My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 369

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“Nobita, Doraemon, long time no see, do you want something to eat?” Chen Ze walked out and looked at the two guests with a smile.

“Mr. Manager! Do I still need to pay for food now?” Nobita asked excitedly.

“Nobita! I told you that, Manager here will not be affected by the phone booth!” Doraemon dragged Nobita anxiously. Although he knew that Nobita was a Brat, he didn’t expect to come here to try.

“No money.” Chen Ze looked at Nobita with a smile, and the blue plate in a hurry.

“See, I said, if the phone booth is definitely ok!” Nobita looked at Doraemon triumphantly.

“Huh eh? No way!” Doraemon looked at Chen Ze strangely. He hadn’t really expected such an answer.

This restaurant, Doraemon, has a deep memory, especially those dorayaki that are delicious and easy to support.

It’s just that Doraemon suddenly found out that this restaurant could not be found on the time machine. He once tried to return to this restaurant from the time machine and bought a few more dorayakis, but found that no matter how many times he chose the time, the restaurant did not He did not appear, nor did he see himself on this timeline.

This restaurant seems to have disappeared from the entire timeline. For this reason, Doraemon has always had some doubts about this restaurant.

“But although you don’t need to use money, you have to pay for other things, such as ingredients, and other things.” Looking at the surprised blue fatty, Chen Ze smiled happily, and then added One sentence.

“Huh?” Nobita was stunned, he really didn’t expect if the phone booth would actually not work.

“Okay, what do you want to eat?” Chen Ze waved his hand and interrupted Nobita who was in a daze.

“Then… let’s have a curry rice!” Nobita made a decision quickly.

“Nobita! What do you use to pay for the meal?” Doraemon looked at Nobita angrily. He hated Nobita’s casual consent, and then came to beg for his behavior.

“Doraemon, I beg you~” Nobita looked at Doraemon pitifully.

“It’s really annoying, I knew you were always like this.” Doraemon looked at Nobita madly.

“Then I want a dorayaki.” Doraemon sighed, then sat down with a face of resignation.

“Okay, but before that, I want to give you something to eat.” Chen Ze clapped his hands and took out two steamed Zongzi from the kitchen.

“This is?” Nobita looked at Chen Ze with a strange look, he hadn’t seen this thing yet.

“This… seems to be China’s Zongzi?” Doraemon frowns thought for a while and came to a conclusion.

“Yes, tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance.” Chen Ze explained with a smile.

“Thank you!” Doraemon and Nobita smiled happily, and thanked Chen Ze.

Chen Ze nodded, then went back to the kitchen, he had to start making Nobita and Doraemon’s Cuisine.

“How to eat this thing, Doraemon?” Nobita looked at Doraemon, a face of doubt, he didn’t understand how to eat this thing.

“Um…I remember Zongzi…Zongzi was going to peel the zong leaves on the outside, and then eat the contents.” Doraemon scratched his head, then peeled Zongzi away and took out the ham dumplings inside.

“It’s white, it seems to be glutinous rice.” Nobita learned from Doraemon, peeled the zong leaves, and took a bite of the white Zongzi.

The taste of glutinous rice and the salty and fresh taste are very unique, which made Nobita unable to bear another bite.

“It’s delicious!” Nobita is very satisfied. The taste of Zongzi is very good, and there is a feeling of eating snacks.

“Yeah, it’s really delicious. It’s very good to have Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival.” Doraemon is also very delicious. The taste of Zongzi is very good.

“I heard from the Manager that this Zongzi still has a lot of flavor, what is egg yolk Zongzi, what is 5 kernel Zongzi…” Betty also interjected, but when talking about 5 kernel Zongzi, Betty trembled. This 5 kernel Zongzi always feels the taste Quite peculiar.

“So many weird Zongzi,” Nobita said, taking her last bite.

“I want to ask if there is any Zongzi with dorayaki filling.” Doraemon also looked fascinated, he also wanted to eat those magical Zongzi.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze stretched out, a curry rice, a dorayaki, not too big a challenge.

But unfortunately, what special effect is triggered by this dorayaki not at all is a relatively good dorayaki.

“Eh? Why don’t you feel full this time?” Doraemon patted his stomach in confusion. He remembered that the last time he ate dorayaki, one would be full, and then he couldn’t eat the others.

“This time it’s ordinary dorayaki. The kind of dorayaki that is full is still hard to make.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, brought out another dish of dorayaki, and gave it to Doraemon.

“Wow! I’m so happy!” Doraemon ate the dorayaki in his hands with a look of drunkenness.

Chen Ze smiled and didn’t say anything. Anyway, he has to check out later. The more Doraemon eats, the more help Chen Ze can get.

If Doraemon is willing, then Chen Ze thinks he might be able to try to get the double potion.

Chen Ze has been greedy for a long time for this God Rare Item product that will make things dropped exponentially.

Not to mention dripping on gold, Chen Ze even thought that if the doubling medicine was dripped on Earth, would the soil continue to double, or the Earth would double?

What if Chen Ze drops to his restaurant? So will there be 2 more Unusual Dream Restaurants on Earth?

Chen Ze is very curious, very curious.

“Manager uncle’s Cuisine is really delicious, even better than mother’s.” Nobita rubbed his stomach. The taste of this Cuisine is really great.

Chen Ze didn’t speak. After all, this is an excellent Cuisine he has worked so hard to make. If he can’t compare to an ordinary housewife, Chen Ze feels that he should close the door as soon as possible than relatively better.

“Then what do you want?” Doraemon looked at Chen Ze.

“This… I think about it…” Chen Ze hesitated for a while.

There are a lot of props in Doraemon, Chen Ze himself doesn’t remember how many there are, but there are also some things that can destroy the world.

So this makes Chen Ze very painful, what should be better, after all, if phone booths and time machines are things, Chen Ze wants them all.

“That… can I have all of it?”

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