My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 379

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"Why do you live in my body?" Naruto looked at Kurama who was lying on the ground curiously.

"..." Kurama blinked, and at the first glance it saw Laura who was standing beside him calmly.

This woman has a very terrifying imposing manner, she is definitely a strong person, terrifying...

"My disciple asks you something." Laura looked at Kurama with false eyes, bright red energy gathering in her hand.

This caused Kurama to shiver involuntarily, and then immediately answered Naruto's question "I am 9...9 tails, don't you know how I got in?"

"Eh? Nine tails?!" Naruto instantly showed a panic expression. Naruto was discriminated against by others since he was a child. He also heard the story of nine tails.

According to the legend, the 9 tail disasters caused the village to die, but they disappeared in the end.

"I'm your father. The man sealed me in your body." After Kurama said this, he thought of the yellow-haired man again.

Suddenly, I was in a bad mood. If Laura hadn't been standing here, Kurama would definitely kick Naruto out, and I would not disturb her mood.

" father..." Naruto was stunned. Through childhood, he grew up alone, celebrated his birthday alone, and stayed alone.

Although I have also thought about what kind of person my parents will be, no one has ever told me.

The people around are looking at themselves with a discriminatory look. When they enter the store to eat, others will complain, and then the store will drive themselves out. Only in the Ramen store of Uncle Teuchi, you can quietly finish the meal. Bowl of Ramen.

The impoverished self often eats some expired food for a living, but even so, Naruto has not complained.

Naruto lived like this, until that day, Naruto pushed open a strange wooden door and saw the gentle man.

"I...what kind of person is my father?" Naruto looked at Kurama eagerly. He wanted to know what kind of character his father was, and why could the demon fox be sealed in his body?

"Don't you know?" Kurama looked at Naruto with a mocking expression, and then it was glared by Laura and immediately honest.

"Your father is actually the fourth generation Hokage. I thought you had seen him on the rock." Kurama explained it against Laura's gaze.

Then he glanced at Laura again, but when he thought of the seal in front of him, it was a lot easier, because the terrifying guy couldn't get in anyway.

"My dad... is Hokage?" Naruto was dumbfounded for a moment. He thought about many possibilities, but never thought that his father would be the fourth generation Hokage.

Just like an ordinary orphan, he suddenly learned one day that his father is actually the richest man in the world.

Laura frowned. She had heard from Chen Ze before that Hokage's status was probably about the same as that of the Great Commander race, and it was also a strong one.

But she hadn't really thought that Naruto would be Hokage's child, so why did Naruto have such a hard time?

Laura has known before, what Naruto ate before coming to Chen Ze restaurant.

But then Laura left these thoughts behind him, anyway, now that he has himself, Naruto wouldn't live that kind of life.

"Interesting seal." Laura stared at the cage in front of him. This seal was completely different from the magical seal.

Laura stretched out her hand and touched the iron cage in front of him, and then went straight through the iron cage without any dullness, and then Laura walked in.

Kurama opened his mouth wide and looked at Laura blankly.

It wanted to laugh before, after all, this woman was naively trying to touch the seal, didn't expect the other party to come in the next second, and there was no problem with the seal.

Laura lifts the head, looking at Kurama in front of him, extend the hand and touch its hair.

"Energy-gathering creature." Laura instantly understood the composition of Kurama. Compared to Naruto's huge energy, it couldn't be hidden.

"On your stomach." Laura said calmly.

"Hmm..." Kurama immediately lay on the ground, and stretched out his head to please Laura to touch it.

"Since you live in my student's body, it is normal to pay the rent." Laura touched Kurama's head.

Kurama looked at a loss. Why did he always feel that this sentence was a bit dismissive, as if he had been said the same many times by different people.

But Kurama was immediately nodded, after all, now the fox head is in someone's hands, so it's better to be honest.

Satisfied, nodded, Laura walked out, and then took Naruto who was still in a daze, and left from this space.

"What a terrifying character." Kurama shook the head, but the next moment noticed a jar of things in his cage.

"This is?" Kurama picked up this thing and glanced at it, the color of red, there seemed to be something inside.

Then Kurama punctured the case with his nails and poured it into his mouth.

"Hmm..." Kurama looked thoughtful at the Cola can in his hand.

"Back?" Chen Ze noticed the two people who had returned to normal, and put a portion of bonito with tofu in front of them.

"En." Laura nodded, then picked up the chopsticks, put a piece of tofu into her mouth, satisfied nodded.

The taste of this tofu is very good, very tender, and with bonito flakes, it is even more delicious.

"Naruto?" Chen Ze waved his hand, awakening Naruto from his dazed state.

"What's the matter?" Chen Ze asked Naruto with concern.

"Master... Master..." Naruto looked at Chen Ze blankly.

"My father turned out to be Hokage!" Naruto jumped up instantly with a look of excitement.

"Okay, okay, you go back and talk to Sandaime's Elderly Grandpa. Let's eat now." Chen Ze laughed helplessly, and your dad will be brought out by Impure Earth Ressurection.

"Okay... OK, I'll eat it." Naruto sat down and picked up the chopsticks flusteredly, but a piece of tofu was snapped off by one chopstick.

Laura picked up the spoon, gave Naruto a spoon of tofu, and put it in his Tonkatsu Curry with Rice.

Naruto lowered his head and looked at the tofu in the bowl, his eyes turned red.

"Hurry up, I'll see how your mana reserve is after eating." Laura took a bite of Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice, exhaled satisfied.

"En!" Naruto calmed down a lot, he was nodded earnestly, and ate his food.

Chen Ze shrugged, returned to the kitchen, and looked at the recipe intently.

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