My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 391

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Chen Ze twisted his neck to prepare for this unique cuisine. After all, the next step is to deal with it as soon as possible. If the processing is slow, Chen Ze is really not sure that he can do it well, and the taste will deteriorate at 10000. What? 10000 The final quality of this fish leaping over the dragon gate has an impact. Isn’t Chen Ze really at a loss?

“Manager, what are you doing?” Betty leaned on the kitchen window, looking at Chen Ze curiously.

“Cooking, what else can I do?” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, what else can I do in the kitchen besides cooking? The kitchen can only be used for cooking, right?

Of course, if it’s the world of a certain girl Sylvie, then the kitchen can indeed make some other worlds, but the problem is that this is the real world, not the world of a certain girl Sylvie.

But maybe you can try it with Laura later?

A bold idea flashed in Chen Ze’s mind, but he immediately shook the head and put the idea behind him. After all, he is still cooking now. If you are not careful about something wrong, it will be embarrassing.

Chen Ze did not continue to care about Betty, but began to deal with the live carp in front of him.

But before starting to deal with it, Chen Ze remembered a very critical issue, that is, he hasn’t carved the dragon head yet, nor prepared the dragon body, let alone dragon claw.

“I feel like I’m going to finish it. How should I carve the dragon head?” Chen Ze is a bit bald. Although his current cooking skills are considered to be a relatively good type, he uses ingredients to directly carve this kind of thing. Chen Ze really hasn’t I have done it, so I feel a little worried now.

“Forget it, watch the video and learn as much as you can.” Chen Ze shook the head. It seems that next time you have to put the ingredient carving on the study plan, otherwise you can cook this type of dish again. Very troublesome.

While watching the video, Chen Ze worked hard to carve the white radish in his hand with a knife, and finally carved 4 dragon heads.

“Manager, Laura-sama is sleeping, or…” Betty got in, and was stunned.

Betty looked at the 4 unidentified white objects in front of Chen Ze, a face of doubt, she walked over curiously, circled around, and then looked at Chen Ze with surprise.

“Manager, when did you start learning black magic? Or which Evil God do you plan to worship?” Betty looked at Chen Ze suspiciously. After all, the scene in front of him seemed to be worshipping the dark Evil God. The kind of unknown appearance.

“What nonsense, I’m cooking, you go out to clean.” Chen Ze was a bit sorry when someone saw his failure, and then quickly drove Betty out.

Finally, Chen Ze decided not to carve the dragon head this time, so he tied it up with fans and made a simple dragon body to pull it down. After all, the dragon head still requires experience and time accumulation.

After tying the vermicelli quickly, Chen Ze threw it out of the frying pan, and after it was fried and expanded, it was wrapped tightly with egg skins.

Next is to deal with the carp.

Chen Ze fished out the carp, then cut the knife from the back, and under the skin, took out 2 pieces of fresh fish, cut them into butterfly blades, and put the fish back.

Then Chen Ze inserted the fish head and fish tail into the bamboo skewers, put them on the plate, and then put them on the kitchen table.

Chen Ze took the fish fillets out, put them in the boiling chicken stock pot, covered the pot, and when the pot opened, he scooped out a spoon and tasted it.

“The taste is okay, but it is too troublesome to make.” Chen Ze shook the head, suspecting that he had found a fake recipe.

But thinking of other recipes, Chen Ze was relieved.

Chen Ze saw that there was a big recipe in front of him, and he gave up decisively. Instead, he chose another recipe. Fortunately, he bought 2 carp, otherwise it might be too late to make it.

Then Chen Ze re-made a fish leaping over the dragon gate according to another recipe.

[You made an ordinary fish leaping over the dragon gate, and the Chinese Cuisine experience has increased by 5 points]

Chen Ze glanced at his mouth, and it seemed that it was still a problem with knife skills, and there were also problems with the steps of fishing and the method of picking fish, otherwise It shouldn’t be an ordinary evaluation.

But after all, Chen Ze is quite satisfied. The next step is to take pictures, post to Moments, and by the way to his younger sister.

Chen Ze took out the phone and took a look. After sending a message to the younger sister before, she has not responded yet. It is estimated that the phone is still in the Teacher, but Chen Ze still sent the photo.

[I am Great Literary Giant: fish leaping over the dragon gate, I hope you can also get an ideal university in the future]

I clicked to send it, and I saw that I kept turning around, and the message was not sent for most of the day.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ze was a little confused, but he understood the next moment because the wind bell rang.

“Mr. Manager, is there afternoon tea today?” The door was pushed open and Moriarty walked in, but this time he came in alone, and Moran still didn’t follow him.

“Sorry, Professor Moriarty, our restaurant does not provide afternoon tea for the time being.” Chen Ze was a little helpless. Should this be the professor’s insistence? Every time I come in the afternoon, I will ask if there is afternoon tea.

“Oh? It’s a pity, then just give me a staple food, another dessert and a drink.” Moriarty didn’t care, but put his gentleman hat on the table and sat down.

“Thank you, Betty.” Moriarty smiled and took the lemonade that Betty had handed over, and took a sip of it comfortably.

Chen Ze nodded, after thinking about it for a while, he decided to prepare a Frozen Sea Chestnut Rice for Professor Moriarty. The dessert is Light Cheesecake, and Chen Ze decided to make juice.

These cuisines are completely out of difficulty for Chen Ze now, so Chen Ze will be ready in a while, put it on the table, and let Betty take it out.

“Hu…Mr. Manager’s Cuisine is really so delicious. Even the best Chef in London can’t make yours.” Moriarty didn’t hesitate to praise her.

“Professor, if you come earlier, you might see a detective.” Chen Ze wiped the glass with a smile, and he planned to squeeze himself a glass of Watermelon Juice.

“Detective? Who is Mr. Manager talking about?” Moriarty caught the key word.

“It’s the admirer of the Great Detective Holmes… Shinichi Kudo.” Chen Ze shrugged. When talking about the Great Detective Holmes, Moriarty was obviously more focused, but when she heard the latter, she relaxed a lot.

“Shinichi Kudo? Haven’t heard of the name, is it a Japanese detective?” Moriarty didn’t care.

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