My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 384

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“In the future, it seems that Laura cannot be allowed to watch those Yan Yifans.” Chen Ze shook the head, thinking of what happened yesterday, Chen Ze still felt a little trembling.

Laura’s expression, Chen Ze was frightened at first, but later realized, isn’t this the scary expression in “Asobi Asobase”.

Chen Ze yawned and went downstairs and locked it down. Laura went back last night. It seemed that there was a sudden emergency to deal with.

But before leaving, Laura forced Chen Ze onto the bed, then spread a tan liquid all over Chen Ze’s body, and then asked Chen Ze to keep his posture without moving.

“But I can’t move, hello!” Chen Ze was fiercely complaining.

After the tan liquid is filled, it will solidify like amber, and then Chen Ze will be sealed inside.

Not to mention that after Laura left, Chen Ze suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. The feeling of holding back his bladder exploded and Chen Ze wished one were dead.

If it weren’t for Chen Ze’s wit, he used the magic array to take up the 4x speed slate that Hastur gave him, otherwise Chen Ze suspected that he might explode.

When the time comes, you have to go to Andrology.

“Hopefully a new day, there will be some more normal guests.” Chen Ze stretched out, stood in the dining room, looked at himself in the mirror, and tidied his clothes.

Then in the next second, with the wind ringing, Chen Ze saw the door of the restaurant behind him being pushed open.

Then came in 4 fruit men with black balls.

Chen Ze silently looked at these four guys through the mirror, then lowered his head to tidy up his Chef clothes, and then saw them shaking.

“…4 guests, did you go to the wrong door?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, if he knew that he would not say anything just now, he immediately set a flag.

“This is not Uncle’s house, Senior, did you take me wrong?” Iori Kitahara’s face was flushed with drunkenness.

“Kitahara, are you drunk, huh… this place… um… isn’t it a toilet?” Kōhei Imamura swayed, and Chen Ze twitched and twitched as he watched.

“Asshole, stop me!” Chen Ze’s angry roar filled the Unusual Dream Restaurant in the morning.

After a while, Chen Ze looked at the 4 people sitting on the chair, and couldn’t help but shook the head. He was also drunk. Why did these 4 people come in the morning?

4 characters from the funny anime “Grand Blue”, Iori Kitahara, Kōhei Imamura, and 2 Senior.

Chen Ze still likes to watch Grand Blue, because it is very funny and interesting, and Yan Yi is also very good.

Although it is a diving fan, there are very few diving pictures, and it can be said that it is an op fraud.

It’s just that Chen Ze didn’t expect that these 4 guests came in and would have such a stomachache.

“So, the 4 guests want something to eat.” Chen Ze sighed. He now wants Betty to come in, but he doesn’t want Betty to come in.

It can be said that the mood is very tangled.

“Hiccup…then…get a piece of Chestnut Rice!” Iori Kitahara waved his hand, assaults the senses of alcohol.

“Kitahara, drink! Drinking is the right way!” Shou Senior patted Kitahara on the shoulder.

“Right, yes, wine!” Imamura also said.

Chen Ze hesitated for a while, and it is not impossible to sell wine. Chen Ze still has a lot of wine here, either spirits or beer.

And for this guy named Diving Club, which is actually a fruit alcoholic group, Life Water with 96 degrees can be drunk casually, and the degree is not enough to estimate it really can not satisfy them.

“Manager, I’m coming…” Betty happily opened the door and came in, and then was stunned.

“Sorry for interrupting.” Betty was about to close the door again.

“Come in and help.” Chen Ze looked at Betty irritably.

Just for a while, these four guys all lay on the table.

Chen Ze could only throw them out with the magic array, and let Betty come in and wipe the table by the way.

“Manager, why are these guests so…perverted?” Betty wiped the table with a look of confusion. Just coming over, he could smell a lot of alcohol, which was really suffocating.

“How do I know.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, isn’t it really because of the flag just now? Can’t it?

“I saw this scene in the morning, and I felt it was not very good for my young mind.” Betty curled his lips.

“I’ll make buns for you later.” Chen Ze immediately pierced Betty’s true intentions.

“Hehe, Manager is really good.” Betty looked excited.

Chen Ze returned to the kitchen and started to make Goubuli Steamed Bun according to the recipe, and Yukihira should be coming soon.

But after 8:1, Chen Ze still didn’t see Yukihira Soma, which made Chen Ze a little confused.

“What’s wrong with this?” Chen Ze frowns, a face of doubt.

It stands to reason that Yukihira Soma seldom comes late, and after the stay together, there should be nothing wrong, and the autumn selection will have to wait a little longer.

“Should I be communicating with his dad?” Chen Ze felt that this probability was very high. After all, he had previously said that Yukihira Jōichirō was to guide him.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, dear guest~” Betty’s voice spread into the kitchen, interrupting Chen Ze’s contemplation.

“Are there any new guests?” Chen Ze took a probe, then saw a man in a purple suit with white makeup on his face.

“Restaurant? Oh~ what a strange place.” The man licked his lips. There was a scar on the corner of his mouth. With the red lipstick, it looked like he was smiling.

“Yes, sir, do you want something to eat?” Betty served with a smile.

“Um…I think I need a bat soup~” Joker sat down, turning a pen in his hand.

Chen Ze unable to bear covered his face. It seems that this flag really can’t stand casually. He used to be a diving fruit man of Grand Blue, but now he has become a Joker.

And through the opponent’s dress and face, Chen Ze recognized this Joker from “Batman-Dark Knight”.

He is also the Joker with many fans. Chen Ze also likes the Joker played by the actor, but in reality, it is another matter to meet him.

Fortunately, this is his own restaurant, Chen Ze is still very confident in his safety.

“Sorry, sir, our restaurant does not provide bat soup.” Chen Ze walked out and explained with a smile.

Are you kidding me, when is it, you still dare to drink bat soup?

All of this starts with a bat, hey, now whoever drinks bat soup is courting death.

“Oh? Is there no bat soup? Then just have something to eat.” Joker lifts the head, looking at Chen Ze intently.

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