My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 372

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“I know a lot of interesting knowledge or stories, but if you say it like this, it may take a lot of time. After all, you can’t finish it in a short time.” Moriarty smiled and looked at Chen Ze. He did. It is to know a lot of interesting things.

“Professor Moriarty, I would like to ask, do you know Jack the Ripper?” Chen Ze is very curious. Although this real criminal has found key evidence after comparison with modern science, it still cannot be finalized. determine.

After all, the prisoner has passed away forever, and there is no way to ask the other’s soul for questioning, right? That is not something science can do.

This is simply a matter of black magic, and it also involves soul or hell. Maybe Mephisto can do it easily.

“Jack the Ripper? Of course I know this.” Moriarty nodded, of course he knew this guy, after all, this amazing restaurant was what Jack the Ripper told him.

“Then professor, do you know what kind of person he is?” Chen Ze was very curious, looking at Moriarty with excitement.

“Jack the Ripper… That’s a very lonely person. He likes to be alone in the Whitechapel, and he likes to drink.” Moriarty took another sip of cherries juice, and stretched slowly.

“Are you withdrawn?” Chen Ze was stunned. Overwhelming majority criminals seem to have some strange characteristics or very miserable life experiences.

What did you say?

Talented people come from Arkham in large numbers, and Gotham City has a simple folk style.

Ah no, every super villain is particularly miserable, and if not miserable, they will see their cellmates sorry.

In the Arkham Asylum, there are a lot of super villains with miserable backgrounds, and they are not too different. It is like being abandoned by his wife, falling into the chemical raw material pool, and so on, which are all very normal things.

As for villains like Frozen, his wife and himself have incurable diseases, but although Chen Ze has 10000 potent medicines, he will not unconditionally provide them to each other, even more how he does not know these guys.

“Yes, but it’s a nobody that’s all.” Moriarty doesn’t care, Jack the Ripper?

This neurotic subordinate has already begun to appear uncontrollable. No matter what it is for, or to transfer the mouse that has been staring at him, Moriarty will deal with him as soon as possible in the near future, so as not to bite him back.

“But this knowledge is still too cheap. I’ll give you some other rewards.” Moriarty took out a small hip flask from his arms, which looked like metal.

“This is my favorite wine. It should be used by Manager for cooking.” Moriarty smiled and put the small flask down, and then left.

“Wine…Why the recent guests have been giving wine?” Chen Ze curled his lips, opened the jug and smelled it. There was a slight aroma of wine, not strong, but it smelled very good, with a little fruity aroma. .

“Manager, the dishes and chopsticks are ready.” Betty looked expectantly at Chen Ze, Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched, but still looked at the phone.

“Okay, lunch break, you go up and play, I will help you order Laoshan White Flower Snake Grass Water and Vanilla Juice.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, but let Betty go up, after all, give her some rest time.

Watching Betty walk up to the second floor happily, Chen Ze shook the head, and now it just happens to be able to take advantage of Betty’s absence to study the new cuisine, but I have to hope that no new guests will come in later.

Otherwise, if guests come in, Betty’s idea of ​​playing games to relax will be lost.

Chen Ze stretched out, took out the ingredients in the refrigerator, and continued to study the combination of these foreign world ingredients.

“I feel that if Beer Beef is used for roasting, the taste should be even better.” Chen Ze touched his chin and thought that this idea was pretty good. After all, the taste of Beer Beef is still very good.

And the gravy of Beer Beef is easy to be sealed in the beef, so the taste will be better.

“Come on, let me try this idea of ​​mine.” Chen Ze twisted his neck, then took out the Beer Beef and started the formal study.

This noon is very relaxed, there are no guests, Betty played until 2 pm, and then he was satisfied.

“Manager, what are you doing?” Betty looked at Chen Ze curiously.

“Beef, to be precise, it is roast beef.” Chen Ze briefly explained, and then took out the beef. This is the Beer Beef he roasted, sprinkled with cumin and chili.

“Beef?” Betty became interested all of a sudden, she gave me an expression of wanting to eat.

“Manager, give me something to eat soon, I’m going to have Sashimi last time!” The door was pushed open, and there was a wind ringing.

“Elder sister, today’s harvest is awesome.” Jack’s voice came in, and Betty walked out immediately.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, dear guest~” Betty walked out with a smile, and poured a glass of water for Alice and Jack alone.

“Mr. Manager, I also want a Sashimi, and then please give me some dessert.” Jack lay on the table, his expression unlovable.

“Okay, no problem, please wait a moment.” Chen Ze nodded, and then put on his favorite glasses for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

However, it was taken off immediately. It is not very practical. Sashimi does not cut neatly. If you don’t follow the muscle texture of the fish, it is very troublesome.

So Chen Ze decided to come by himself, and soon finished 2 copies of Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg and let Betty take them out.

“It’s still a familiar taste…” Alice was contented, and she had a shield the size of her own by her hand.

“I feel that this store is where my soul belongs.” Jack was also satisfied, and he ate Sashimi with big mouthfuls.

“Two guests like it.” Chen Ze looked at Alice and Jack with a smile.

These 2 guests are quite special. Among the guests Chen Ze pays most attention to, there are 2 of them, because the things they gave Chen Ze are still deep in memory.

Especially that leaf, the language of rune, was given to Laura by himself, and it seemed to be used as an engagement ring, which made Chen Ze confused.

Then there are the glasses that Chen Ze gave to Chen Ze last time. Chen Ze still hasn’t worked out what it is for.

This also made Chen Ze very curious about what Jack and Alice would give themselves this time.

Hope it’s a bit more normal.

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