My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 385

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What kind of character is Joker? Maybe they have different images in the eyes of different people. Criminals with high IQ are the opponents Batman has a headache.

Or it may be a villain who will kill you if you say nothing. Of course, many people like Joker very much and think he is a charming character.

However, Chen Ze feels that Joker is actually no different from ordinary guests, at least he feels that way now.

Standing in the kitchen, Chen Ze began to think about what kind of Cuisine to make for this kind of special guest.

Chen Ze’s first idea was steak. After all, Gotham City is also in the West, so it is normal to eat steaks.

And no matter how special Joker is, he still needs to eat. Impossible can survive completely by teasing Batman. It is not Joker, but non-human.

“Would you like to make a 3 Meiji?” Chen Ze rubbed his chin, thinking that this idea is also quite good.

However, Chen Ze gave up 3 Meiji, because there is a high probability that EXP will not be provided.

Finally, Chen Ze made a steak, followed by sweet and sour lotus white and a bowl of rice. In addition to steak, which is Western food, sweet and sour lotus white is an ordinary home-cooked dish.

It can even be said to be a home-cooked dish with very low difficulty. To make sweet and sour lotus white, you only need to wash the lotus white, then cut in half, tear it apart and throw it into the pot and fry it.

Then pour in vinegar and sugar, and add a little salt to make a delicious cuisine. If you don’t like to eat vegetable stems, just remove the vegetable stems.

This Cuisine really does not constitute a challenge, so Chen Ze quickly made it, and also received a sophisticated level of evaluation.

“Weird dish, steak~ and white leaves.” Joker picked up his knife and fork and began to slowly divide the steak in front of him.

This is not a top-notch beef. The snowflake texture is not prominent, but after a bite, the first thing to bite is the crispy surface of the steak, and then the tender and juicy fresh meat.

“Well ~ 70% cooked taste.” Joker licked his lips. This steak tastes very good, and I don’t know how the store grilled it. It will produce this kind of steak with crispy skin but juicy inside. .

Chen Ze was standing in the kitchen. He didn’t go to see Joker. On the one hand, it was not polite to watch customers eat. On the other hand, Chen Ze didn’t want to be seen by Joker.

You must know that in the DC universe, Joker is also a famous super villain on the list, and the DC universe is also divided into many types. Although Chen Ze has watched some movies, he does not have a deep understanding of these multiverses.

10000 How about digging a hole for Chen Ze when this Joker disagrees? Although there will be no accidents, it is still too much trouble.

So Chen Ze chose to stay in the kitchen to study the best maturity of Beer Beef.

Beef is a common ingredient. Whether it is the various beef dishes of Great Land of China, or Europe and the United States where there are many steak hobbyists, beef is an important part of the table.

But eating steak is a more unique thing.

As everyone knows, the maturity of steak is generally odd, that is, once mature, 30% cooked, 50% cooked, 70% cooked and 90% cooked, of course, 90% cooked is basically fully cooked.

When Chen Ze went to eat Western food for the first time, he even made 60% familiar jokes. At that time, the waiter was laughing. If it weren’t for the help of Chen Ze’s relatives, Chen Ze wouldn’t know what went wrong.

Later, I learned from it and learned some little knowledge about steak.

The reason why steaks are divided into these maturities is actually mainly because different parts of beef have different corresponding optimal temperatures.

For example, Filet Mignon, this steak is generally recommended to be 30% cooked, because Filet Mignon is the best taste when the temperature reaches 55 degrees.

It’s just that Chen Ze doesn’t like to eat these 30% or 50% cooked beef. It’s probably because the stomach of through childhood is used to cooked food, so Chinese often doesn’t like steak.

But even so, Chen Ze plans to try the best temperature of Beer Beef.

“But steak is not at all recognized by the system, which means it is not considered a Cuisine, so I can’t use the help of the system…” Chen Ze was a little melancholy.

If it is made into Beef & Potato Stew, then there are not many mature claims.

Chen Ze couldn’t help but glanced at the restaurant. Joker was almost finished eating. He ate very quickly. Betty poured him another glass of lemonade.

How about the help of Joker?

A bold idea emerged in Chen Ze’s mind, but he immediately shook the head and put this idea behind, because it was not realistic.

“This is your tip, beautiful girl.” Joker stood up, stuffed 100 Franklin into Betty’s hand, and left.

Chen Ze was stunned, walking so fast? Didn’t Joker find anything wrong? Or is it found?

Chen Ze hurriedly walked out and looked at the table. There was a small bottle on it, and there were 2 Franklins under the bottle.

Chen Ze walked over, picked up the bottle, it’s empty inside, there was nothing, maybe Joker thought it was more interesting to use this to press 100 dollars.

After all, Joker’s thinking is unpredictable. If Nyarla or Hastur are allowed to come over, maybe they can easily understand.

“Franklin…” Chen Ze was a little melancholy, and Joker left like this, and the remaining meal expenses could only be used as decorations in the cabinet.

“Compared with this, I think he left me with a playing card, and I’m a little happier.” Chen Ze shook the head and didn’t know when Joker would come again next time.

After all, this super villain is busy most of the time. If he is not busy, he is basically staying in the Arkham Asylum and waiting for Batman to fall in love and kill each other.

But Chen Ze has some expectations. After all, Joker is here, so maybe one day Batman will come in too? So will Flash and Superman come?

The Justice League skewered skewers together in Chen Ze’s restaurant, and then drank Beer. It was very interesting to think about.

“Manager, can I change this thing to Gold Coin?” Betty looked at Chen Ze pitifully, she still had a Franklin in her hand.

“No, because I don’t need it either.” Chen Ze shook the head decisively. What does he want these waste paper for?

It feels hard to wipe the ass.

“Eh eh eh? What am I using for it? It can’t be used to stop water! Stop water feels hard!” Betty said with a face.

“You really can drive on any broken road!”

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