My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 389

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Sliced ​​Tofu Broth, this is a traditional Chinese dish, and it is also a dish with high demands on Chef’s knife skills. Generally speaking, through Sliced ​​Tofu Broth, you can roughly see a Chef’s knife skills.

Chen Ze looked at the phone, a little tangled.

He knows his own affairs, and Chen Ze understands. Although his knife skills have improved a lot compared to the past, Chen Ze has no confidence in whether he can cut tofu and ham into the size of hair. of.

“Try it, you won’t get pregnant anyway.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, and finally decided to try. After all, if you don’t try, you won’t even know the result.

Sliced ​​Tofu Broth belongs to Huaiyang cuisine. The knife skills are exquisite and the materials are very particular. If it was before, I would like to eat the whole Sliced ​​Tofu Broth. There are certain requirements for the season, but it is much better now.

Chen Ze opened the refrigerator, took out a large piece of tofu, and then took winter bamboo shoots, chicken breast, ham, mushrooms, lettuce and so on. These are the ingredients for Sliced ​​Tofu Broth.

The cooking method of Sliced ​​Tofu Broth is not complicated, it can even be said to be very simple, but even so, Chen Ze does not have much confidence in his heart.

Put a piece of tofu on the chopping board, Chen Ze gripped the kitchen knife, took a deep breath, and relieved himself.

Sliced ​​Tofu Broth is best to cut continuously and quickly, and the hand should be steady. If the hand is not steady, it may cut out ingredients larger than the hair.

Chen Ze stared at the tofu on the chopping board intently, and started to cut the tofu very quickly. The cutting time was a bit long, because Chen Ze had to cut a lot before moving it back a bit to expose the other tofu.

Chen Ze is very serious. The first impression of Sliced ​​Tofu Broth is derived from the food documentary “China on the Tip of the Tongue”. When Chen Ze saw that piece of tofu that looked quite complete and put it in the water, it looked like When the flowers bloom, they are shocked.

A piece of tofu is not very big. Although Chen Ze sliced ​​it carefully, he also cut the piece of tofu in a short while.

“Hu…” Chen Ze took a slow breath. He had been holding his breath just now, and now he felt a little uncomfortable.

Chen Ze twisted his neck, then scooped a bowl of hot water from a pot on the side, put the tofu in, and then Chen Ze saw the tofu slowly spread out.

Chen Ze did not continue to watch, the production of Sliced ​​Tofu Broth is not over yet, Chen Ze has to continue.

Then Chen Ze strictly according to the recipe, chopped the shiitake mushrooms, the winter bamboo shoots, the chicken breasts after cooking, and the lettuce and cooked ham…

“I feel like I’ve shredded the whole person.” Chen Ze shook the head, but the hardest part has passed. The next step is to deal with Sliced ​​Tofu Broth step by step.

Looking at the hot chicken soup, Chen Ze felt calm inside, and then Chen Ze took out the shredded tofu that was placed aside and put it in the soup pot to heat it.

Looking at the Sliced ​​Tofu Broth floating on the surface of the chicken soup, Chen Ze was satisfied and nodded, then he fished it out and put it into a bowl of chicken soup with various ingredients.

[You made a relatively good Sliced ​​Tofu Broth, and the Chinese Cuisine experience has increased by 7 points]

“Successfully accomplished!” Chen Ze was overjoyed. This Sliced ​​Tofu Broth finally succeeded. During this period, Chen Ze was always attentive, just as attentively as he did when he played League of Legends and grabbed the dragon.

“Manager, what did you do?” Suddenly a voice sounded, and Chen Ze almost jumped in shock.

Chen Ze lifts the head and found that there were a few more guests in the restaurant.

Sebastian and Drakan were lying curiously at the window, looking at Sliced ​​Tofu Broth in Chen Ze’s bowl, while Rissel was drinking Fat Nerd Merry Drink calmly.

“Sebastian? When did you come?” Chen Ze was a little confused, he didn’t notice them much just now.

“I’m here early, but the old lady didn’t bother you when I saw you were focusing on cooking.” Drakan explained, but his eyes were still on the Sliced ​​Tofu Broth in the bowl.

“Hehe, Manager, what is the name of your Cuisine?” Before Chen Ze wondered if he was too focused, Sebastian asked.

“Sliced ​​Tofu Broth is a delicate dish.” Chen Ze was very proud. After all, he made Sliced ​​Tofu Broth in one go, and it seemed to be done well.

“Manager, the dish you gave us last time is really good, but it’s too small, it tastes a bit unsatisfactory.” Sebastian licked his lips, he thought of the Hot & Spicy Crayfish last time, and he felt himself His saliva increased again.

Chen Ze lifts the head and glanced at him. Chen Ze still remembers his first pot of gold, which was dug from Sebastian, Ambergris, and now it seems to be at one of the teachers.

“Would you like something to eat?” Chen Ze clapped his hands and looked at the old guests with a smile.

“The old man wants a Sliced ​​Tofu Broth, and then I’ll give the old man a bit of filling.” Drakan stared at Sliced ​​Tofu Broth. Faerie Dragon always likes these things that look good.

“I’m not so particular, ten Light Cheesecake, then 5 Tonkatsu Curry with Rice, and finally 3 Magical Mapo Tofu.” Sebastian licked his lips. He wants to eat it today.

“Manager, I’m still the same. I have a little more food. I really like the hairy belly last time. This time I brought you a cow’s stomach. You cut it all for me.” Rissel also came. One sentence, and then a large piece of beef stomach was thrown in.

“Okay, but don’t give me such a big piece next time, I only need a part.” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, not all parts of the cow’s stomach can be cut into hairy belly.

Hairy belly is exquisite. Generally speaking, it refers to the rumen of cattle. Of course, there are some places where the position of 100 leaves is also called hairy belly.

Chen Ze cut open the beef stomach, cut out all the parts that could be used for making a belly, and then cut a large plate full.

Chen Ze looked at the hairy belly in front of him, nodded satisfied, the color of this hairy belly is still good, black.

Generally speaking, cows that eat feed have yellow belly, and cows that eat grain crops have black belly, while white belly are generally frozen products.

Chen Ze twisted his neck. Every time these dragons came, Chen Ze would become very busy, but it is better to be busy than to fall asleep faster.

Chen Ze rallied his energy and started cooking for Sebastian and them.

First, he brought out Rissel’s Hotpot, and then quickly cut a lot of Hotpot ingredients and asked Betty to carry it out.

Then Chen Ze started to make curry in a big pot, and then just finished the rice and pork chops.

“Betty, come in and serve food!”

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