My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 371

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“Mr Moriarty, this is the dish you ordered.” Betty walked over with a smile, and put a Light Cheesecake and a glass of cherry juice on the table.

“Thank you, beautiful Young Lady.” Moriarty smiled and took it, then picked up the knife and fork and slowly ate the cake on the plate.

“Mr. Manager’s desserts are as good as ever.” Moriarty is very satisfied. The taste of this Light Cheesecake is much better than what he had eaten in London, plus the unique cherry juice, the flavor is even more attractive.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Chen Ze smiled nodded, and then returned to the kitchen. He planned to make a new Cuisine.

But before Chen Ze picked up the kitchen knife, he saw Betty walk in with a flattering expression.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze looked at Betty strangely. It seems that there is nothing to eat now. There are a few Goubuli Steamed Buns.

“Manager~” Betty’s tail swayed from side to side, Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched.

He remembers the last time Betty wagged his tail like this, or when he wanted to buy her a game console by himself, and now he started to wag his tail again. He didn’t know what happened again.

“What’s wrong.” Chen Ze looked at Betty expressionlessly.

“That’s it… I want to buy a drink, and then take it to my world, do you think it’s okay?” Betty folded his hands together and looked at Chen Ze imploringly.

“Drinks? Yes, there are delicious Cola and Sprite in the kitchen. I bought a lot. If you want, you can take it, but you have to exchange it with Gold Coin.” Chen Ze waved his hand indifferently. Something.

There are dozens of drinks in his restaurant, all for free for customers, and of course there are special flavors for Laura.

After all, Laura especially likes to drink the cherry-flavored Fat Nerd Merry Drink, which made Chen Ze a little confused.

After all, for Chen Ze, the cherry-flavored Fat Nerd Merry Drink is still unacceptable. In the end, it can only be attributed to the special taste of Vampire.

“It’s not that. I want to buy a little Laoshan Snake Flower 100 grass water and some coriander juice.” Betty’s tail wagging frequency increased, but Chen Ze was stunned.

“Huh?” Chen Ze buttoned his ear, deeply doubting if he had heard it wrong.

“How much hatred do you have with those customers?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched.

Laoshan White Flower Snake Grass Water, Chen Ze, the famous name of this thing, has naturally heard of it. It was once rated as the 1st place of China’s dark drinks, and it has caused many grandparents in the food area to post a lot of videos.

However, Chen Ze felt that he had to stand up and say a fair word for Laoshan White Flower Snake Grass Water. Originally, the White Flower Snake Grass Water was specially used for health preservation. It was a pure hard-core health drink. The medicinal smell of the grass came with it. .

It’s just because it was attributed to the beverage area, so subconsciously compared with Fat Nerd Merry Drink and Sprite, it turned out that it was super unpleasant.

But if Laoshan White Flower Snake Grass Water is still a drink that Chen Ze can understand and can be trusted, then Coriander Juice Chen Ze can’t really understand it.

As everyone knows, coriander is a relatively unique spice. Those who love can’t wait for its green silhouette in every dish, while those who hate it can’t tolerate any clues.

But even a person like Chen Ze with a relatively strong receptive ability is really unacceptable. After all, this behavior of directly using coriander to make a drink is really…

Chen Ze didn’t know what to say about his mood. He could only say that the moment he knew the drink, Chen Ze rejected it from the heart, although it may also be because Chen Ze is not the type who loves coriander.

“Hehe, I don’t want to try to win over those guests who live in City of Sky~” Betty scratched his head and stuck out his tongue.

“What kind of guests would like dark drinks? Why don’t you also add frog juice?” Chen Ze had a black line.

“Eh? Frog juice? What does it look like?” Betty became interested all at once.

“Frog juice, I remember it was a drink from a country. I threw a frog into a juicer, smashed it directly, and drank it completely.” Chen Ze thought for a while and gave a reply.

“Hey~” Betty shook the head, this is simply not a drink anymore, not so much a drink, not a dark cuisine.

“But I can’t help it. The guests of City of Sky don’t like the drinks we launched, saying that the taste is too popular. Artists like them only drink things that are really tasteful.” Betty looked frustrated. When she returned to the foreign world yesterday, she heard Eliza talk about it.

The smooth Hamburger fast food was rejected by the group when it was promoted to City of Sky. The reason for the resistance was because Hamburger was not artistic enough.

This time, Betty was a little confused about why Hamburger has something to do with art.

Until Eliza specifically contacted her with the communication magic crystal and explained the stakes.

“Betty, you have to know that City of Sky is now a city of art with all Positive Plane. If they give us a low evaluation, it will even affect sales in other countries!” Eliza said in anger, Betty was separated from the communication magic crystal. Feel it.

“Artists? What kind of artists are they? I simply don’t understand their works. For them, the more niche and unique they are, the more they represent their taste!” Betty learned a lot.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, how do these City of Sky guys sound like some of the so-called everyone now, using some grandstanding things, pretending to be art.

“In this case, I will buy you a batch tonight. During this period, I think you might really consider using a juicer to prepare some frog juice for those guests.” Chen Ze nodded, this kind of thing he Still agreed to do it.

“Manager is 10000 years old!” Betty jumped up excitedly, flicking his tail.

“Okay, go to the restaurant, Professor Moriarty is still waiting for you.” Chen Ze smiled and looked at Betty. If this kind of thing can help, Chen Ze still doesn’t mind helping, and he is also very curious about those What kind of evaluations do the artists of City of Sky make of these dark Cuisine?

“Mr. Manager, check out.” Moriarty’s voice came in.

“Okay, professor, can I pay for this meal with some interesting things or knowledge?” Chen Ze walked out with a smile. He has no interest in foreign world pounds.

“Knowledge or something interesting?” Moriarty looked at Chen Ze with interest.

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