My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 387

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“If there was Falooda from last time, it would be the best.” Conan looked at Chen Ze with false eyes. He still wanted to become Shinichi Kudo. Only in this way could that organization be pulled out.

“Sorry, that is a random dish, not all Falooda can achieve that effect.” Chen Ze shook the head, he was just a Chef.

Although it has now been upgraded to Dessert Grandmaster, it is not just a casual Falooda that can produce reversal effects.

“Ah…it’s disappointing, let’s just have something to eat.” Conan lay on the table with a bored face, he was only interested in the dessert that he could recover.

“Then I will have an Unadon, plus a Mapo Tofu.” Ai is still so calm, it seems that only the organizer can make her lose one’s head out of fear.

“Okay.” Chen Ze nodded, then went back to the kitchen, and started preparing lunch for Conan and Ai.

“Let me think about it, this Extreme Nut Saury should be used for cooking, after all, the best cooking method is to cook.” Chen Ze thought about the Cuisine for Conan, after all, Conan is random.

Finally, Chen Ze finalized the question of what Conan should do, that is Extreme Nut Saury soup, plus a Tonkatsu Curry with Rice.

Originally, Chen Ze intended to try to make natto, but the ingredient of natto is Chen Ze not at all, and the taste of natto is also more wonderful, so Chen Ze finally gave up this idea.

After deciding what to make, Chen Ze’s cooking speed was immediately improved, and he handled the ingredients in front of him extremely quickly.

Cut the pork chops apart to make it easier for the curry flavors to penetrate and enhance the overall taste of Tonkatsu Curry with Rice.

Kabayaki can make a few small cuts in the eel, so that the grilled eel will have a little burnt and crispy texture, which is more delicious.

Magical Mapo Tofu is still the same, Chen Ze only needs to pay attention to the heat, and because of the sensitivity to temperature before, Chen Ze did a better job this time. Unfortunately, he did not get a perfect evaluation.

“Betty, come in and serve food.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, and then began to deal with Extreme Nut Saury.

Extreme Nut Saury is very easy to make. You just need to boil the water and then throw the fish in. Then the fish soup will slowly reveal the nutty and fish taste.

However, Chen Ze still added some salt and seasoning to it. Leeks and green onions were chopped and added by Chen Ze to make the whole soup more flavorful.

“Why does this Cuisine… shine?” Ai looked at the Magical Mapo Tofu in front of her with a suspicion of life. She really didn’t understand why a Mapo Tofu would shine.

“Generally speaking, everything that emits light is radioactive, but it is not at all seen inside, but it is not ruled out that it is the cause of grinding.” Conan is also very strange, but he is eating the Tonkatsu Curry with Rice in front of him. The taste of this pork chop rice is really good.

“No, I think it shouldn’t be this shop, and it doesn’t hide the things that will shine.” Ai shook the head, of course she knows what Conan said, but the cuisine in front of her does not seem to increase. The look of those things.

Ai hesitated for a while, but still took a spoonful of Magical Mapo Tofu, put it in his mouth, and took a bite…

Chen Ze took out a spoon, scooped some fish soup, and tasted it.

The taste is pretty good, rich fish and nutty, and there is no conflict between the two flavors, which makes Chen Ze more satisfied.

Then Chen Ze carried the pot of soup out, and when he went out, he saw that Ai had eaten Unadon and Magical Mapo Tofu in front of him.

“So fast? This is fish soup.” Chen Ze looked at Ai strangely. He thought that his body had shrunk and his appetite would also become smaller. Didn’t expect to eat so fast.

“Manager uncle, your Cuisine is really great.” Conan moved towards Chen Ze gave a thumbs up. He has eaten a lot of Cuisine, even Michelin Star Rated Restaurant, he has been to a lot, but It’s not as good as Chen Ze’s cooking skills.

“Thank you for the compliment, but I’m even more curious, what are you going to use to check out this time?” Chen Ze looked at Conan and Ai with a smile.

“Don’t worry about this, I have already thought about it.” Conan was proud of his face. Although not at all has changed back this time, it’s not bad for such a delicious Cuisine.

“Oh?” Chen Ze became more curious.

“That’s it!” Conan took out a black one, something like chewing gum.

“What’s this?” Chen Ze took it curiously, it wouldn’t be a tricky prop for pranks.

“I asked Hiroshi Agasa to make this. You only need to put the spices in, and you can automatically recognize what’s put.” Conan explained it seriously.

“Oh?” Chen Ze looked at it, and there was indeed a mouth. It seemed that the spice was put in it.

Chen Ze walked into the kitchen and took out a pack of 5 spice powder, which is a versatile seasoning.

Then Chen Ze shook a bit and went in, and suddenly saw the whole chewing gum light up a few times, and then a line of subtitles popped out, only in Japanese.

“…It seems there is nothing wrong, after all, it is something invented by Hiroshi Agasa.” Chen Ze shrugged, fortunately he has 100 degrees.

Then Chen Ze put the spice identifier on the table, and after Conan and the others left, Chen Ze could check whether it was good or not.

“The taste of this soup is really weird.” Conan smacked his lips. He just took a sip of Extreme Nut Saury soup.

“Indeed, there is a nutty taste, but it matches the taste of fish very well, there is no conflict, the taste is soft and delicate, and it is delicious.” Ai also nodded, with a face of satisfaction, and then she scooped herself a bowl.

Betty wiped her mouth aside, otherwise her saliva would flow out.

After a while, Conan and Ai went back, leaving only an empty soup pot.

“Manager, these two children are delicious.” Betty couldn’t help but sigh. She thought they could not finish eating.

“No, one of them is a high school student and the other is an adult.” Chen Ze shook the head, only to shrink it after taking medicine.

Moreover, he has been a primary school student for many years. If he counts according to his age, he should be an uncle. It’s just anime, it’s so unreasonable.

“Huh? Is that little girl too?” Betty asked curiously while washing the dishes.

“Yes, she is a scientist, but her body has shrunk.” Chen Ze nodded, and she is in the Conan fan, but she is called the palace of mourning.

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