My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 393

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“This is… this is my Destiny?” Jeanne blinked, she was a little confused.

Chen Ze was in the corner of the mouth twitched in the kitchen. He didn’t quite understand why Moriarty said that. Shouldn’t this be the Gods Vestige that Jeanne encountered?

According to the information obtained by Chen Ze at 100 degrees, Jeanne should have claimed that she had met Gods Vestige and three Archangels, and then an angel told her that she would drive away the English and then take the crown prince. Reims held the coronation ceremony.

But how did Moriarty say this now? Moriarty said, will it have any impact on Jeanne? Then will history develop in the original direction?

Chen Ze didn’t know, but Chen Ze decided to wait and see what Moriarty had to say next.

“Yes, this is your Destiny, but Destiny can be changed, Jeanne.” Moriarty smiled kindly, looking like a kind uncle.

“Change Destiny?” Jeanne was even more confused. In fact, Destiny and so on is too far for a young child of this age, not to mention Moriarty asked her to meet the crown prince, and then to get some crowning ceremony.

“Yes, I will teach you some knowledge, you learn them, and then change your Destiny.” Moriarty smiled more kindly, but Chen Ze always felt that something was wrong.

Chen Ze just stood in the kitchen and listened. While listening, he put the pizza in the oven, and then took out the baked pizza.

After listening for a long time, Chen Ze finally realized what Moriarty was planning to do.

To be precise, Moriarty was teaching Jeanne.

This guy taught Jeanne about the current political system in England, telling this about the beauty of power and what power can do in the future for Saintess Joan of Arc.

He also told Jeanne that as long as she replaces the crown prince, France can be built into a powerful country.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, Moriarty Is this going to train a French queen in another time and space?

And it seems that Jeanne is also a little moved, after all, what Moriarty said captured her concern.

There is no hunger, no attacks, civilians can eat, don’t have to pay high taxes, and…

“Jeanne, do you think these weavings are really worth a piece of pizza?” Moriarty is like a devil, seducing Jeanne.

“…I know it’s worthless…” Jeanne lowered her head, her heart shaken.

“Becoming a queen, the wealth of France is yours, and you can repay Mr. Manager.” This sentence increased the weight on the other side, and Jeanne squeezed her small hands nervously, and slowly clenched them.

“Jeanne, this is your Pizza.” Chen Ze walked out, took out 6 pieces of Pizza, and put them all in a big bag.

Chen Ze glanced at Moriarty. Chen Ze didn’t say anything about what the professor just said. After all, compared to the previous Destiny of Saintess Jeanne, Chen Ze thinks Queen Jeanne I seems to be better.

Is the posthumous name useful? Chen Ze feels that Jeanne in the historical trajectory is even more miserable. Although he is also a heroic character, he still died miserably.

“Thank you, Mr. Manager!” Jeanne mentioned it, looking a little strenuous, 6 pieces of pizza, or this kind of pizza, there is some weight.

After watching Jeanne leave, Moriarty suddenly said.

“Mr. Manager, why didn’t you stop me? You should know Jeanne, know that Jeanne.” Moriarty looked at Chen Ze. He had noticed some differences between Chen Ze and Jeanne before.

“Huh? How did you know?” Chen Ze was a little stunned. He remembered not telling the professor that he knew Jeanne.

“Because when I asked Jeanne’s name, you followed the restaurant 3 times, which is very abnormal.” Moriarty saw Chen Ze admit it and looked at him with a smile.

“I just don’t think it’s bad.” Chen Ze glanced at Moriarty, and the professor’s table was finished.

“Professor, it’s time to check out.” Chen Ze looked at him with a smile.

“Well, let me see, this time I will use this to check out.” Moriarty thought for a while and took out a pen from his arms.

To be precise, it seems to be a quill pen, but this quill pen looks a little different.

First of all, it is made of very precious materials as a whole. The gold barrel and the gems at the end are not so much a pen, as it is a work of art.

Chen Ze was a little speechless, but he still accepted it. After all, he also knew that Professor Moriarty really couldn’t bring out anything that would make him fascinated.

Eh? That said…

Chen Ze suddenly remembered that he still wanted such a thing.

Chen Ze looked at the professor who had gotten up and was about to leave, and immediately stopped him.

“Professor, please wait a moment.”

Moriarty stopped and turned his head to look at Chen Ze. Although he didn’t speak, Chen Ze knew that the other party was asking him what was wrong.

“For the next meal, please give me a copy of the book written by Dr. Watson.” Chen Ze is looking forward to it, but Watson wrote it himself.

“Of course, it would be better if there were the signatures of Holmes and Watson.” Chen Ze added one more point.

“Um…no problem, I can give you my book as well. I can’t write any worse than these two guys with funny hats.” Moriarty nodded, then pushed the door and left.

Chen Ze was stunned, why did he always feel that what Moriarty said was a bit wrong?

“Forget it, things between these smart people are trouble.” Chen Ze shook the head, and then went back to the kitchen.

Chen Ze touched the chin, Betty was washing the dishes, but she didn’t wear the floral bracelet that Jeanne gave her.

“Why didn’t you wear it?” Chen Ze glanced at Betty, didn’t he still wear it outside just now.

“Because I need to wash the dishes, once 10000 is broken, won’t Jeanne feel sad to see it?” Betty answered quickly, and she could see that she was not at all thinking.

Chen Ze nodded, this is true, after all, it is something other people give. It is good to cherish a little.

Then Chen Ze opened the refrigerator and took a look. When he went to the supermarket before, Chen Ze bought some things, and one of them had to be processed as soon as possible. After all, fruits should be eaten as soon as possible.

Chen Ze calmly lifted the yellow thing out and put it on the chopping board, thinking about what it could be used for better than it is relatively good.

“Wow! Manager, what’s this smell… vomit… I’m about to throw up…” Betty clutched his nose and rushed out.

Chen Ze gave her a strange look.

“This is durian.”

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