My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 376

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Chen Ze was stunned. The system hint Chen Ze in front of him naturally saw it and saw it clearly, but even so, Chen Ze was still a bit confused about what it meant.

“So it means that what Delicacy Tide will come over in the future?” Chen Ze was a bit entangled, and the prompts given by the system were also very concise, without explaining what counts as a rare ingredient.

“Manager, what are you thinking?” Betty came out after washing the dishes and asked curiously.

“It’s okay, it’s just that I lost myself in the road of life.” Chen Ze shook the head. Anyway, the shop has been open for a long time. Sooner or later Chen Ze will know what the Delicacy Tide is for.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen, but before he took out the Beer Beef, he heard a strange sound.

“Crash-bang…” The extremely clear voice echoed continuously in Unusual Dream Restaurant.

“Manager, there is a sound outside the door.” Betty ran in in a panic.

“Well, I heard it too.” Chen Ze nodded, then walked out, the voice became clearer.

“What sound is this?” Chen Ze frowns, he hasn’t heard such a sound before, a bit like the sound of wind and waves he heard when he went to the lake last time.

“It seems to be the sound of the waves.” Betty is definitely nodded, the gathering place of the Succubus family is next to the Endless Sea. She has heard many such waves.

Hmm… the literal sound of waves has nothing to do with the Succubus race.

“Langsheng?” Chen Ze was stunned, and then suddenly remembered the latest reminder given by the system before, the thing called Delicacy Tide.

Chen Ze nodded, there should be only this probability. If you know that other guests come in, they basically enter directly or knock on the door.

But there is really no one who has been surfing outside.

Chen Ze swallowed, then slowly stretched his hand to the door.

The door opened, and a penguin wearing a red scarf walked in from the outside. It looked at Chen Ze and asked: “Youth, can you charge Q coins?”

“Manager?” Betty asked worriedly. Just after Chen Ze reached the doorknob, he was in a daze.

“Huh? It’s okay.” Chen Ze shook his head violently, expelling the fantasy just now from his mind.

It’s too terrifying. Chen Ze thinks that this must be due to the recent game play, and this kind of illusion actually appeared.

Chen Ze took a deep breath, and then opened the door, the first reaction was “So blue…”

Chen Ze can even see a few fish swimming in it.

But Chen Ze reacted immediately, isn’t this the sea in front of him?

Then the turbulent sea rushed in and instantly filled the restaurant on the first floor.

If it weren’t for Chen Ze to use his mind to communicate with the magic array and close the door directly, Chen Ze felt that he would have to think about how to sleep tonight.

Chen Ze expressionlessly looked at the seawater around him, the magic array appeared automatically to isolate him, just like Water Repelling Bead.

The things in the restaurant also have the magic array film blocking the sea water, which relieves Chen Ze a lot.

Then Chen Ze used the sewer to clear all the sea water out, and then found a fish in the restaurant.

A very unique fish. Chen Ze found this fish on the kitchen floor. It has tawny scales, surprisingly large eyes, and a closed mouth.

Just like a snake, from its neck to the tail, there is a long fin on its back.

Chen Ze was stunned. How did this big-headed fish feel a bit familiar?

Chen Ze shook the head, and then reached out to grab the tail of the struggling fish, and tried to lift it up.

“Why am I… so heavy?” Chen Ze almost flashed his waist.

Chen Ze took a deep breath, and then vigorously lifted the fish up and placed it on the cutting board.

Most ingredients must be eaten as soon as possible. This is more obvious in seafood. It can even be said that live seafood and dead seafood are often two prices.

Chen Ze knocked the fish with his fingers, and unexpectedly made a sound similar to knocking on wood.

“What kind of fish is this?” Chen Ze looked confused, then glanced at the restaurant, Betty was mopping the floor intently.

Then Chen Ze picked up the kitchen knife and cut it gently.

not at all It is difficult to imagine. The kitchen knife in the restaurant is worthy of Divine Item level kitchenware. It is easy to cut this fish.

Chen Ze looked at the delicious fish in his hand, hesitated for a moment, and then scanned it again with the magic array. After confirming that it was safe, he took a light bite of the fish.

Very strange, the taste of this fish is very special, Chen Ze even tasted a bit of nutty taste.

“Wait… the nutty fish… and it’s still in this shape…” Chen Ze hesitated for a while, then took out his phone and searched it at 100 degrees.

“Fuck, it really is this guy, I just said how familiar.” Chen Ze slammed the table, and he finally found the source of the fish.

“Extreme Nut Saury, weighs 100 kg, and has a catch level of first… Fresh with your mouth closed, and stale with your mouth open, and the best way to cook soup is to make the fish taste and nutty. The perfect blend of flavors…” Chen Ze looked at the phone, looking thoughtful.

From the appearance and taste of this fish, Chen Ze can be sure that it is indeed the fish found, which is the magical ingredient from Toriko.

Toriko is a rather peculiar anime, and it is also an old anime. Among them, Chen Ze is more impressed by the whole pig.

Obviously it’s roasted, and it’s a properly roasted pig, but this pig can run, get angry, and attack people. If you want to eat the best roasted whole pig, you have to kill with one blow. It’s a chance to get angry.

There are many similar magical ingredients, such as Vajra, bacon leaves, and some ingredients with higher catch levels but better taste.

Chen Ze has always been very greedy, hoping to have a guest from Toriko world, if there is, then Chen Ze has the opportunity to obtain those magical ingredients.

It’s just that I didn’t expect. I haven’t waited for the guests from Toriko world. Instead, Delicacy Tide brought the first ingredients.

“Tsk tsk, why don’t you have a little sweet whole fruit, it has a catch level of 10. Even if there is no sweet whole fruit, some Horn Lion is good.” Chen Ze is a bit regretful, but he still started to concentrate on the Extreme Nut Saury in front of him.

After all, this fish is dead. In order to get as much meat as possible when it is fresh, Chen Ze has to speed up his processing speed, otherwise it will lose money if it is not fresh.

For a while, the sound of meat cutting came from the restaurant.

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