My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 381

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Chen Ze’s idea is very simple. He has personally felt the grief of the little girl. It is an unbearable grief, and the most important thing is that there is no resentment.

For such a little girl, taking on this reality is a bit unbearable, so instead of taking on all this, it is better to let her forget.

In this way, Chen Ze has made it clear what he should do, which is to make a dessert with forgotten attributes.

After all, Chen Ze is now able to achieve forgetful things, only desserts that will be given random attributes.

But this is a probabilistic thing after all, so Chen Ze estimates that Laura still has to help.

Laura is the Luck Emperor, and Chen Ze has the best luck among the people that Chen Ze has been in contact with so far. I haven’t seen anything comparable to Laura for the time being.

“Laura, do me a favor.” Chen Ze took Laura down.

But when I thought of seeing Laura on it, the corner of Chen Ze’s mouth was twitched. He also didn’t expect Laura to see the anime.

Asobi Asobase, this is a more beautiful fan and also a funny fan, but Chen Ze doesn’t know what expression Laura intends to show.

After all, no matter how you look at it, it feels like Yan Yi is inside!

“Vampire is very powerful.” Xie Bian noticed Laura, and he glanced at each other warily.

As a member of the underworld, Xie Bian still knows a lot of ghosts in the Western world, but he has never figured out why Chen Ze is an Easterner and there are all Western ghosts in this restaurant.

“Well, deep and unmeasurable.” Fan Wujiu watched Laura being taken into the kitchen by Chen Ze, then looked back at the tearful soul, the other party was still crying.

And Betty has already gone to pour water. This is the second bucket of tears. Betty doesn’t know why this little girl has so many tears. It stands to reason that ordinary people shed so many tears that they can’t come out long ago.

It’s not a well, just a few taps will produce water.

“So do you hold my hand again?” Laura blushed and looked at Chen Ze, with bright and intelligent eyes.

Chen Ze took a deep breath and calmed down. After all, Laura’s expression and expression are like doing something bad.

“Well, I have to ask you.” Chen Ze nodded, then took Laura’s hand, and then started making Light Cheesecake.

[You have made ten excellent Light Cheesecakes, and the dessert making experience has increased by 50 points]

But what special effects are triggered by not at all, which makes Chen Ze a little suspicious of life. Could it be that Laura was infected by her own non-qi after she established a relationship with herself?

“Okay… okay…” Laura’s face turned redder, and she was stuck behind her back by Chen Ze for a long time, as if she was completely hugged.

“If you give birth to a child, what should the child’s name be?” Laura thought of this question when it was impossible to make head or tail of, and then thought that as an undead, does he have the ability to breed children?

“Not at all.” Chen Ze shook the head, it seems that he has to continue, but he doesn’t know when it can be done.

Chen Ze glanced at the restaurant, and Betty was continuing to catch her tears outside, and the tears of the tears were still dripping continuously and couldn’t stop it.

Chen Ze remembered the sorrow he had experienced before. It can be said that all the sorrows Chen Ze experienced can’t be compared with each other. It is a kind of heartbreaking pain.

Chen Ze was stunned, he began to think about a question, must desserts be sweet? Just like this tearful soul, being brutally murdered by his own father is what a desperate thing for this young girl.

What was her mood at that time? What kind of mood is she holding, losing her last breath, and still not resenting her father?

“Honey?” Laura lifts the head, Chen Ze did not speak or move for a long time, which made her a little worried.

“Laura, you go out, I want to try to make it myself.” Chen Ze gently patted Laura on the shoulder, and then began to prepare another dish.

There is such a dessert, not so much dessert, Chen Ze thinks it is a medicine, that is Tortoise Jelly.

There are many sources of Tortoise Jelly. Chen Ze remembered that he had watched a TV series, it was Huang Feihong, and there was a discipline who made Tortoise Jelly by mistake.

However, there are also a large number of portable Tortoise Jelly on the market, which are often eaten with honey or maple syrup.

And most of these Tortoise Jelly are actually made with Tortoise Jelly powder. The real Chinese medicine Tortoise Jelly needs a lot of Chinese medicine to make.

For example, tortoise shell, silver flower, chicken bone grass, etc. Chen Ze never thought of making Tortoise Jelly for Chinese medicine before, but out of curiosity, he bought a little Tortoise Jelly powder, but it is a bit similar to burning grass powder.

Chen Ze tried to make a bowl of Tortoise Jelly, but it was not recognized by the system. It seems that this kind of Tortoise Jelly made directly with powder is not recognized as a dessert.

“Thank you three, please wait a moment.” Chen Ze walked out and looked at Fan Wujiu and Xie Bian who were still sitting in their chairs, cupped the hands.

“Your Honor is polite. In order to resolve the grief of the tearful soul, it is common to wait.” Xie Bi’an immediately stood up.

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Chen Ze didn’t worry too much, but ran out immediately, and then went to the Chinese medicine store to buy the Chinese medicine that Tortoise Jelly asked for.

“Young man, are you going to make Tortoise Jelly? I have rice noodles and eagle chestnut noodles.” When buying Chinese medicine, the white-bearded Great Grandpa in the store smiled and added what Chen Ze lacked.

Chen Ze hurriedly thanked him. Although the price is a bit more expensive than the supermarket, Chen Ze is really too lazy to go to the supermarket to buy it.

Then Chen Ze hurried back to the restaurant, and then began to cook Tortoise Jelly according to the method Great Grandpa told him.

Tortoise Jelly’s production method is very long, or the overwhelming majority Chinese medicine is very long to make. For example, Tortoise Jelly’s most critical step is to boil tortoise shell.

Boiling tortoise shells does not mean just boiling them into a few bowls of water. It takes about ten hours to boil them.

Chen Ze immediately took down Hastur’s acceleration slate, adjusted it to maximum efficiency, and then began to boil the tortoise shell, but even so, it would take two and a half hours.

Chen Ze did not sit idle, but processed other medicine ingredients first, and made rice noodles and eagle chestnut noodles by the way.

In the middle, Chen Ze took a look at Xie Bi’an and Fan Wujiu, and of course the little girl, still the same.

Xie Bian and Fan Wujiu sat there, like statues, motionless.

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