My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 375

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Jeanne noticed Nyarlathotep, after all, this one looks extraordinarily handsome, and always feels like there is a starry sky in his eyes.

“Big Brother, do you want to weave flowers?” Jeanne struggled for a while, but still gathered courage and walked over.

Betty was stunned. She didn’t realize what happened for a moment. Why did Jeanne walk next to Nyarlathotep?

Chen Ze didn’t care. After all, Nyarlathotep would not care too much about other customers in this restaurant. Except for a Hastur, Jeanne should be the first customer Nyarla has ever seen.

Nyarla turned her head and looked at Jeanne with interest, her brown pupils staring straight at the little girl who dared to get close to her.

“Your heartbeat is fast, are you scared?” Nyarla didn’t stand up, just sat on the chair like this.

“Huh?” Jeanne blinked suspiciously. She didn’t quite understand why she should be afraid, obviously because of Genius.

“…” Nyarla calmly looked at the little girl in front of her, until Betty put a plate of skewers in front of Nyarla.

Nyarla turned her head and did not continue to see Jeanne, but concentrated on eating the Cuisine prepared by Chen Ze for him.

The spicy taste, combined with the unique taste of roasted lamb’s eyes, made Nyarla satisfied with nodded. He licked his lips. The taste of roasted lamb’s eyes was very suitable for him.

Jeanne returned to her position. Although she was trying to sit upright, her eyes were constantly on Nyarla who was eating skewers. When she noticed that the other person turned her head, she would immediately lower her head, and her fingers touched each other.

Chen Ze watched this scene funny in the kitchen, and I have to say that Jeanne’s appearance is very cute, just like a child who secretly eats snacks.

“Betty, take out Jeanne’s Pizza.” Chen Ze clapped his hands and Pizza is ready.

Originally, Chen Ze planned to cook something for Jeanne, but he noticed Jeanne’s eyes. This curious little girl was obviously interested in Nyarla.

It is good to have curiosity, but it is necessary to distinguish who the object is. If it is Nyarla, the other party is not a suitable curiosity object.

Contact with these indescribable existences, even just looking straight, Jeanne’s spirit may completely collapse, let alone Nyarla’s whispers.

Chen Ze is even a little worried, whether Jeanne will have feelings that shouldn’t be generated for Nyarla, who is in a beautiful state of transformation.

There is no such thing as “The Overbearing God Loves Me”. At least Chen Ze doesn’t think that Nyarla will be interested in Jeanne, unless Nyarla intends to experience life and amuse this little girl.

“Jeanne, welcome to come again next time.” Betty gave Pizza to Jeanne, squatted down and smiled and touched her head.

“Okay…” Jeanne glanced at Nyarla secretly again, bit her lip, and then slowly left the restaurant.

Chen Ze’s corner of the mouth twitched, isn’t Jeanne’s expression just a heartbeat in some love games?

“You are so charming.” Chen Ze walked out, looking at Nyarla who was sitting quietly eating skewers with a black line.

“Mortals are always attracted by appearances. It’s really sad.” Nyarla picked up a bunch of Enokitake, dipped it in some chili and ate it.

“What you said is indeed the truth.” Chen Ze shrugged, then took out another plate of barbecue, this time the barbecue was much more normal, potatoes and melons, and some tofu.

This is what Chen Ze prefers to eat. Depending on the individual’s hobby, potatoes can choose to be crispy or tender.

The melon should not be roasted for too long, otherwise the taste will not be very good. This is Chen Ze’s experience.

“Speaking of which, what do you plan to make me do?” Nyarla lifts the head, looking at Chen Ze.

“A game, have you seen it in Hastur? A game called Hearthstone.” Chen Ze immediately explained.

“Hearthstone? I’ve seen him play it a few times, but I’m not very interested. I’m currently studying antimatter guns.” Nyarla didn’t care, and took a sip of Thunderbolt Ale.

“But if it’s your request, I can check it out.” Nyarla put down the thunderbolt Ale, with white bubbles on her lips.

“By the way, there is also the Hearthstone I want. It’s best to make it like the one on the computer, because in reality it is too troublesome to play with cards.” Chen Ze remembered the Hearthstone he played with Betty before. Playing in reality is still too much trouble, and you have to calculate the blood volume.

And many mechanisms are not easy to deal with, such as the pastor’s discovery of copying the opponent’s card. In reality, you have to find a new card for the player, which is really tiring to play.

“Yes, it may take a little time. After all, I have to build a foreign world Internet.” Nyarla said casually, it seems that this kind of thing is really not a challenge for him.

“Then many thanks, but are you interested in science fiction?” Chen Ze remembered his “Three Body” in the bedroom on the second floor.

“Science fiction? Show me.” Nyarla raised her head with an expression of interest on her face.

“Yes, but you have to do what I want first.” Chen Ze nodded, the 3 body is on the 2nd floor, and you can bring it to Nyarla at any time.

However, Chen Ze decided to get his hands first, otherwise Nyarla looked at the 3 body and wondered if he would devote himself to studying the 2-way foil.

“Tsk, you can.” Nyarla curled her mouth, then opened her mouth, put all the barbecue in her mouth, and drank the remaining Thunderbolt Ale in one breath.

“I’ve finished eating. Bring it to you next time. If you have any questions, I will ask you.” Nyarla seemed anxious. He stood up and wiped his mouth, but turned around and put a black stone on the table. on.

“I made it with those Divine Kingdoms.” Nyarla dropped these words and hurried out.

Chen Ze looked at the clean plate, corner of the mouth twitched, so these guys can easily eat all the things they made in one breath?

Chen Ze shook the head and picked up the stone Nyarla gave him.

“Divine Kingdom?” Chen Ze looked at the stone in his hand, completely unaware of the shadow of Divine Kingdom.

[The energy that can be absorbed is detected, is it absorbed? 】

Chen Ze was stunned, and then immediately nodded.

[Current progress: 75002/100000]

[Transmission Gate has been upgraded, now Transmission Gate has the Delicacy Tide effect]

[Delicacy Tide: There is a low probability of obtaining rare ingredients, a very low probability of obtaining extremely rare ingredients]

Chen Ze rubbed his nose and got confused again.

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