My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 373

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“But speaking of which, Mr. Manager’s Cuisine here is really unique, it feels like the Cuisine of another world.” Jack ate Frozen Sea Fish’s Sashimi, and looked towards his elder sister.

“Yes, before in the Nightmare Arena, when I saw the big monster, I was thinking of Manager’s Cuisine.” Alice was also nodded, unconsciously Chen Ze’s Cuisine here became her most missed.

“But although it is delicious, the price is a bit expensive, and points are not accepted.” Jack pouted. Every time he came to eat here, he had to look through his collection and then take out something from it.

“Maybe it’s Manager’s request. After all, such delicious fish can’t be eaten in other places.” Alice didn’t care, anyway, there are many unnecessary items in her collection.

“That’s true.” Jack nodded, his own violent orangutan elder sister said quite reasonable, after all, compared with the kind of synthetic fish in other places, the fish here is simply a gift.

Chen Ze is standing in the kitchen, he is thinking about whether to make a new Cuisine, that is, the name is a bit special, and even makes people suspect that it is a dish made with 2 ingredients-squirrel fish.

Squirrel fish is a relatively unique cuisine. Generally speaking, yellow croaker is the main raw material. Of course, it is not necessarily required to be yellow croaker. Carp or mandarin fish are often used.

However, the most important thing is yellow croaker, which is also a classic dish in Su cuisine.

“Try it, although I don’t really eat fish.” Chen Ze stretched, and then took the last yellow croaker out of the refrigerator, which he specially prepared.

Although the squirrel fish is called squirrel fish, it has nothing to do with squirrels, just like not at all in the wife’s cake.

It was called squirrel fish because of its shape, although Chen Ze couldn’t tell from the recipe that it looked like a squirrel.

This Su dish is not difficult to make. Although Chen Ze is making it for the first time, the production speed is still very fast, and a good smell is slowly permeating the kitchen.

“Elder sister, do you smell anything?” Jack sniffed, there was a nice scent in the air.

“I smell it, it seems to be fish?” Alice nodded, then put down her chopsticks and swallowed.

“Betty, what is Manager doing?” Alice called Betty over and asked curiously.

“Okay, I’ll go ask.” Betty walked into the kitchen, she was also curious.

“Manager, what are you doing?” Betty looked at Chen Ze blankly.

“Squirrel fish.” Chen Ze poured the gorgon juice on the yellow croaker, so it was done.

[You made a relatively good squirrel fish, the Chinese Cuisine experience has increased by 5 points]

[You got the Passive Effect of Chinese Cuisine Chef]

[China Cuisine Chef: slightly improved temperature control]

Chen Ze was stunned. The upgrade of Chinese cuisine is nothing strange. After all, Chen Ze himself has been doing Chef for a long time. The upgrade is also expected, but the temperature control is improved, so that Chen Ze A little stunned.

Chen Ze looked at the squirrel fish in front of him. There was no change. The squirrel fish was still a squirrel fish. What thermometer or numbers appeared not at all.

“I thought there would be a thermometer or something on the fish.” Chen Ze shook the head, which seems to be a very metaphysical Passive Effect.

“Can I have a bite?” Betty swallowed, smelling the good smell, Betty felt more hungry.

“Yes, let’s eat together.” Chen Ze nodded, anyway, this squirrel fish is also a trial product.

Chen Ze picked up some fish, ate it, chewed a few times, and frowned.

This squirrel fish cannot be said to be unpalatable, it is as tender as the recipe says, and it is sweet and sour.

But Chen Ze always felt that something was missing.

“It’s delicious!” Betty grabbed the rice and ate the squirrel fish in the bowl.

“Speaking of which did you come in to eat fish?” Chen Ze looked at Betty with false eyes. Did this guy forget something?

“Huh?” Betty was stunned, and then remembered what she had forgotten.

“Cough cough…that…Manager, can I take some fish out for Alice and Jack to taste it?” Betty immediately changed her expression and looked at Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched.

“It tastes really good, but it’s different from Sashimi. I think it’s a bit more prominent.” Alice took a sip.

“Yes, but can you not stretch your chopsticks over?” Jack looked at Alice with an uncomfortable expression. It was obvious that Betty didn’t have much fish, but this violent woman even grabbed her own fish.

“Manager, check out.” Alice rubbed her belly comfortably, and she felt that she was finally full.

“Okay.” Chen Ze walked out of the kitchen, looking at Jack and Alice expectantly.

“This is the meal cost for this time. I found it for this mission, but…” Alice obviously hesitated.

Chen Ze curiously looked at the pocket watch that was put on the table by Alice. It was another pocket watch. He didn’t know what the pocket watch was for.

“Next task…” Alice shook the head, still without saying it, pulling Jack, who was also in a bad mood, and walked out.

Chen Ze was stunned, what’s wrong? What happened to the next mission? Why do you always feel that Alice has set a flag?

“Elder sister, we will survive.” Jack looked at his elder sister quite seriously.

“Well, it must be possible, but did you scold me in your heart just now?” Alice smiled and put her arms around her younger brother’s neck.

“I didn’t.” Jack face doesn’t change a lie.

“I’m the Knight, bastard!” Alice keenly noticed that the younger brother was lying, and rubbed her younger brother’s head angrily.

“Really! I’ve said it, don’t rub my hair casually!” Jack combed his hair angrily, which took a few points to make.

“When the mission is over, continue to eat?” Alice looked at her younger brother with a smile.

“Definitely, the two of us must come and eat together!” Jack nodded seriously.

Then, a circle of light enveloped Jack and Alice.

“Target world: Dark Souls 3, this mission is an Upgrading Mission, full strength is reduced by 60%, and the teleportation begins.” A cold and merciless voice.

Immediately after the rays of light flashed, Jack and Alice disappeared in this world with only a big ball of light.

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