My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 370

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“Ah, really didn’t expect Doraemon to be so stingy.” Chen Ze curled his mouth. What he said just now, Doraemon is unwilling to give him the phone booth, after all, this kind of thing that can easily change the world, to an adult , He is still very worried.

“You’re not Nobita. I’m by Nobita’s side. I can help him take a look, but you and I can’t be sure of your safety.” Doraemon directly rejected Chen Ze’s request, leaving Chen Ze very disappointed.

“But the final result is still good, after all, to be honest, I didn’t expect to get this thing.” Chen Ze looked at the scp-500 in his hand and laughed with satisfaction.

In the end, Chen Ze and Doraemon traded for a double potion, but the requirements were particularly high, and Doraemon had to drop it in person, and finally controlled the quantity himself.

When Doraemon saw the 10000 potion, his face was blank. He didn’t understand why Chen Ze wanted to double this medicine. He originally thought it would double himself some golden jewels and so on.

But even though Doraemon was puzzled, he dripped it, and was always ready to treat the pills with the Elimination Potion.

But the amazing thing is that doubling the potion only doubled the 10000 potions twice, that is, from one 2 potions to 10000 4 potions, and then they no longer take effect.

Looking at the puzzled Doraemon, Chen Ze still sent Doraemon and Nobita out together.

“Should it be the result of a regular collision?” Chen Ze looked at the bottle in his hand. There were three 3 energy medicines inside, which were doubled.

Chen Ze didn’t know if the medicine efficacy of the 10000 energy medicine was doubled, but in order to guard against the unexpected, Chen Ze put these medicine lists in the glass bottle alone, and the real 10000 energy medicine was put in In another bottle.

“Manager, Lindsey’s game seems to be almost done.” Betty stood bored in the dining room, washing the dishes and doing nothing.

“Okay, when the time comes ask her to send the game to me, I will help her upload it.” Chen Ze nodded, it seems Weird can also be officially sold out. Those players who save the time will post on the post bar to remind them to update.

“They play games really fast, obviously Lindsey has compressed a lot of branches.” Betty naturally paid attention to his friends’ games. So it is clear to my heart how many people are playing.

“It’s a player after all, it’s nothing strange.” Chen Ze waved his hand indifferently.

Players are a very strange group of creatures. First of all, some players can achieve “Krypton gold is as normal as breathing”, and treat money as dirt. For the role of the game, there are not a few 1000000 million kryptons.

For example, a certain anchor who accidentally saved Celia, in order to increase the rate, smashed the money for a luxury car.

There are also some players who have achieved the level of “996 is unbearable to work, and 007 liver activity is fascinating.” For them, liver games are the biggest motivation. No matter how boring games, no matter how the task of exploding the liver, it is only a matter of time. .

So Chen Ze has always felt that if the real world can be like a game and can see the results of his own efforts, will there be a lot of academic masters?

After all, when reading mathematics books and solving math problems, you can see signs of mathematics +1…+1 appear in front of your eyes, so you can definitely stimulate students’ motivation.

“Huh? But then, my system seems to be very similar?” Chen Ze was stunned. It was the experience bonus that he saw when he finished cooking the chef who supported him?

Although the guests also account for a lot of ingredients.

“Mr. Manager, what good food do you have today?” A very calm voice.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, professor, please sit down.” Betty’s voice also came in.

Chen Ze looked at it and saw James Mo Professor Moriarty sitting on the chair with a smile on his front.

“Professor Moriarty? Didn’t your companion come?” Chen Ze was a little curious. When the previous professor came, his right-hand assistant Moran was with him.

“Moran has something to deal with, is there any black tea?” Moriarty smiled kindly.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not there yet.” Chen Ze shook the head.

“Then give me a Light Cheesecake and a suitable drink.” Moriarty was not disappointed either, but made another request.

“Okay, but before that, happy Dragon Boat Festival.” Chen Ze smiled and took out a ham Zongzi and handed it to Moriarty.

“Duan…Dragon Boat Festival? Oriental festival, oh, I remember it was to commemorate a great patriotic poet.” Moriarty once again showed his erudition, then he peeled off the zong leaves and took a bite slowly .

Looking at Moriarty with a smile on his face, Chen Ze returned to the restaurant and started making Light Cheesecake.

Chen Ze, the first dessert he learned, has basically reached the level that he can make it with his eyes closed, so Chen Ze is not very worried about this problem.

What Chen Ze is struggling with is how to match Professor Moriarty with the right drink?

In Chen Ze’s impression, the best match for desserts like cakes is Moo Milk. One bite of the cake and one bite of Moo Milk, the cake softened by Moo Milk shows another unique taste.

But Chen Ze didn’t want to prepare Moo Milk for Moriarty. After all, this kind of match is too popular, and some people are lactose intolerant. Drinking Moo Milk will cause diarrhea instead.

“Drinks that are too sweet are not acceptable, after all, Light Cheesecake is already sweeter.” Chen Ze shook the head, excluding the drinks in his heart.

Chen Ze opened the refrigerator and looked at it. There were some fruits in it, from peaches to cherries, and then the black beauty watermelon.

“This cheating cherries, just use it to squeeze and make juice.” Chen Ze looked at this box of cherries, corner of the mouth twitched.

This cherry is probably the last fruit Chen Ze has bought, not one of them.

Chen Ze likes durian very much, but Chen Ze feels blood loss for this cherry.

This is not to say that the cherries taste bad. After all, as cherries, the cherries still taste good and have a lot of sweetness.

But the price is different. The price of a pound of cherries often makes other fruits blushed with shame, especially when cherries first started to burn, it is common for a kilogram to cost 100 yuan.

Until later Chen Ze discovered that cherries are actually cherries, but when they were introduced into China, they were renamed by foreigners and changed to cherries, which turned out to be regarded as high-end products.

“The grapes are black~the bananas are soft~” Chen Ze hummed, washing the cherries and throwing them into the juicer.

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