My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 374

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[Item name: Secret pocket watch]

【Item Level: Legendary】

[Item attribute: 1. Every 3 natural days, the holder can view the future in ten minutes]

[2. Every 30 natural days, the holder can choose any ten minutes in the past and store it in the pocket watch, and the time period will be erased from the timeline.]

[Item Remarks: Can you modify the past by looking at the future? Simply wonderful! But I still want time to stop my pocket watch…]

Chen Ze looked at the pocket watch in his hand, corner of the mouth twitched. The effect of this thing has to be said to be very powerful, it can even be said to be a Divine Item level item.

Every 3 days, you can view the future ten minutes later, and you can also archive ten minutes and then erase it from the timeline.

Take one of these effects at random, it is also a very good effect, there are many uses, especially the second one.

But the problem is that Chen Ze just tried it. This pocket watch cannot be used in the restaurant. There is no response when using it, and it even emits black smoke. It looks like “I will die on the spot”.

Chen Ze also understands in his heart that it is estimated that the magic array has automatically blocked this effect, but Chen Ze does not quite understand why both the baggage of time and the magic array given to him by Hastur can be used.

In the end, Chen Ze can only be attributed to the fact that the influence of this pocket watch is so large that it caused the suppression of the restaurant magic array.

“But time stop pocket watch…Is it the time stop pocket watch I imagined?” Chen Ze touched his chin, thinking of some movies and animations called the time stop series…

“What the hell am I thinking?” Chen Ze shook the head fiercely. This idea was too dangerous.

But then Chen Ze showed a foolish smile again, although only for a moment.

“Cough cough… it’s better to put it away, maybe it will be useful in the future.” Chen Ze shook the head, and then put the pocket watch in his cabinet.

“Manager, I’m here to eat, are there any high-tech items lately?” A voice filled with evil and chaos came in along with the wind bell.

Chen Ze looked at the magic array that automatically emerged from his side, rolled the eyes, and his probe came out and said, “Nyarlathotep, please take your aura away.”

“Sorry, I didn’t remember it for a while.” In the restaurant, Nyarlathotep changed back to the familiar poker face, and then sat down.

And Betty, who had just recovered from being suppressed, immediately leaned in and poured a glass of lemonade for Nyarlathotep.

“What do you have to eat today?” Nyarla seemed to be in a good mood, with a smile on his face.

“There are all on the menu, but I need your help with something.” Chen Ze was very happy, Nyarlathotep came out, then it proves that his business is still promising.

“It’s easy to say, it’s the meal expense for this time, but I still want to eat something first.” Nyarla waved her hand indifferently, and frankly said that if Nyarlathotep didn’t want to be a mad scientist, otherwise he would have many things. It can be realized directly.

“Give me an Unadon, then with a bowl of soup, some skewers and beer.” Nyarla orders very fast.

“Okay, are there any requirements for the soup?” Chen Ze nodded, these things are not difficult, except for this, I haven’t said the required soup.

“Well… it’s delicious, and then there are a lot of dishes.” Nyarla thought for a while, and then gave a reply.

Chen Ze was stunned, he began to think about a question, that is, what is the soup that meets this condition?

The first one that Chen Ze remembered was a very famous dish in China. Although it was a dish, it also had a lot of soup.

“Would you like to try to make a Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?” Chen Ze touched his chin, and thought that this idea was also pretty good, but it was too complicated to make and it required special kitchenware.

So in the end Chen Ze decided to do Buddha Jumps Over the Wall next time.

Chen Ze shook the head, then took the eel out and started to cook it slowly.

After the eel was grilled, Chen Ze also thought of what he would do to Nyarla later than it was relatively better.

“Make a Borscht.” Chen Ze nodded thought this idea was good.

Borscht is a very famous soup, and the taste is also very good. Although it is a thick vegetable soup from Ukraine, it has been improved by China to form a soup with Chinese characteristics.

There are some tips in the preparation of Borscht. For example, if you don’t like Borscht to be too greasy, you can’t cook it directly with beef broth, but it is best to add a little water to dilute it.

Nyarla sat calmly on the chair, with many rays of light flashing in his eyes, as if there was a piece of Xingchen in his eyes.

“That one is coming soon, Manager, don’t you plan to transfer your lover here?” Nyarla said suddenly.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze was a little confused, but let Betty take Unadon and Borscht out.

“There are 10000 things in a lifetime. I think the one who has 10000 things should be very interested in your restaurant.” Nyarla looked at Chen Ze with a smile.

Chen Ze was stunned, 10000 things in his life? This title is a bit familiar, but Chen Ze doesn’t know much about the Cthulhu myth system, so he really didn’t remember who he was talking about.

“What do you want for skewers?” Chen Ze didn’t care, anyway, no matter what the foreign god or the old days, Chen Ze believed that his restaurant could stand it.

“…Whatever you want.” Nyarla glanced at Chen Ze playfully.

Chen Ze nodded, went back to the restaurant, took out the skewers that he bought last time, and started to cook slowly.

“Mr. Manager!” Jeanne pushed the door and ran in, with a happy smile on her face.

“Jeanne? Come and sit here.” Betty grabbed Jeanne, then took Jeanne aside.

Betty took a cautious look at Nyarla, very good, this one didn’t care about Jeanne at all, but was fiddling with a little thing in his hand.

“Elder Sister Betty, this is weaving flowers!” Jeanne took out the basket, which was full of weaving flowers. It could be seen that Jeanne was very serious. There were more weaving flowers in the basket than before.

“Jeanne, what do you want to eat?” Chen Ze also smiled and walked out, holding a plate of skewers in her hand. As for Betty, she ran to pour Thunderbolt Ale for Nyarla.

“Mr. Manager, as long as there is Pizza, Jeanne is satisfied!” Jeanne still looked at Chen Ze gratefully and let Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched.

I hope that Jeanne will not be in the same situation as Andrew. She obviously still likes to chat with Elena Andrew.

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