My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 390

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“Manager’s craftsmanship really doesn’t say that the old man likes eating here more and more.” Drakan looked contented, he was eating Sliced ​​Tofu Broth.

In fact, Chen Ze feels this is a bit cruel. After all, Drakan is such a big dragon, he can only eat so little Sliced ​​Tofu Broth. If you don’t count the ingredients, the chicken soup is only a 600ml bottle of Fat Nerd Merry Drink.

A small bowl, which happened to be so much, let Drakan take a sip slowly, aftertaste for a long time, and then take another sip of Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice.

Chen Ze whispered while watching in the kitchen, which was really embarrassing for Drakan.

“You know? When I got those thieves who came to my house to steal things in the Dragon Nest, what I miss most is the dishes from Manager.” Sebastian picked up a piece of Light Cheesecake, and put it in his mouth one bite. This is satisfied.

“Well, the hairy belly of this clefthoof cow tastes pretty good.” Rissel was much more comfortable, and while he was boiling the Hotpot, he praised his wit.

“The spicy Hotpot taste is too strong, the old man still likes this.” Drakan took another sip of Sliced ​​Tofu Broth, with a cheerful expression on his face.

The entrance of Sliced ​​Tofu Broth is very soft, and the taste is also very delicious. You can feel the taste of ham with a light sip. Coupled with the seasoning of winter bamboo shoots and mushrooms, Drakan has a warm belly.

“Now that the news of Spiritual God’s fall has spread.” Rissel did not go back to his friend, but asked calmly.

“Well, otherwise my dragon’s nest won’t be attacked.” Sebastian took a big mouthful of Tonkatsu Curry with Rice and said while chewing.

“Sebastian! Can you talk after you finish eating!” Rissel was furious, if it wasn’t for his quick eyes and hands, otherwise the food in Sebastian’s mouth would have been sprayed into the Hotpot.

“Blam me.” Sebastian narrowed his neck while looking at Drakan’s dangerous eyes.

“Lord Dragon God has fallen, and Dragon Race mutual assistance has become empty talk. The relationship between 5 color dragons and other dragons is not good, so friends will help.” Drakan poured Sliced ​​Tofu Broth with satisfaction. Inside, otherwise he worried that Sebastian would slobber in later.

“In the eventful season, Negative Plane has Dark Council, but it’s okay. Positive Plane is going to have a big trouble now. Every church is attacking each other.” Rissel took another bite.

“I heard that the old Supreme Pontiff of Radiant Church seems to have discovered a way to promote the gods.” Sebastian also interjected, but this time he learned to behave and eats the things in his mouth before talking.

“Promotion? It’s the top powerhouse of Negative Plane. Who doesn’t know. After the gods fell, the lock disappeared, but no one dares, because they don’t know why all the gods fell in one day.” Drakan sneered, then Continue to eat his own meal.

Chen Ze opened his mouth. He wanted to say that he knew. After all, the Lord who killed all the gods often came to eat here.

“Nyarlathotep’s name hasn’t come out yet, otherwise it must be very famous.” Chen Ze smacked his lips, and now Stan, his girlfriend, and Hastur know who made it.

Chen Ze looked at the phone and was stunned.

“It’s July…” Chen Ze sighed. Although he has graduated for a long time, he still knows things like the college entrance examination. After all, it was mentioned in the news.

Thinking of the years of the college entrance examination, Chen Ze felt like a dream.

High school enters the first year of high school, the learning pressure becomes greater, high school 2 is even greater, and high school 3 has reached the peak. Except for some students with a back path, other students are trying their best to study.

At the thought of high 3, Chen Ze couldn’t help but touch his stomach. Then he was really a protected animal in the family, and his status was higher than Billion.

Eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, drink whatever you want, just to mention, Father Mother will buy it right away, even her younger sister will secretly hand herself a hot towel at that time.

“I will take the college entrance examination tomorrow.” Chen Ze sighed, his younger sister is still a year away and will have the college entrance examination.

Then Chen Ze remembered that there is such a dish. Although it is a bit troublesome to make, its meaning is also very good, and it is also very suitable for tomorrow.

“Betty, you look at the restaurant, I’ll go out for a while.” Chen Ze untied Toque, then rushed out immediately.

When Chen Ze returned from a taxi from the vegetable market, more than ten minutes had passed.

As soon as he opened the door, Chen Ze was stunned.

“Hiccup~Rissel, can you do it? I see you…not as big as me.” Sebastian put his arms around Rissel’s shoulders.

“Old man… The old man is the biggest!” Drakan also jumped on the table, looking at the black line at the end of Chen Ze.

“Um, what are you doing?” Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, deeply doubting whether he received the wrong guests.

“Manager, they drank Wine of Anguish.” Betty walked out helplessly, she didn’t expect it to be like this.

“Why do you drink Wine of Anguish for them?” Chen Ze was a little confused, is Wine of Anguish wine? That’s not alcohol, it’s simply alcohol, or the kind with high concentration.

“I didn’t want it, but Sebastian kept asking for high-quality alcohol, so I took Wine of Anguish.” Betty looked at Chen Ze pitifully.

Chen Ze couldn’t help but sighed, and then watched the scene with spicy eyes again. It seemed that he had to find time to ask Laura for a hangover magic.

“You use the lingua franca of Positive Plane, leave a note for them and tell them to pay the bill next time.” Chen Ze can’t stand it anymore, and it feels like going from a restaurant to a night scene anymore.

“Okay!” Betty also knew that he was at a disadvantage, and immediately wrote 3 notes, caring to help them stick to them, and then Chen Ze threw the 3 dragons out with the magic array.

As for the safety issue, Chen Ze is not worried, nor is he drunk and unconscious. With three giant dragons together, it is estimated that no one has the ability to grab things.

Seeing Betty starting to clean up the dishes, Chen Ze brought the carp back to the kitchen. He planned to make a fish leaping over the dragon gate, and then send it to his younger sister.

“Call an errand guy later.” Chen Ze twisted his neck, then looked at the recipe intently.

Fish leaping over the dragon gate is a dish that needs to be made as soon as possible. The sooner it is made, the better, so Chen Ze intends to memorize it as much as possible. In doing so, he does not need to look at his mobile phone frequently.

After thinking about it, Chen Ze made sure he had memorized the recipe, then took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat, and sent a message to his younger sister.

“The college entrance examination is coming soon. Although you still have a year, I want to wish you Gold List title in advance.”

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