My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 392

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“It is indeed a famous Japanese detective, but his strength is still very good, and he has solved a lot of cases.” Chen Ze thought for a while, how many cases Shinichi Kudo has solved? Chen Ze himself can’t count them, but Shinichi Kudo has also changed from a famous detective in the Heisei period to a famous detective in the Reiwa period.

“Oh? To allow Mr. Manager to make such an evaluation, I feel that I am really interested in this detective. How old is he now?” Moriarty became curious when he heard Chen Ze’s evaluation.

“Age? I’m still a high school student, maybe ten 67.” Chen Ze thought for a while. Although the name Detective Conan has been released for many years, Shinichi Kudo’s grade has not been longer, just like the time of the world. It all stopped.

“High school student? 16-17 years old?” Moriarty suddenly became interested. If you know that you can be a detective at such a young grade, then it must have nothing to do with the bastard. Everyone who can be famous at such a young age , They all rely on innate talent, especially the detective industry.

“Yeah, it’s a bit weird.” Chen Ze shook the head. If you add up the days when the name Detective Conan was released, Shinichi Kudo should have already run 4.

“It’s really interesting, do you know when this detective will come, Mr. Manager?” Moriarty smiled and took a sip of Chestnut Rice, pursing his lips in satisfaction.

“I don’t know, because the wooden door is actually open there, but when the guests are their own business, some guests may not come for a long time, and some guests will come every day.” Chen Ze shrugged, for his own restaurant, although he is Master, but there is no way to decide when the guests will come in.

“Well, I also said that I have seen the style of this famous detective.” Moriarty was a little disappointed, but didn’t care too much, but continued to eat his own food.

“Mr. Manager!” The door was pushed open, coming in with the wind bell, and Jeanne’s silhouette.

“Jeanne, are you here? Do you want to have something to eat today?” Betty looked at Jeanne with a smile, she liked this little girl very much.

“Elder Sister Betty, this is for you.” Jeanne took out a bunch of yellow wreaths from the flower basket she was carrying, which looked very nice.

“Thank you Jeanne, Jeanne is so cute, come on, sit down.” Betty walked in with Jeanne, found a place to sit down.

Chen Ze looked at Jeanne. This little girl was very dishonest today. She was looking around until she confirmed that Nyarla was not there, and then she lowered her head in disappointment.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, isn’t it, shouldn’t it, something is wrong!

You are not right!

Chen Ze felt a headache, but he still walked over. He had to pull Jeanne out as soon as possible. It’s not good who he likes, but he likes Nyarlathotep, and doesn’t look at the existence of this Lord that your this World has endured.

“Jeanne, is it Pizza today?” Chen Ze looked at Jeanne with a smile and rubbed her head.

“Mr. Manager… isn’t the previous gentleman away?” Jeanne looked disappointed as expected.

“Well, that gentleman is not here.” Chen Ze had a strong urge to complain about it, what’s going on.

“Oh…” Jeanne lowered her head.

“Then trouble Mr. Manager, make me a Pizza, thank you!” But soon, Jeanne regained his vitality, which made Chen Ze sighed in relief. As long as you don’t see Nyarla for a long time, you will always forget it.

Chen Ze relaxed a lot, then returned to the kitchen and started to make Pizza for Jeanne. This thing is really not that difficult. Chen Ze is also very fast now, but it takes some time to bake Pizza.

“Elder Sister Betty, those Burgundians have been getting too much lately.” Jeanne pouted, tugging at Betty’s clothes.

“What’s the matter?” Betty listened patiently, but didn’t notice that the professor beside him was eating slowly.

“They came to my village, attacked us and set fire to the village!” Jeanne was very angry. If it weren’t for these Burgundians, how could there be that many refugees in the village.

“This little girl, take the liberty to ask, what is your name?” Moriarty looked at Jeanne with a smile.

“Eh? Hello, sir, my name is Jeanne d’Arc.” Although Jeanne was surprised why the person sitting and eating would ask her own name, she still answered.

Chen Ze stood in the kitchen, feeling a little helpless. Didn’t expect Moriarty to be curious about Jeanne, and now he asked her name, so he should know that this little girl caused England to fall to Saintess Jeanne. Right?

“Where are you from?” Moriarty nodded, then asked again.

Jeanne did not answer, but looked at Moriarty with a suspicious look, and the mother told her that she must be careful of some bad people outside.

“If you answer, I’m willing to pay for 5 more Pizza for you.” Moriarty saw Jeanne’s wariness and threw the bait with a smile.

Facts have proved that food is not nothing serious for the people. No matter who, if you can’t solve the problem of hunger, you can’t seriously consider other things.

Jeanne succumbed instantly. That was 5 pieces of Pizza. Although Chen Ze kept confiscating her money, Jeanne was still very concerned about this problem. Now that she can ask this rich gentleman to pay for Pizza, she is naturally willing .

“Sir, I’m from France. That’s what my father said.” Jeanne answered quickly, and then seemed afraid that Moriarty would not fulfill his promise and kept staring at him.

“Mr. Manager, please add 5 more Pizzas to Jeanne Young Lady and charge them to my account.” Moriarty waved his hand, Chen Ze nodded said he heard it.

Moriarty turned his head and continued to eat his own food, but his heart was shocked.

As an erudite person, Moriarty’s knowledge does not need to be doubted, he is a very powerful professor himself, and the name Saintess Joan of Arc is simply too famous in England.

Although it is notorious.

“Jeanne, do you believe Gods Vestige?” Moriarty said again.

“I didn’t believe it before, I still believe it now.” Jeanne was definitely nodded, and then glanced at Chen Ze. It was obvious that in her heart, Chen Ze’s restaurant is Gods Vestige.

“Jeanne, you are going to drive away the English and lead the crown prince to Reims for the coronation ceremony. This is your Destiny.” Moriarty looked at Jeanne seriously.

Chen Ze is frowned, what does this mean? What is the professor going to do?

Moriarty looked at Jeanne playfully, he had an idea.

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