My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 367

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Chen Ze originally planned to eat it by himself, but he thought about Elizabeth’s exaggerated amount of intoxication. Once 10000 was drunk, then today is over. He must have blood loss, so Chen Ze still did not choose to eat.

“Neither is Betty…” Chen Ze is a little worried. Betty is a waiter. If he is drunk, Chen Ze will have to be a part-time waiter.

Chen Ze touched his head. He really didn’t expect that after this Shaoxing Wine Chicken (modified) was made, he would face a tragic situation where no one would try it.

“Ah, God, give me a guest.” Chen Ze begged silently. Now I can only hope that a guest will come quickly, and he is still a guest who likes to drink.

In other words, Yan Chixia who came yesterday is very suitable, but Senior Yan doesn’t seem to come often. What he said…

“Manager, the old man is here for dinner.” Suddenly a nice voice came from the door, and when Chen Ze heard this name, he immediately understood who the visitor was.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant ~ Mr. Drakan.” Betty greeted him immediately and smiled at the approaching Drakan.

“Yo, Dragan, long time no see, are you alone today?” Chen Ze also came out and said hello, but not at all saw Sebastian and Rissel.

“Yes, the old man came here today. Sebastian was dealing with a group of brave men who hit his lair recently. Rissel went to help.” Drakan sat down calmly, took the lemonade that Betty gave him and drank it. Take a bite.

“Aren’t you going?” Chen Ze was a little strange, but he remembered that these three dragons were friends.

“If you don’t go, just a bunch of guys who are dazzled by benefits, Sebastian and Rissel are enough.” Drakan’s eyes are very beautiful, and his elf incarnation looks like an elf queen.

If it weren’t for Chen Ze understood Drakan’s gender, he would probably doubt life. After all, Drakan is really feminine.

“Well, what do you want to eat today, Drakan?” Chen Ze looked at Drakan looking forwardly. This is the customer who can help him solve Shaoxing Wine Chicken (change).

“Let’s have a package of Mr. Manager’s special recommendation today.” Drakan smiled and jumped into the pit.

Then Chen Ze went in immediately, made another Chili Chicken, and put Shaoxing Wine Chicken (modified) on the plate with a bowl of rice.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, then stood expectantly in the kitchen, silently watching Drakan who was preparing to eat.

“Mr. Manager’s cooking is really getting better and better.” Drakan sniffed with emotion, and there was a good smell in the air.

Then Drakan picked up the chopsticks, ate Chili Chicken first, nodded very satisfied, and then reached for Shaoxing Wine Chicken.

As soon as Shaoxing Wine Chicken entered, Drakan was stunned. This is definitely not because it is poisonous and so on, but because he has never eaten a unique Cuisine.

The chicken stew is very soft, but it does not make people feel bad, on the contrary, it tastes quite good, and you can feel a smell of aroma when you eat it.

And Drakan always feels that this Shaoxing Wine Chicken has a very unique flavor, which brings it up a level to the taste of the entire Shaoxing Wine Chicken.

Then, Drakan quickly finished a bowl of Shaoxing Wine Chicken, then ate the Chili Chicken with regret, and finally put down his chopsticks.

“How does it taste?” Chen Ze came out, Drakan’s complexion was normal, there was no flushing, and there was no sign of drunkenness.

“Very good, Manager, your Shaoxing Wine Chicken is very delicious, but it always feels a light wine taste inside, but it is not strong, and it is not drunk even after eating.” Drakan nodded, and took it from his arms Two Moonlight Mushrooms came out and placed them on the table.

“Manager, this is the old man’s meal expenses.” Drakan licked his lips, he was still reminiscing the taste of Shaoxing Wine Chicken.

“Okay, welcome to come again next time.” Chen Ze is also very happy. It seems that Shaoxing Wine Chicken (change) is still very successful and does not make people drunk.

“Sorry, Manager, the old lady needs to buy something else. Sebastian and Rissel ask the old lady to help them buy some food.” Drakan shook the head with a smile.

“Oh? Okay, I don’t know what they want to eat?” Chen Ze was a little curious. This is probably the first customer to order takeaway at his restaurant.

“It’s this that makes the old man a little bit confused.” Drakan was a little embarrassed.

“Rissel wants the Hotpot he eats, but Sebastian thinks that Hotpot is boring. He wants to eat something delicious, and it has to be a lot of meat.” Drakan looked at Chen Ze. He didn’t know whether Chen Ze could take this Cuisine. After all, the description is a bit general.

“This…no problem, it’s estimated that it will take a while.” Chen Ze nodded, little thing.

Not to mention Chili Chicken can meet this requirement, even more how Chen Ze has a better recommendation Cuisine, that is the legendary interpersonal Divine Item-Crayfish.

Chen Ze opened the refrigerator. Before going to the supermarket Chen Ze bought a lot of Crayfish. Of course, the main reason is that the price of Crayfish is relatively cheap, which may be affected by the impact of water.

So Chen Ze bought a lot of Crayfish, originally he planned to eat it himself, after all, the taste of Crayfish is really good.

But now, with Sebastian and Rissel’s takeaway requirements, Chen Ze doesn’t mind making a Hot & Spicy Crayfish, so that these two dragons will be well relieved.

“Manager, are you making Crayfish?” Betty leaned in, with a look of’I’m curious’.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Chen Ze glanced at Betty, but immediately realized that this guy is a guy who often goes online.

“I saw it on the Internet, but Manager, why would Crayfish call it a social Divine Item?” Betty’s curiosity was really strong.

“You know the phone,” Chen Ze asked Betty.

“Yeah, I know, it is said that people nowadays can’t live without mobile phones.” Betty immediately nodded.

“Eating Crayfish needs to be peeled, and it’s very oily, so you don’t have to look at your phone, and then you can only chat and so on with your friends, so this is the reason why it is called the social Divine Item.” Chen Ze explained It’s fast, but when he eats alone, he still likes to watch his mobile phone.

“No wonder.” Betty nodded, standing at the door expectantly.

“Fine, I’ll make a few more and give you a taste.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, is this Succubus or a pig?

How can you eat it so much?

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