My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 388

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“Manager, what do you usually like to eat?” Betty lay on the table, turning her fingers boringly.

There are no customers now, and the restaurant will become very idle without customers, so Betty plans to find something for herself.

“What to eat? I’m not very picky. Except fish, I don’t eat anything else… By the way, I don’t eat konjac.” Chen Ze thought for a while, and then gave his own answer. In fact, he is indeed a People who are not very picky eaters.

During kindergarten, a good child in the teacher’s mouth, probably not picky eaters at that time, and not very noisy, it belongs to the definition of a good child.

And when you grow up, that is the standard of good academic performance, and students with good academic performance are often given preferential treatment.

“Huh? I thought Manager was a very particular person.” Betty a face of doubt, originally she thought Chen Ze is a person who is very particular about food, after all, only such a person can open a restaurant, right?

“You think too much, I’m not a hobby of petty bourgeoisie.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, his family is average, if he didn’t inherit this restaurant, he probably belongs to the type of food and clothing.

However, there is still a certain distance from the small Kang Family court, which is probably the middle and lower type?

“Petite life? What is that?” Betty became more curious, she had never heard the name.

“That’s…” Chen Ze was about to explain, when the wind bell rang.

“Welcome to Unusual Dream Restaurant, dear guest~” Betty immediately leaned over, welcoming guests, it won’t be too boring.

“This is a restaurant? What’s the star rating?” A blonde woman came in from the door. She was wearing expensive clothes and some jewelry on her hands.

“Star?” Betty was a little dazed. She didn’t remember what star rating existed in the restaurant where she worked.

Chen Ze suddenly realized that the woman in front of her should be talking about Michelin Star Rated Restaurant.

Michelin Star Rated Restaurant is a recognized standard for restaurant evaluation in the world. Although Chen Ze never figured out at the beginning, Michelin didn’t sell tires, and why did he cross the border to evaluate restaurants.

Later I learned that there is indeed such a restaurant, and it is not the tire restaurant that Chen Ze imagined.

“Sorry, ma’am, we are not a star restaurant here.” Chen Ze walked out with a smile and explained.

Then Chen Ze noticed a jade bracelet on the woman’s hand, which looked very beautiful.

“Hey, it’s not a star restaurant? I thought it was a star restaurant. Then you are the chef here. What dishes do you recommend?” The woman’s tone made Chen Ze a little unpleasant, but Chen Ze didn’t. Too concerned.

“Guest, this is our menu.” Betty leaned over and gave the woman a menu full of pictures.

“Don’t touch me with your dirty hands, the butcher woman.” The woman looked at Betty with a contemptuous look, her eyes focused on the wings behind Betty.

“Guests, please respect the waiters in the restaurant.” Chen Ze couldn’t stand it anymore. Why is this woman so hypocritical?

“Respect? I’m a customer, and the customer is God. Don’t you know that when you open a restaurant? Besides, do you know how expensive this suit is? 30000 Euros! No discount! If it breaks, you let this lowly woman accompany you. How many men will make up for me!” Not only did the woman not repent, she had a proud expression.

Betty was trembling all over, she now understands what this woman is talking about, she is simply saying that she is a…

“Guests, our restaurant is a regular restaurant, and the waiter is also a regular waiter. Please don’t look at my waiter with colored glasses.” Chen Ze is even more upset. The forest is really big and there are all kinds of birds.

“What kind of spicy chicken restaurant? Forget it, I don’t want to eat it. I don’t want to eat this kind of dishes that hold the man’s hand all day and bring it out.” The woman was coldly snorted, and then she planned to leave with her bag.

“Guest, please apologize to my waiter.” Chen Ze expressionless stood in front of the woman.

“Apologize? Are you cracking a joke?” The woman looked at Chen Ze with a funny face.

“Guest, I don’t have cracking a joke.” Chen Ze’s voice became more gloomy.

“This is my waiter, a Succubus, and here we are…” Chen Ze walked over, and Betty waved his wings behind him and stared at the woman coldly.

The woman’s expression became more and more horrified. She originally thought that this woman was just to meet some abnormal needs, but this wing…

“We are hell here.” Chen Ze controlled the magic array and bound the woman.

“Let go… let me go! You demon!” The woman screamed in horror, her voice getting sharper.

“Devil? I’m not a devil.” Looking at the woman who lost one’s head out of fear, Chen Ze suddenly felt very meaningless. It was meaningless to argue with such a person.

Chen Ze waved his hand, the shackles of the magic array were released, and the woman fell from in midair.

With a crisp sound of “ka-cha”, the bracelet worn by the woman cracked.

The contents of her bag were scattered all over the floor.

Chen Ze glanced at a lot of bank bills and a box of small umbrellas. It seemed that this was not a lady.

“Ahhh Ahhhh!!! My bracelet! I bought it with 2 credit cards! I…my…” the woman yelled in disintegration, and she kept pulling the broken bracelets on the ground with her hands.

“You pay me for the bracelet!” The woman stared at Chen Ze with red eyes.

“This is fake.” Chen Ze picked up the bracelet and glanced at it.

The family is doing jade business, Chen Ze also has a certain ability to distinguish. This jade bracelet looks like a glass, but it is actually a fake.

“You… pay me… bracelet!” The woman yelled word by word, she didn’t hear Chen Ze clearly.

Chen Ze rolled the eyes, then tied the woman with a magic array and threw it out.

The woman’s voice was really sharp, and he felt that his ears were going to be shaken.

“Manager, her voice is really noisy~” Betty looked at Chen Ze with a smile.

“Yes, it’s very noisy, and I don’t know what I ate.” Chen Ze nodded, and then returned to the kitchen.

In this world, there are always some people who are desperate for appearance, and naturally there will be some evil guests.

Chen Ze yawned and continued to study his own cooking skills. Chen Ze intends to make Sliced ​​Tofu Broth the focus of his next strategy.

“Sliced ​​Tofu Broth…I don’t even know if my sword skills will work.” Chen Ze was a little melancholy, but he turned on his phone and started to check the recipe.

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