My Restaurant Connects with Myriad Worlds Chapter 395

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“My God, Mr. Manager, what are you doing? Why is it so smelly?” Rose was a little skeptical of life.

Originally Rose came in today to improve her mood. After all, many of her Ash Elf men ran away and went to Hope City, which was impossible to make head or tail of, but didn’t expect to just come in, Rose I heard such a smell that suffocated the elves.

“Oh, Miss Rose, long time no see. This is the new Cuisine I launched today, Durian Chicken. Would you like to try it?” Chen Ze was very happy to see Rose. After all, this is his first guest. .

Although the memories were not very good when we first met, Chen Ze didn’t care. If Rose hadn’t come in, Chen Ze didn’t know that his restaurant was different from a regular restaurant.

“Forget it, I smell this smell, like the excrement of the fallen dog of the abyss, it is suffocating, I don’t think I will put this thing in my mouth.” Rose curled her lips, she expressed herself Physiologically accept it cannot be.

“Tsk, I think it’s delicious, okay, what do you want to eat?” Chen Ze was a little helpless, why every girl hates the taste of durian so much, it tastes very delicious.

Moreover, the evaluation given by system is also relatively good, which is also a good evaluation, at least at the level that is a bit delicious.

“I think I don’t want to eat it until you get rid of the smell.” Rose sat on the chair, clutching his nose, with a look of disgust.

“Miss Rose is the same as I thought. Come on, Miss Rose. This is your cold Cola.” Betty smiled happily. When she saw Chen Ze eating Durian Chicken before, she was still wondering if it was her own taste. There is a problem. Chen Ze tastes so delicious, but now that Rose is the same as herself, Betty is relieved.

Chen Ze corner of the mouth twitched, but still turned on the range hood, and then ate Durian Chicken by himself, otherwise there is no other good way to deal with it. It is always impossible to lose it, right?

It is shameful to waste food.

“Betty, my male servants have run a lot now, I feel that Hope City is really annoying.” Rose pulled Betty to chat, with a look of dissatisfaction, you know that before Rose went to the bathroom, there were male servants serving .

“Huh? I haven’t been in Negative Plane for a long time. I really don’t know what Hope City is. Didn’t Miss Rose complain to the Dark Council?” Betty blinked.

“I have complained, but it’s no use. A member of the Dark Council told me that the complaints about Hope City are now full of a room, but they have not been dealt with.” Rose looked helpless.

“It should be because of the great character standing behind Hope City.” Betty only has this idea, because in Negative Plane, strength is the only standard of status.

Even more how, Betty has heard Chen Ze say, behind Hope City is Hastur, that incredible existence, even as long as he shouts his name, he will be noticed.

But even understood, Betty is impossible to tell Rose about the news, because Hastur’s affairs are also highly confidential in the Negative Plane, and other intelligent creatures do not know about it except those who reach the transcendent class.

“Oh, if this goes on, there are only ten of my servants left.” Rose sighed, then sniffed. The smell in the air was gone, which made her feel better.

“Mr. Manager, please give me a special recommendation today.” Rose didn’t bother to look at the menu anyway, no matter what Chen Ze is doing, it tastes delicious…except for the unknown object just now.

“Yeah.. OK.” Chen Ze nodded, he is a bit supportive now, just enough to digest.

Chen Ze twisted his neck. He is thinking about what to do today. Manager’s special recommendation package Chen Ze has not made for a long time. The most important reason is that most customers already like a flavor of Cuisine, so they will order That one, instead of going to the very random today’s special recommendation.

“This thing is…” Chen Ze suddenly saw a bottle on the table. This thing Chen Ze hasn’t opened for a long time. When eating steamed buns before, Chen Ze needed to be eaten with it. didn’t expect so long after picking it up now.

“Fermented Bean Curd, I remember that there was a dish called Braised Pork Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd. It is easy to make and the taste is generally quite good.” Chen Ze looked at the Fermented Bean Curd in his hand, looking thoughtful .

Fermented Bean Curd is a delicious and cheap pickle. Many people like it. It’s also convenient to eat and can be used for cooking.

Chen Ze opened the refrigerator and took a look. Fortunately, there are still a few pig’s knuckles in it. This is what Chen Ze used to roast.

The method of Braised Pork Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd is very simple. There are only a few short steps. Chen Ze took a look at it at the beginning and still remembers it now. Chen Ze took the trotters out, cut them into pieces and blanched them. After removing the water froth, Chen Ze added cooking wine and green onion ginger to it.

But this is not enough. Braised Pork Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd needs to be colored, so after Chen Ze fry the rock sugar out of the sugar color, he put the pig’s trotters in and stir-fried on high heat to make the sugar color evenly on the pig’s trotters. .

Next, the Fermented Bean Curd was decomposed and the impurities inside were removed. Although Chen Ze felt that some impurities did not affect it, but in order not to affect the final evaluation of the dishes, Chen Ze removed the impurities.

Then add the Fermented Bean Curd to the pot and stir fry. Finally, add boiling water, bring to a boil, and then simmer slowly over a low heat. It originally took 60 minutes, but with Hastur’s 4x speed slate, Chen Ze only needs to simmer ten 5 times. Minutes will do.

Looking at the pig’s trotters in the pot, Chen Ze did not continue to care, but started to make other side dishes. After all, Braised Pork Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd is delicious, but it is not good to have no vegetables.

Vegetable Chen Ze thought for a while, still made a stir-fried cabbage, then put it aside and started making desserts.

After ten or five minutes, Chen Ze loaded the Braised Pork Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd on the plate, then called Betty, and the dishes were ready for delivery.

“This is?” Rose blinked. What is the red thing in front of her?

“Braised Pork Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd, Mr. Manager said this is today’s special Cuisine.” Betty swallowed. The taste of this dish was very fragrant, which made Betty a little uncontrollable.

“Then I will taste it, but the dishes made by Mr. Manager are all pretty good, except for the dark cloud covered gold at the beginning.” Rose laughed, then picked up a pig’s feet and put it in his mouth.

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