My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 378

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“Cough cough cough…Laura…what are you talking about?” Chen Ze patted his chest, feeling that he might have been too excited and had auditory hallucinations.

“I said, what kind of posture do you like?” Laura repeated it again. This time Chen Ze heard it very clearly. He really didn’t make a mistake, and it did mean that.

“Ah…wouldn’t it be too soon?” Chen Ze licked his lips. He felt his lips a little dry.

“Ah? Not happy, isn’t it just overnight.” Laura hugged Chen Ze lightly, and rubbed Chen Ze’s chest.

“Eh…” Chen Ze was a little dazed. He felt that his whole person was dizzy now. He thought he was going to 3rd base at most, and it would take a few months. He didn’t expect it suddenly. Laura was about to be homered.

“This thing can increase your physical strength, but it just needs to be applied to your body, and then try to maintain a posture for the whole night.” Laura took a small bottle out of her arms and shook it at Chen Ze.


“Manager, how do you feel that you are in a bad mood?” Betty leaned against the wall and looked at Chen Ze curiously.

“I’m fine, I didn’t.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, it was really embarrassing just now.

Originally Chen Ze thought he could home run tonight, didn’t expect it was a misunderstanding.

Fortunately, Laura didn’t know, and then went upstairs to study. Although it was a study, Chen Ze knew that Laura was actually watching a cartoon, and then planned to learn the cute tricks in the cartoon and use it on Chen Ze.

“Don’t even think about it, am I the one who eats that set?” Chen Ze didn’t care.

“I really eat that set!!!” Chen Ze felt a heartbeat when he thought of Laura’s cute expression last time.

“By the way, Manager, what is the hardest food in this world?” Betty was curiously lying at the kitchen window.

“Food?” Chen Ze was stunned. This question hasn’t really been thought of yet.

“If you don’t consider the ingredients of the foreign world, then the hardest thing should be the law…” Chen Ze frowns did not continue.

Although baguette is indeed a very hard food, it can even be used for self-protection, but it is not the hardest ingredient after all. Legend has it that a bread in the Soviet Union could kill people.

It’s just that these foods are not the hardest, after all, if you use Moo Milk, you can still make the bread soft.

But there is such a food in the world, the hardness can be said to be out of the crowd.

That is bonito.

Although it is called bonito, it is not bonito itself. It is usually made from bonito, and it takes a series of processes to make bonito.

The hardness of the bonito is indeed very strong. It is used to cut against a wooden stick, and the stick will be folded. Often, if you want to eat bonito, you need to use a plane.

“It’s bonito, the hardest food I know so far.” Chen Ze was quite sure nodded this time.

“Then Manager, do you know what cuisine can be made with bonito?” Betty was immediately interested. How to eat the hardest food must be a very interesting thing.

“Usually it is used to make broth, but it is also possible to eat it directly.” Chen Ze thought of the Takoyaki that he had eaten when shopping before. There were some thin slices on it. That was bonito flakes.

“Manager~” Betty looked at Chen Ze pitifully.

“Don’t even think about it. It’s not very complicated to do, but it requires special equipment. I don’t buy that thing now.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, Betty has become more and more greedy recently. Chen Ze even suspects that he is It’s not a greedy demon.

“Eh…” Betty looked disappointed. She had also heard of Takoyaki, but didn’t expect to eat it herself.

“If you really want to eat it, just make the simplest bonito with tofu.” Chen Ze sighed helplessly.

“Ah, Kamisama!” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched looking at Betty who was starting to be tricky again.

But he still took out the bonito. When he bought the Japanese seasoning before, he bought it.

Dried bonito with tofu is not complicated, and bonito is not so much the main seasoning as it is a supplement, which is similar to the bonito flakes on Takoyaki.

Chen Ze does it quickly, because this Cuisine is really not difficult, so Chen Ze intends to do it quickly.

“Master! I’m coming!” In a voice full of vitality, Chen Ze knew that it was Naruto when he heard this name.

“Naruto, what have you been doing lately, why did you come so long?” Chen Ze probed out and asked, Betty poured him a glass of Cola.

“Thank you Elder Sister Betty! Master, I am currently studying at Ninja School and I feel so boring.” Naruto curled his lips. He was at the age of enrollment during this time, but he was very uncomfortable in class.

“What’s wrong? You have magic. What’s wrong with It shouldn’t be?” Chen Ze lowered his head and quickly cut the tofu.

“I’m the tail of the crane. Sandaime told Great Grandpa to not let me use magic, saying it was to keep it secret.” Naruto lay on the table, his tone uncomfortable.

Chen Ze started to chop the green onions again and put the tofu in the pot.

“Why not let you use it?” Chen Ze was a little curious. Although the magical this thing is indeed strange and incompatible with Ninja world, it shouldn’t be denied.

“Sandaime grandfather said, I can’t use it until I have the ability to protect myself.” Naruto held Cola and took a sip.

“Self-protection ability…” Chen Ze slapped his lips. It stands to reason that there are 9 tails in Naruto within the body, so self-protection should be fine.

But thinking of the Divine Immortal in the Ninja Wars in the future, it seems that it is not too difficult to kill a tailed beast, let alone Uchiha bringing dirt.

“Naruto, do you want to see a friend in your body?” Chen Ze looked at Naruto who knew nothing, and couldn’t help laughing.

“Huh? Do I have a friend in my body?” Naruto stood up abruptly, and then began to fumble around.

“Don’t touch it, there is one, but it’s not like that.” Laura walked down, smiling softly.

“Teacher!” Naruto threw into Laura’s arms happily.

“Okay, okay, I’ll take you to see that friend.” Laura touched Naruto’s head, and then immediately afterwards, she showed up in a strange place with Naruto.

“Teacher, where is it?” Naruto looked all around curiously.

“Where your friend lives, have you seen it? This iron cage is your friend.” Laura laughed, and pointed to the other side.

Naruto then saw a big fox lying on the ground, looking at herself tangledly.

“Wow! Fox!” Naruto’s voice appeared in this space for the first time.

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