My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 380

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Naruto not at all stayed for too long. After checking the progress of the cultivation, Laura asked him to go back and continue to improve his magic power, and then put Naruto back.

Laura understands that Naruto needs some time to accept today’s things, after all, there are a lot of things experienced today.

Chen Ze also thought this method was good, so after preparing a few Goubuli Steamed Buns for Naruto, he went back to the kitchen to study recipes.

“What do you say.” Fan Wujiu stood in the bathroom, looking at the hell in front of him expressionlessly.

“His death date is not today.” Xie Bi’an hugged his arms, looked at the man in front of him calmly, and then shook the head.

Although this man’s behavior can be said to be inferior to a beast, Xie Bi’an is also impossible to take him down in violation of the laws of nature.

“Drink and peck, Karmic Retribution.” Fan Wujiu walked over, and the ecstasy lock in his hand tied the little girl who was struggling slowly.

Then, an illusory soul was pulled out, the little girl still had a horrified expression on her face, and her tears kept streaming.

“It’s really troublesome, tears.” Xie Bian looked at the little girl who kept crying in her eyes, shook the head.

“Her grandfather grandmother has gone down. Although it is a fierce soul, she can still be soothed. The tearful soul must be wiped out of the pain in accordance with the treatment method of the underworld.” Fan Wujiu also frowned, and after a while, tears fell. A small puddle was formed on the ground.

“Her soul is in pain and is about to tear.” Xie Bian walked over and touched the little girl’s head.

“Let’s ask Bodhisattva for help.” Fan Wujiu said with a cold face, remaining unmoved.

“Well, it can only be so.” Xie Bi’an nodded, there is no good way.

Fan Wujiu looked at the man who was slowly calming down, walked behind him, patted him on the body, and a cold air suddenly penetrated in.

Xie Bian is not surprised, he knows what kind of person his friend is, he is the one who said coldly.

But when Fan Wujiu was about to take the little girl to the underworld, the girl’s soul suddenly drifted to a place.

Fan Wujiu couldn’t hold it at all and was forcibly dragged to that place. Then Fan Wujiu and Xie Bian saw a wooden door, a very familiar wooden door.

“Why?” Fan Wujiu looked at the wooden door in front of him, not knowing why.

They naturally knew the wooden door in front of them, after all, the soul of the boy last time was found here.

After I went back, I also reported King Yanluo and Jizo Bodhisattva, but the answers I got all jumped out of the three realms, not within Five Elements, and don’t engage in evil with the store.

So Fan Wujiu and Xie Bian both listed this place on the list of “cannot afford to offend”, but didn’t expect the tears to bring them here.

“Go in, maybe the way to get rid of it is inside.” Xie Bian didn’t hesitate, pushed the door directly and walked in.

The familiar wind chimes, and Xie Bi’an saw the Succubus approaching with a smile.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, guest~”

“The store, I’m bothering you.” Xie Bian and Fan Wujiu walked in with the tearful soul.

Betty was stunned, what’s the matter with this little girl in front of her? Why is there an iron chain around your neck?

“You two…” Betty was angry. She remembered her own experience, isn’t the slave tied around his neck?

“Betty don’t make trouble, these two guests?” Chen Ze walked out, stopped Betty’s anger, and looked towards Black and White Impermanence.

As a Chinese, Chen Ze naturally understands the identity of Black and White Impermanence, so this little girl should also be a ghost, but why does this girl keep crying?

And Chen Ze noticed that just for a while, there was a puddle under the little girl.

“The shopkeeper, I’m disturbing, this girl is a soul of tears, great sorrow, and great sorrow, unable to enter the reincarnation.” Xie Bian pointed at Chen Ze cupped the hands and explained.

“What’s wrong with her?” Chen Ze is even more strange, a sad soul, and it doesn’t sound like there is a resentment qi.

Then a picture suddenly appeared in the restaurant. Above it was a man, a grumpy man, who became insane because of smoking, and sent away his parents, after a little girl cried out “father don’t kill me” He coaxed the daughter into the toilet and cruelly sent away his biological daughter.

Chen Ze was silent. He suddenly hated Black and White Impermanence a little bit, because every time these two guys came, Chen Ze was in a very bad mood.

“What a brute!” Betty gritted her teeth angrily, squeezing her hands tightly.

Chen Ze sighed, this kind of thing…

“So, what can I do?” Chen Ze lifts the head and looked at Black and White Impermanence seriously.

“The tear soul came by herself. We think the way to let her let her sadness go is probably with you.” Xie Bian explained again, and Fan Wujiu stood expressionlessly.

Chen Ze was stunned, he was just a Chef, not a great character, how could he let this little girl put down his grief?

Chen Ze lowered his head and looked at the little girl in front of him. The face of the other party was full of grief, and tears continued to flow down her little face.

Chen Ze suddenly thought of a steamed bun. The 4 God Seafood 8 Baozhen Hun steamed bun in Chūka Ichiban Liu Maoxing is said to have the effect of calming souls. It can be said to be a very low beer, but Chen Ze can’t.

Looking at the crying little girl in front of him, Chen Ze sighed. If Liu Maoxing was there, he might be able to find him to learn about 4 God Seafood 8 Baozhen Soul Steamed Buns.

Chen Ze couldn’t help but touched the little girl’s head. What he didn’t notice was that when his hand stretched over, Fan Wujiu seemed to be going to say something, but he held back.

As soon as he touched the little girl’s head, Chen Ze was shocked all over, a huge grief surged to his heart, and the intense grief continued to slap Chen Ze’s heart.

But it was quickly suppressed, and the magic array spontaneously protected Chen Ze.

“Sir, what do you think?” Xie Bian looked at Chen Ze respectfully.

“Eh…” Chen Ze was stunned. The title of Venerable was quite unique.

“I have an idea, but it may take a while.” Chen Ze looked at the little girl and had an idea in his mind.

Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu looked at each other, then sat in a chair with the little girl and waited while Betty brought a bucket over.

“Miss Betty is not necessary, the tears of the tears cannot be pretended, so…” Xie Bi’an intends to remind Betty.

“En? What’s the matter?” Betty looked at him suspiciously, she had already filled those tears with a wooden barrel.

“Um… it’s okay, you continue.” Xie Bian had nothing to say.

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