My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 386

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Chen Ze held his chin and looked at the restaurant, feeling that he was about to become a stone statue like Wangqishi.

Yukihira Soma still didn’t come, and the hunter who came here to eat last time also didn’t come. I don’t know if he ran to investigate the black eclipse dragon, and then was in the painful cat car.

But in any case, it shouldn’t be that long, right? The Divine Immortal hunters on the frontier of the monster hunter should be allowed to come here. Isn’t it just hanging on to fight a black dragon?

When thinking of those Divine Immortal monsters, Chen Ze felt a little stomachache. Just watching the video, he felt that he couldn’t fight at all. The two Heavenly Dragons of Ice and Fire, or the 2 Magneto Dragon.

“I won’t really meet Zhuo Linglong!” Chen Ze raised his hand and then put it down again, originally wanting to scratch his head.

If you really encounter the Divine Immortal monster on the border, then it will be very interesting, but it is estimated that Chen Ze will not be able to wait until the hunter brings the cat Chef over.

“Ah, here I am.” The door was pushed open, and Yukihira Soma came in with a squid whisker in his mouth.

“What are you doing?” Chen Ze was very curious, then looked behind Yukihira Soma, not at all others came in, and naturally there was no Yukihira Jōichirō.

“Ah, don’t mention it, my dad came back a while ago, and then I told him about your matter…” Yukihira Soma scratched her head and said the matter.

To put it simply, Yukihira Jōichirō is very touched that her son can have this motivation to learn, and even goes to study Chinese buns.

But Yukihira Jōichirō didn’t believe that in this world there would be such a magical Transmission Gate, and then there would be such magical ingredients and Chef, so he rejected his son.

“Soma, do you want to go to the hospital? Father knows a great psychologist.” These are the original words of Yukihira Jōichirō. The caring eyes made Yukihira Soma almost give up thinking.

“So you said, why is this kind of thing so difficult to understand?” Yukihira Soma looked worried.

“Don’t think about it, your face is not suitable for thinking.” Chen Ze patted Yukihira Soma comfortably on the shoulder.

“…Huh?” Yukihira looked at Chen Ze with a circled face. It was the first time he heard such comforting.

“How about this, I’ll give you a very amazing ingredient, you show it to your dad, he will believe it when he sees it.” Chen Ze thought of the Extreme Nut Saury he got some time ago.

This magical ingredient from Toriko should allow Yukihira Jōichirō to accept reality.

“Oh? What kind of ingredients?” As a result, Yukihira Soma was the first to be interested. Shouldn’t it be Chef?

“That’s it, but I don’t know if it’s new or not, it should be fine.” Chen Ze opened the refrigerator and took out a box of Extreme Nut Saury meat from it.

Chen Ze’s refrigerator is cleaned regularly. After all, there are a lot of ingredients. The expired ingredients must be processed as soon as possible. There are still many tentacles in Chen Ze’s space bag.

“This is fish, right?” Yukihira Soma touched her finger and asked quite affirmatively.

You might as well just leave it alone, you said it all, and what about me.

“Yes, fish meat, its full name is Extreme Nut Saury.” Although I wanted to complain, Chen Ze still replied to Yukihira’s question.

“Extreme Nut Saury? What strange name is this?” Yukihira Soma a face of doubt, he has never heard of such a weird fish.

“Because the fish tastes full of nutty, so I called it this name.” Chen Ze can understand Yukihira Soma’s mood. Most of the ingredients in Toriko have unique names.

“So interesting?” Yukihira Soma became excited all at once.

No Chef can resist the temptation of brand new ingredients, especially when this ingredient is so rare.

“Well, you can bring it back, but I want your father to guide me.” Chen Ze did not reluctant, if this is an investment, Chen Ze feels that he will not lose.

Even more how Extreme Nut Saury weighs 100 kg. I gave it to Yukihira Soma, and Chen Ze still had some fish left.

“No problem, such a unique fish, I will definitely call my dad over.” Yukihira Soma knows his dad’s character very well, this kind of food will definitely interest him.

“Okay.” Chen Ze nodded, and then under the guidance of the excited Yukihira, started today’s study.

“I thought Manager was cooking food.” Betty leaned into the kitchen and took a look, and shook the head backed out again. She was not very interested in cooking.

However, I am very interested in Hamburger bags, and I have recently begun to study 3 Meiji.

After a while, Yukihira Soma left. Chen Ze was in the kitchen alone, recalling what he had learned today.

“The world of Cuisine is really amazing.” Chen Ze couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Uncle, your sigh is really weird.” Chen Ze was startled by a child’s voice suddenly.

“Huh? Conan?” Chen Ze was startled, but he saw Conan in the next second, lying on the kitchen window, looking at him.

“Uncle, Ai and I are here.” Conan looked at Chen Ze and jumped down.

Then Chen Ze suddenly realized that there was something wrong, that is why it was still Conan? Didn’t you just become Shinichi Kudo last time?

It feels like a few days, why is the duration of this time so short?

Chen Ze couldn’t understand a bit, but he went out anyway.

Then at a glance, I saw little Conan and Ai sitting in the chairs, looking at themselves.

“Um…what are you looking at me?” Chen Ze was a little puzzled, and Betty went over to pour them a glass of Cola.

“I want to know, what are the ingredients of the thing you made before?” Ai looked at Chen Ze calmly.

“Ingredients? That’s an ordinary dessert.” Chen Ze didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Your own system doesn’t even detect the existence of Hastur. What can you do as a scientist?

“According to your amazing restaurant, this is indeed possible.” Ai did not refute, nor was he excited, but calmly accepted Chen Ze’s statement.

“How long did it last this time?” Chen Ze was a little curious. The last time Conan drank the reversal Falooda, he changed back to Shinichi Kudo, and he didn’t know how long it lasted.

“Just one day.” Conan looked at Chen Ze with false eyes. Fortunately, Rachel didn’t follow to the bathroom, otherwise he really didn’t know how to keep hiding.

“That’s so short.” Chen Ze didn’t care. The original effect was time-limited. In addition, Conan’s world timeline was chaotic, and the duration was short and normal.

“What do you want to eat then?” Chen Ze clapped his hands and got back to business.

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