My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 377

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"Speaking of which, where is the hunter yesterday? Hasn't he come yet?" Chen Ze pondered this question while cooking Extreme Nut Saury.

Chen Ze originally thought that the other party would bring Cat Cat Chef to the restaurant today, and then he could learn about those magical cat meals, but didn't expect to wait till now, and did not see the customer yesterday.

"Manager, good time." Betty yawned. Since Nyarla left, no other guests have come in.

"I know it's free." Chen Ze smacked his lips as he looked at the fish soup that was starting to turn white.

Because I didn't think it was Extreme Nut Saury at the beginning, Chen Ze didn't have time to do any preservation methods. Now one-tenth of the meat of a fish has been used, and the others are still in the refrigerator.

I have to say that Extreme Nut Saury is indeed a very magical ingredient. Even without any seasoning, you can smell a nice fragrance, and the soup is similar to broth.

"I don't know what Laura is doing." Chen Ze supported his chin and slowly stirred the fish soup with the spoon he got last time.

Negative Plane Dark Council, a quarrel is breaking out.

"I'll say it again! My slave went to that disgusting city through your smuggling team!" A Lich roared loudly. If the opponent didn't have any saliva, Death Knight, who was standing opposite him, would be able to wash his face for free. Up.

"Your slave ran away to take care of me. My team just made a small amount of money. If you have any comments, please go to Hope City." Death Knight was indifferent, holding a bottle of body care oil, smearing his skin.

"You bastard, you are all undead, and you still wear makeup?" Lich looked at Death Knight mockingly.

"What's wrong with my maintenance oil? What the old lady likes to apply, you don't look at yourself, your body smells like an abyss flower, what do you want to do?" Death Knight angrily took off his helmet, revealing She had a pale face and golden long hair.

"I don't know if you, old bastard, are planning to go to Lich's happy hand punch shop! Do you have that organ? Dead Lich!" The blond Death Knight squinted at Lich's thigh.

"Do you want to die? Do you want to try my disintegration technique?" Lich was poked in the pain and raised the staff in his hand, the majestic magic energy gathered.

"Is it noisy enough?" The cold and merciless voice interrupted the two people with swords drawn and bows bent if the wind was normal.

Seeing Stan, who was sitting in the main seat and correcting the documents, Death Knight swallowed. She seemed to have a wide range of attacks.

"Ha ha aha ha ~ Fortunately, I am not discussing the President right now." Laura walked in triumphantly, she was wearing a pair of red high heels.

"It's your business, too." Stan glanced at her, then said angrily.

Stan was upset when he thought of this. He clearly wanted to go to Chen Ze to eat Parfait, but didn't expect that Hope City got him trapped here.

"Hmph! You are not doing things yourself, blame me?" Laura rolled the eyes, but she still glanced at the two undying creatures who were sitting fiercely.

"Noisy, why not noisy?" Laura walked over slowly.

"Didn't I just listen to you mocking Lich to death, why didn't I continue?" Laura walked to Death Knight's side and pressed the other's shoulder.

Death Knight trembled, lowered his head tremblingly, not daring to speak.

"What about you? Don't you want to cast a cracking technique?" Laura walked to Lich's side again, and Lich within the body's Soul Fire was stirring.

"Tsk, you two, do you want to go to the bloody arena?" Laura curled his lips, these two guys were too embarrassed.

"No more, Laura -sama." Lich immediately shook the head, what a joke, and went to the bloody arena, only one survived.

"I...I'm not going..." Death Knight looked at Laura with a sneer.

"Tsk." Laura shook the head, these two guys are like the video content they watched last time at Chen Ze.

The two dogs barked fiercely across the railing, as if I was about to kill you, but when the railing was gone, they would not bark or fight.

"Parfait." Stan said suddenly.

"It's expensive to ask me to help." Laura understood Stan's meaning.

"Payment." Stan threw a bag over and landed in front of Laura.

Laura took a look, and immediately understood what was inside.

"It's rare to be so generous, you, that's you, come with me." Laura pointed to Death Knight.

"Huh?" Death Knight pointed to himself and blinked again.

"Huh what? I got something and you brought it to Stan." Laura looked at Death Knight impatiently. If it wasn't for the Dark Council forbidden to use teleporting magic for characters other than Stan and Laura, Laura would rather carry it Lich go.

"So you came here?" Chen Ze didn't know whether to cry or laugh, looking at Laura.

Although seeing his girlfriend is a very happy thing, after listening to Laura's experience, Chen Ze has a feeling of wanting to laugh.

Taking a look at Death Knight who was sitting in the dining room obediently, Chen Ze couldn't help but laughed. This is probably the first takeaway boy in the foreign world...Ah no, takeaway.

"Anyway, you can help Stan make a Parfait first." Laura shook Chen Ze's hand gently.

"No problem, but how to save it? Parfait is cold, not too hot." Chen Ze was a little worried. Once the 10000 is passed away, it will be embarrassing.

"Relax, Death Knight can ice attribute magic." Laura didn't care.

Chen Ze nodded, this is also true, I have to worry about it in vain.

Then Chen Ze started to make Parfait quickly. He made it according to Stan's usual serving size, a total of 20 servings, but considering that Stan hasn't eaten it for a long time, Chen Ze made another ten more servings.

"You take these things, don't spill them, keep them warm with ice magic, and quickly send them back." Laura took Parfait over, which was a glass specially prepared by Chen Ze.

When Chen Ze bought something for take-out, he thought about what to do if he asked for a glass after 10000. The glass in the restaurant Chen Ze did not plan to take it out. After all, it was very hard, so Chen Ze simply bought some ordinary The glass, didn’t expect to use it now.

"Okay...Okay!" Death Knight nodded, and then ran out immediately, Chen Ze even heard a cry of relaxation when the door was closed.

"My dear, what kind of posture do you like?" Laura suddenly reached Chen Ze's ear and asked in a low voice.


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