be limited.” Chen Ze walked out of the kitchen, and he just thought of the effect of the reversal.

Obviously, the reversal reversed the shrinking effect on Conan’s body and successfully turned him back into Shinichi Kudo.

“It’s you? Was it this drink?” Shinichi Kudo’s reaction was really fast.

“Well, but generally you can only wait for about 3 days, so do what you want to do as soon as possible.” Chen Ze nodded, smart people, do not need to explain back and forth.

“Then I have another glass when the time comes…” Kudo thought of a solution.

“No, this thing is difficult to do.” Chen Ze shook the head, he really couldn’t control the probability of this kind of thing.

“Is that so…” Kudo was a little disappointed, but it would be nice to be able to change it back for 3 days.

“Then I’ll leave. I have a lot to do.” Kudo stood up. Although Chen Ze’s Cuisine tastes good, he has more important things.

“What’s the hurry, are you planning to have a hard day at the worst, trying to let your parents be grandfather grandma as soon as possible.” Chen Ze looked at Kudo playfully.

“You…I don’t have this plan.” Kudo’s face blushed instantly.

But he still picked up the Goubuli Steamed Bun and took a bite.

Then Kudo sat here, patiently finished Goubuli Steamed Bun, and finished Falooda.

“What are you going to use to checkout this time?” Chen Ze smiled happily.

“Let’s do this.” Kudo touched the clothes, but immediately realized that his original clothes were not here.

Then Kudo took a pair of glasses out of his little clothes and handed it to Chen Ze.

“This is?” Chen Ze is a bit strange. Although Conan’s black technology glasses are also good, Chen Ze doesn’t need it.

“I asked the Professor to make it specifically for you. Wearing these glasses can let you see how to cut each vegetable more evenly.” Kudo looked serious.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, he is not obsessive-compulsive, and he feels uncomfortable if he is not tidy.

“Okay, then I will take it, and welcome to come again next time.” Chen Ze put his glasses into his pocket with a black line on his face.

After sending Shinichi Kudo away, Chen Ze suddenly realized that he was a little bit at a loss. How should I check out that suit?

“Feeling blood loss.” Chen Ze shook his head, and threw out these ideas of impossible to make head or tail of.

Chen Ze took out his mobile phone and took a look. It was the website of the Food Forum, but someone privately wrote Chen Ze.

[Rilakkuma is not easy: Hello shop, I am a food anchor, I am doing a 100 yuan takeaway series, if you need, I will give you 3000 yuan, I can help you promote your restaurant, but I have 30 to 10000 fans . 】

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, how come there are all kinds of customers now, and there is someone who wants to charge him to eat.

Chen Ze simply answered that he didn’t need it, and put the phone aside, he still has to continue to study his own cooking skills.

Even more how a variety of gourmet up masters, Chen Ze has also seen a lot, I have to say that he can still enrich his spiritual life.

“How about being a Shaoxing Wine Chicken…” Chen Ze almost took the word out.

“I’m drunk too, why is it so difficult to talk now.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, and then began to check the recipe.

But Chen Ze gave up soon. This is not to say that Chen Ze couldn’t make it. After all, the production method of Shaoxing Wine Chicken is not particularly difficult.

It’s just that Chen Ze found a problem, that is, he did not at all prepare Huadiao Wine, after all, the name Shaoxing Wine Chicken is derived from Huadiao Wine.

But Chen Ze suddenly remembered that he still has three other wines, not to mention Thunderbolt Ale. Whether it is Elizabeth given to him by Laura or Wine of Anguish given to him by Mephisto, they are all rare wines.

Finally Chen Ze decided to try Elizabeth first, after all, Wine of Anguish is already completely alcohol.

The production method of Shaoxing Wine Chicken is not complicated. Chen Ze only needs to follow the recipe and replace the Huadiao wine with Elizabeth.

Chen Ze kept simmering the chicken, 8 times back and forth, and then turned off the fire. According to the recipe, only the Shaoxing Wine Chicken made in this way is authentic.

[You have made a good Shaoxing Wine Chicken (revised), and the Chinese Cuisine experience has increased by 10 points]

Chen Ze was satisfied and laughed. It was very good. His own trial was successful. Elizabeth also paired well with chicken, but I don’t know how it tasted.

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