My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 383

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“Venerable, many thanks.” Xie Bian bowed respectfully to Chen Ze. I have to say that Chen Ze’s bowl of Tortoise Jelly really surpassed Xie Bian’s imagination.

It stands to reason that the transcendence of the soul of tears is very troublesome, even for the Bodhisattva, it takes half a day to recite the sutras.

So Xie Bian really didn’t expect that Chen Ze just made a Tortoise Jelly and let this tearful soul go directly into the reincarnation.

“It’s a small matter, but the meal fee still needs to be settled.” Chen Ze waved his hand, just a bowl of Tortoise Jelly.

But the happiest thing is that Chen Ze’s dessert skills have been upgraded, and then he has made a Perfect level Cuisine.

“I don’t know what the Lord wants?” Xie Bian cupped the hands.

“Whatever.” Chen Ze didn’t want to collect too expensive things, just normal, after all, Tortoise Jelly’s production cost is not very high.

Moreover, Chen Ze made ten to five bowls of Tortoise Jelly in one pot, so it is natural to charge a little less.

“That, do you think this will work?” Xie Bian took out a copper coin, but it looked a little different.

Chen Ze took it curiously. This is a paper copper coin, which is strangely about the same weight as a copper coin.

“What is this?” Chen Ze was even more puzzled. He had seen a lot of copper coins. After all, there were so-called antiques that cheated fools on the stalls, and there were a lot of copper coins in them.

But this is the first time Chen Ze has seen this coin, and I don’t know why, the coin is a little cold in his hand.

“Venerable, this copper coin is a treasure used by the underworld, and it is worth 100 tael of gold.” Xie Bi’an immediately explained.

“Okay, then I will accept it.” Chen Ze nodded, this thing still feels very useful.

“Whatever you want, what an expert.” Xie Bian looked at the wooden door that disappeared behind him, and couldn’t help but sigh.

“En.” Fan Wujiu nodded, approving the actions of his companions.

“Go back to the underground mansion.” Xie Bian looked at all around, and then disappeared into the air with Fan Wujiu.

And Chen Ze is eating Tortoise Jelly with Laura and Betty.

“The taste of this is a bit unique.” Laura licked her lips. This black jelly-like body tasted really good.

“Yeah, it’s a bit sweet, and a bit bitter.” Betty was nodded, and she ate another bowl.

Chen Ze took the spoon and looked at the empty bowl in front of him, lost in thought.

The taste of Tortoise Jelly can only be said to be relatively delicious, bitter but sweet, not very sweet, but has a hint of sweetness.

Chen Ze slapped his lips. The Perfect level Tortoise Jelly disappointed Chen Ze, because his taste is not as perfect as Chen Ze imagined, and it even feels no better than the exquisite Parfait.

“It’s unscientific…” Chen Ze frowns, it stands to reason that the evaluation of system is absolutely not wrong, so why did Tortoise Jelly, who was rated as Perfect level, lose to other things in terms of taste?

“It’s strange.” Laura touched her stomach, a face of doubt.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Ze looked towards Laura.

“I feel that after taking this Tortoise Jelly, some of the impurities in my body have been eliminated a lot.” Laura touched her face.

Chen Ze was stunned, and then slammed the palm of his hand, and he said why he always felt that something was wrong.

Tortoise Jelly is Chinese medicine after all, and strictly speaking is medicine, not anything else, so its perfection must refer to other places.

After resolving the psychological doubts, Chen Ze’s mood suddenly relaxed.

But then there were no guests, even Hastur did not come, and I don’t know if I am still indulged in the construction of SimCity.

Chen Ze heard from Laura that now Hope City has become the place of survival for all the oppressed races in the Negative Plane. Everyday all there are a large number of slaves running to Hope City, and they are eager to be in that place to obtain their own salvation.

“In that case, your Dark Council must be under a lot of pressure.” Chen Ze and Laura were sitting in the dining room. Betty had already gone back. Chen Ze locked the door and planned to enjoy the time with Laura.

“Yes, many races have recently complained to Stan, making him brighter.” Laura’s face was taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. In her opinion, luckily it didn’t happen during her duty, otherwise It’s me who should have a headache.

“The head… is brighter?” Chen Ze blinked, what is the matter, he has only heard of headaches or baldness, and has never heard of bright heads.

“Because Stan is a skeleton mage, so his Soul Fire is in his eyes. When he is emotional, the Soul Fire will continue to burn.” Laura saw Chen Ze not understanding and gave Chen Ze a popular science.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, this is probably a candle, or a pumpkin lantern.

“It seems that I shouldn’t have suggested Hastur to play SimCity at the beginning.” Chen Ze shook the head. This pot is his own. If it weren’t for his own suggestion, Hastur would not engage in SimCity.

“It’s okay.” Laura waved her hand, then leaned her head on Chen Ze’s shoulder.

Chen Ze’s breathing suddenly stagnated.

Chen Ze silently pressed the Philosopher’s Stone, and suddenly the entire restaurant became a lake under the stars and a forest in the distance.

Chen Ze looked up at the starry sky. Although he knew it was a magical illusion, he had to say that the scenery was very good.

“I…” Chen Ze stopped talking, he didn’t know how to state his feelings, or how to express it.

“…” Laura did not speak, but clenched Chen Ze’s hand.

In this environment, Chen Ze suddenly remembered a small conversation.

“I want to sleep with you.” It sounds tacky and tiresome.

But if you change it to “I want to get up with you.” suddenly the taste changes.

So speaking has always been an art, and what is often nice to say is the performance of high emotional intelligence.

Chen Ze remembered that there is a cowboy in Japan called Roland, whose price is very high, but when you chat with him, you will find that this person has a high emotional intelligence and speaks very well.

Then Chen Ze remembered that the thief Che Guevara who came out some time ago also said a famous saying.

“The Old Brother in the school speaks nicely. They are all talents. I like it the most.”

With that said, are the ones with high EQ in the office?

“Pu…” Chen Ze couldn’t help laughing for a while.

Then, as soon as I lowered my head, I saw Laura looking at him with a horror film expression, asking Chen Ze to have one’s hair stand on end.

“Um… listen to me… ah no, explain!”

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