My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 368

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Hot & Spicy Crayfish is not complicated. It is a common snack in the night market, so Chen Ze is also very fast to make, and a portion will be made in a short while.

[You made a relatively good Hot & Spicy Crayfish, and the home cooking experience has increased by 5 points]

The system gave an evaluation. Chen Ze is quite satisfied. Let’s not say that this Hot & Spicy Crayfish Chen Ze is the first time to do it, and Chen Ze has just noticed that the seasoning of this Hot & Spicy Crayfish has not been put properly. It is also a failure.

Chen Ze prepared Drakan’s copy, put it aside, and asked Betty to come over and take it out and bring it to Drakan.

Then he put aside more than a dozen Crayfish, which he prepared for himself and Betty. After all, he had to taste it and make changes.

“Manager, this is the meal that Rissel and Sebastian prepared for you.” Drakan took out a bag of Gold Coin and handed it to Chen Ze, along with a very large gem.

“Ah… next time you should try to pay with the ingredients.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, these Gold Coins and gems are really useless.

In addition to buying ingredients with Eliza, Chen Ze estimates that once his Hearthstone foreign world promotion plan is launched, it can bring him quite generous returns, although it will take a while to ferment.

“Okay, I will talk to Rissel and Sebastian when I go back.” Drakan nodded, and then went out with Hot & Spicy Crayfish.

Chen Ze sacked the bag. This Gold Coin bag is estimated to have more than 10000 Gold Coins. I have to say that giant dragons are really rich, especially the ancient dragons like Sebastian and Rissel.

Chen Ze walked into the kitchen and looked at the 5 Crayfish left on the plate, corner of the mouth twitched.

Then Chen Ze glanced at Betty who was washing the dishes diligently, and silently took out his small notebook, a little hesitant to write down this grudge.

After all, I kept more than a dozen Crayfish, but this one only kept 5 for myself? It’s always impossible to praise her, although Betty did leave him 5 of them, it’s better than eating them all.

Especially looking at the struggling marks on the plate, and the finger seal on the Crayfish carapace, Chen Ze can also see that Betty had stayed with the endurance.

Chen Ze put the books back, so little grudges, still don’t remember, direct revenge is better than relatively.

Then Chen Ze smiled and took out a Century Egg, a Chinese delicacy that many foreigners could not accept.

Although the taste of Century Egg is very good, whether it is the cold Century Egg or the Cuisine like Century Egg Lean Meat Congee, Chen Ze likes it very much, but some people cannot accept the unique taste of Century Egg.

Moreover, there are different opinions on the origin story of Century Egg. No one should try to convince anyone, but Chen Ze doesn’t care. In his opinion, it just needs to be delicious.

Chen Ze made a Century Egg Salad in a short while, only with some devil chili in the seasoning.

Although the system gave a hint, Chen Ze not at all went to see, he wanted Betty to try immediately.

“Betty, do you want to try this.” Chen Ze said calmly. He has experience now. If he smiles or is expressionless, Betty will probably refuse to eat.

“Huh? Okay.” Betty immediately nodded, then picked up a piece of Century Egg, dipped it in some seasoning, and ate it.

“Wu!” Betty’s eyes widened instantly, and Chen Ze showed a satisfied smile on his face.

“It’s delicious!” Betty quickly ate a few more slices in succession, and then left Chen Ze with 2 slices with an embarrassed expression.

Chen Ze hesitated, then glanced at the system hint just now.

[You made a relatively good Century Egg Salad, the home cooking experience has increased by 5 points]

Chen Ze was stunned, but Century Egg Salad was actually recognized? And still relatively good level? What magical operation is this?

Know that you just knocked the Century Egg shell, cut the Century Egg apart, and added some seasonings, and you were done.

Why is this also recognized as Cuisine by system?

The heart of the skewers is crying!

Chen Ze sighed, finished the last 2 slices of Century Egg Salad by himself, and then gave the plate to Betty.

“Oh, it’s the Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow. Let’s make some Zongzi poses today.” Chen Ze decided to change his mood.

Chen Ze took out the fresh zong leaves and boiled them in salt water for ten to five minutes, and then picked up the glutinous rice that was soaked last night. They had to use this to wrap Zongzi.

“White rice dumplings, ham rice dumplings again, it’s almost the same.” Chen Ze nodded, then wrapped the rice dumplings, tied them with cotton thread, and put them in the steamer.

“Manager, what are you doing?” Betty wiped her saliva and looked at Chen Ze expectantly.

“Zongzi, tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, so I want to eat Zongzi.” Chen Ze wrapped other Zongzi while answering Betty’s question.

The Dragon Boat Festival was to commemorate Qu Yuan, but later the meaning of commemorating Qu Yuan faded and became a fancy Zongzi, but some ancient festival requirements have been passed down.

For example, to match duck eggs, such as hanging wormwood and calamus, but the customs of each place may be different, but eating Zongzi is the same.

Chen Ze has fast hands and feet, thanks to the medicine Laura gave him, which provides finger sensitivity, which makes Chen Ze pack Zongzi a lot faster.

“That’s it. Tomorrow, I can give the guests a… um… a free Zongzi.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, anyway, there won’t be many visitors. Chen Ze did enough. .

“Manager, I’m here for dinner!” The voice of a primary school student came in along with the wind chimes.

Chen Ze froze for a moment. In his place, there are still a lot of young children, so Chen Ze didn’t remember which one it was.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, Nobita and Doraemon.” Betty greeted him immediately, and then said each other’s name skillfully.

Chen Ze was pleasantly surprised, but also very satisfied with Betty’s intentions. After all, being able to remember each guest’s name also requires refreshments.

“Nobita, why did you come to eat again? I said, this World will not be affected by the phone booth.” Doraemon pulled Nobita anxiously.

Chen Ze was stunned, what if the phone booth? Have you finally taken out this Divine Item?

But what Chen Ze is more curious about is what calls Nobita made, which changed the entire world.

“But this is a phone booth. Didn’t I ask for a world without money?” Nobita looked strange.

Then Chen Ze understood this timeline. This is obviously a world without money. Instead, money will be paid for buying things.

“What a dream world.” Chen Ze exclaimed.

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