My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 382

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“You see, it’s often easier to live, but to live decently, you need some tricks.” A man in a black suit looked at the man who fell on the ground and gasped with a smile.

“You…you bastard…you will get retribution…” The person on the ground was lying weakly on her stomach, her body was paralyzed by the toxin, and she was unable to move.

“Retribution? I never believe in retribution, but if you can, if you go down, you can give me a dream to let me know if it is true or false.” The man smiled, Calm took out a plastic bag and put it in On the other’s head.

Struggling, pain, convulsions, but soon there was no movement.

Throughout the whole process, the man’s face was filled with a smile, unchanged, just like a mask.

“The mission is complete.” The man didn’t let go. He waited until he couldn’t touch the heartbeat, then let go and put the bag back.

The man took out his cell phone, sent a text message, and then hummed a little song, planning to leave this place.

But as soon as he walked out of the bedroom, the man saw that there was an extra door, an ordinary wooden door, where the bookshelf was originally.

“Oh?” The man was very interested. He walked over. He had stepped on this house before and had never seen a wooden door.

Maybe it’s the treasure room?

An idea popped up in the man’s heart, but at the next moment he shook the head with a smile, with the same smile on his face.

But the man still extends the hand and opened the door, holding a small object in his other hand.

As soon as he opened the door, Kiyoshi Takayama heard a gust of wind, and then he saw a woman with wings coming over her body, full of charm.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, distinguished guest.” The woman’s voice was so good that he couldn’t help but walk in and sat on the chair.

Then Kiyoshi Takayama immediately shook the head and looked at the woman in front of him in surprise. The charm of this woman was too terrifying, making him forget his usual calmness.

But this place is a restaurant?

Kiyoshi Takayama looked all around, indeed, everything here looks like a restaurant, and there is a special smell in the air.

“Chinese medicine?” Kiyoshi Takayama smelled this. After all, as a professional who collects money and helps people eliminate disasters, he still has a good knowledge.

Then Kiyoshi Takayama turned his head and looked at all around, and then he saw 2 tall men, and a little girl, who was crying all the time.

“Sir, do you want something to eat?” The woman asked, and Kiyoshi Takayama couldn’t help but become drunk for a while with her sweet voice.

Kiyoshi Takayama shook his head violently, still with that smile on his face, and took the menu that the woman handed him to check.

At the same time, his attention was always on the two men, because he always felt that each other’s clothes seemed a bit familiar, but he didn’t think of it for a while.

At that moment, Kiyoshi Takayama suddenly saw the man wearing black clothes, turned his head 180 degrees abruptly, and stared at him coldly.

Kiyoshi Takayama trembled, his hands trembling and he couldn’t even hold the menu. He just saw a few Chinese on the man’s head. Combined with this weird turning of his head, Kiyoshi Takayama had guessed the man’s identity.

“No no no! I… I have something at home! I forgot to turn off the gas!” Kiyoshi Takayama said in a panic, and then rushed out.

Betty stunned, what’s the matter? Then she saw Fan Wujiu’s head, looking at the wooden door.

“Guests, please don’t frighten other guests.” Betty was a bit speechless. Is this the first guest to be scared away by other guests?

“Sorry, this person has been watching us.” Fan Wujiu turned his head back again.

And Betty could only sighed then said, and then went on to pour the bucket, which was full again.

And Chen Ze didn’t know what happened in the restaurant. Even if understood, Chen Ze wouldn’t care too much. He was still playing Tortoise Jelly.

Because of the 4 times speed, Chen Ze made this time-consuming thing a lot faster. After two and a half hours, Chen Ze took out the turtle shell, added other Chinese herbs, and started to make Tortoise Jelly.

After 30 bowls of water were boiled into ten to 5 bowls of water, Chen Ze finally came to the end of the whole step.

Add the rice noodles and eagle chestnut noodles, Chen Ze stirred slowly, then took out the chopsticks, Tortoise Jelly began to condense into a solid.

Chen Ze looked at Tortoise Jelly in front of him. He thought of the tearful soul, the poor little girl. Chen Ze couldn’t help but sigh.

Then he took out the honey and scooped it a little bit onto a bowl of Tortoise Jelly.

Hope this sweetness can make you feel a little bit better.

[You made a perfect Tortoise Jelly, the dessert making experience has increased by 50 points]

【Upgrade from Dessert Master to Dessert Grandmaster】

[Dessert Grandmaster: The desserts you make have a very low probability of adding the attributes you want]

[Tortoise Jelly triggered Dessert Grandmaster’s passive, the perfect Tortoise Jelly obtained the reincarnation effect]

Chen Ze rubbed his nose. The upgrade of the system is definitely a good thing, or a great thing, but it is this method of prompting that Chen Ze cannot accept.

“Can’t you be gentle? It’s okay to make a ding.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes. As soon as there are more prompt boxes in this system, it will accumulate, and then Chen Ze will be confused.

However, Chen Ze is still very happy, after all, his dessert skills have finally been upgraded again, and he has made a perfect Tortoise Jelly.

Most importantly, Tortoise Jelly finally got the effect he wanted.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze clapped his hands triumphantly, and then called Betty in.

Then Chen Ze dropped all of these Tortoise Jelly with honey, and then ten or four bowls of Tortoise Jelly with Perfect level appeared, but these not at all get the additional attribute.

Chen Ze slapped his lips. He now has a better idea. Compared with Dessert Master, Dessert Grandmaster’s biggest improvement lies in the additional effect of attribute.

If the previous attribute is added, it’s like drawing a card when you play a game. It’s not necessarily a 4-star character or a 3-star character.

And if you don’t know which character is drawn, then the effect of the upgrade is that it is still uncertain whether it is 4 stars or 3 stars, but as long as it is 4 stars, it is definitely the one you want.

Xie Bian looked at Tortoise Jelly in front of him, and couldn’t restrain his surprise, but he still handed the bowl of Tortoise Jelly to the soul of tears.

The little girl was still crying, without any response.

Fan Wujiu couldn’t stand it anymore, turned around and picked up the spoon, scooped a spoon for the soul of tears, and fed it to her mouth.

The tears swallowed, the next second, the tears stopped slowly, with a little warmth on his face, disappeared into the air.

Fan Wujiu looked at the chain of the phone and looked at Xie Bi’an in surprise, just a mouthful?

Reincarnation in one mouthful?

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