My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 394

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Durian, this is a rather unique fruit. People who love it can’t wait to eat one every day, while those who hate it will feel sick when they smell it, and even have vomited twice.

Chen Ze really liked this durian. When he was in elementary school, he asked Mother to bring a bag of durian candy from his hometown, but he ate it during the break and was scolded as eating it. Later, Chen Ze was divided into classes. One thing, about 60% of 5 boys like it.

And girls? Girls have expressed that this taste is not physiologically acceptable.

Later, Chen Ze was called to the office by the head teacher. From then on, Chen Ze can only eat durian candy at home because the taste is too big.

“I… vomit… I can’t stand it…” Betty rushed out, standing on the edge of the dining room and taking a deep breath.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, but still split the durian with a knife and took out the flesh inside.

Durian is a fruit, but its popularity is limited to Asia. For example, in Europe and America, if you bring durian to the library, the library is likely to be sealed because they suspect that there is a poison qi.

And if you eat it at home? That’s okay, but if your “kind” neighbors smell it, they may call the police for you.

Chen Ze is okay. The taste of durian is acceptable to him. Chen Ze didn’t take it first, but tasted a piece. Nodded to his satisfaction, this durian is still very good.

Durian is a long tree, but durian usually falls from the tree at night when there is no who, otherwise if it falls during the day, it will be very scary.

Of course, I will also make a net on the durian tree now, just to prevent any durian that I can’t think of for a while, I decided to challenge the laws of nature, and try to see if jumping off during the day will be more exciting.

“Would you like to try to make a popsicle?” Chen Ze touched his chin. This is not Chen Ze’s nonsense. There is indeed a durian popsicle. Chen Ze has eaten it once.

But Chen Ze regretted it after eating. First of all, Chen Ze not at all in this durian popsicle ate the flesh of durian, instead he ate coconut, but the taste of durian was quite strong, but it was similar to durian sugar.

Chen Ze looked at the durian in front of him and felt that making a durian popsicle for himself seemed a good choice. Then Chen Ze took out a durian. After a simple treatment, he inserted a wooden stick and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Of course it’s another small refrigerator. Chen Ze doesn’t want his frozen meat to taste durian.

“Then I will make Durian Chicken for the remaining durians.” Chen Ze clapped his hands and thought that was a good idea.

Durian Chicken, although it sounds a little weird, this dish is magically attributed to the healthy vegetable. When Chen Ze checked the recipe for the first time, he almost didn’t stare out.

But thinking of the nutritional value of durian, it is no surprise.

Chen Ze thought for a while. Durian Chicken is a more personal cuisine. The key ingredient durian depends entirely on the Chef and the diners themselves.

“Let… put 3? Three should be enough.” Chen Ze clapped his hands, thinking that the idea is good, no more, no less.

Then Chen Ze started to process this Durian Chicken according to the recipe, and Betty’s nightmare also began.

At first, the durian smell in the kitchen is the heaviest. Betty can still breathe smoothly while standing in the dining room, struggling on whilst at death’s door.

But didn’t expect a while, as Chen Ze added durian into the soup, the strong durian flavor was released, and it soon filled the restaurant on the first floor.

Betty’s face was green, and she suddenly felt that Chen Ze, a kitchen with a large line of spaces, was not so beautiful, at least the taste could not be locked.

“Manager…you be a man…” Betty leaned on the wall in pain. She felt that she was afraid to use her nose now.

“Just touch this.” Chen Ze rolled the eyes, but knew that his dish was too strong, so he passed the nose protection slate to Betty.

Betty felt much better now, but she looked at the durian in the pot, she was still very disgusted with her, and her disgusting eyes couldn’t stop her.

“Manager, if I didn’t see where this thing came from, otherwise I thought you had studied with Lao 8 and started cooking it.” Betty curled her mouth, she could not accept the dish physically .

“Don’t think about it, this is a healthy vegetable, and it is said that using its shell to cook soup can also beautify your face.” Chen Ze expression kept cooking Durian Chicken in the pot.

Love beauty, this is the pursuit of overwhelming majority women. There have been cosmetics such as rouge since ancient times, and there are many so-called exclusive beauty secrets.

In modern times, the way of beauty has become wilder. Face-lifting injections and double eyelid cutting are all normal things, and there are a lot of people who go to Korea for plastic surgery.

But not everyone is willing to spend money on expensive beauty care, so some beauty remedies that sound a bit reasonable have begun to become popular.

The soup is made from durian shells.

“Hey~ forget it, we Succubus don’t need beauty.” Betty shook the head with a confident expression on his face.

As the most attractive race among all races in Negative Plane, Betty has this confidence.

Chen Ze glanced at her, to be precise, glanced at Betty’s chest.

There is no difference compared to Drakan, just as flat.

“Manager…what are you looking at…” Betty saw the pity in Chen Ze’s eyes on the black line.

“Look at the airport.” Chen Ze answered directly.

“…Ahhhh!!!” Betty is going crazy, she now knows what the airport means.

“Okay, come and have a sip and taste.” Chen Ze took a spoon of Durian Chicken soup with a spoon and handed it to Betty.

“Manager, do you want to ruin this pot of soup?” Betty looked at Chen Ze expressionlessly.

“What do you mean?” Chen Ze was a little puzzled.

“If I drink it, I will definitely vomit, when the time comes, vomit inside…” Betty did not finish, but the meaning was clear.

“Okay, you are cruel.”

Chen Ze picked up the spoon and took a bite. The durian taste was quite heavy, but it was acceptable.

[You made a relatively good Durian Chicken, and the home cooking experience increased by 7 points]

Chen Ze was stunned, Durian Chicken is home cooking? Originally Chen Ze thought it was the cuisine from Southeast Asia.

Chen Ze picked up another piece of chicken and tasted it. It was very good. It was cooked very delicious, but it was a bit sweet. Chen Ze didn’t like sweet meat very much.

Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs except these, at least chicken Chen Ze doesn’t like sweet taste.

“Manager, I’ll eat…ooh…” The door was pushed open.

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